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    Hello everybody!

    Now, I wanted to add a hunger/thirst system to my mission, but it has proven to be more difficult than expected.

    First, I couldnt find someones code to use that D: lol. So, I used the base of a weak one to make it more complicated.

    The scripts are really simple, but I'll go over the issue, maybe someone can help me as I cannot see it here -.-

    thirst = 100;
    hunger = 100;
    inv_food = 0;
    inv_drinks = 0;

    If inv_drinks > 0 then P2 addAction ["Drink", "drink.sqf"];
    If inv_food > 0 then P2 addAction ["Eat", "eat.sqf"];


    Now, that being done, eat.sqf and drink.sqf are pretty much the same, so I'll only post one:


    inv_food = inv_food - 1;
    hunger = hunger + 5;
    hint "Youre eating food";
    P2 switchMove "mychosenanimation";


    The issue is, I cant seem to run eat.sqf because I can't seem to get food items. I have a shop where you can buy food (made my own cash system too, but ignore that part)

    you pretty much walk up to the guy and I have an addaction to buy food for money. Here it is:


    inv_food = inv_food + 1;
    cash = cash - 10;
    Hint "you bought food";


    I do the action, and it runs the script (I assume) but I dont have the action to eat food, and my cash balance is still the same. Does anyone see an issue here?

    I apologies for any sloppiness, but I'm pretty new to the forums and I'm not super experienced with scripting, since I've recently learned some for Arma and want to implement it.

    If you need clarification on anything please let me know.


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    Any known issues with team switch not working -

    I'll place my unit on the map. I'll also place another Blufor unit on map (with leader as playable). When I hit the "M" key once on the map. All pulls up. I can look at units and the leader of my other Blufor AI unit shows up with the key to "team switch" (as in A2 you would then switch to him). This is not working in A3??

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    Simple ParaDrop von Beerkan (v0.8)

    ***** Update *****

    Beerkan veröffentlichte sein Simple ParaDrop Skript in den Bi-Foren. Ein Fallschirmspringer-Skript für KI und Spieler.


    A simple ParaDrop script that works with both AI and Players, where you can assign a unit any backpack and let that unit board a Helo, paradrop from it and keep their original assigned BackPack without having to add a parachute backback to the unit.

    So what happens is when the helo gets to the waypoint or activates the trigger, it hoofs out everyone onboard (except aircraft crew) and the helo continues on to it's next waypoint. Para's will descend until they reach your specified ALTITUDE (or 100m if you don't specify) where they will deploy a Parachute. No need to assign one, and you can keep your existing backpack.

    - Fixes for MP and Compatibility with Arma 3 version 1.28.

    - No need to declare the Para group onboard. Latest script will now thrown out everyone, regardless of group assignments, side etc.

    Simple ParaDrop

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    I have a reinsert script and I have this in there to stop the script from making my heli called "TROUBLE1" from taking off until a player enters the vehicle.

    waitUntil {(player in TROUBLE1)};

    Now the problem I've noticed is that this only works for the player that executes the script, which is done by myself through an addaction menu. What i want it to do is wait for ANY player to get in and then spool up and take off and goto the point I've designated, i.e.. then continue with the next waypoint.

    Any suggestions?

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Is there any issues that I need to be aware of with this?

    I'm getting the player object from a sqf that runs a dialog and passes the player and a few other params to a script that runs on the server only. That works fine, the player object arrives safely via a parameter.

    This script then places a fired EH on a vehicle and one of the parameters the EH send to another script is the same player object, but it never arrives in the last script.

    Why might this be happening?

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    I've been using Zero's GM tut on road shapes and rectifying..........

    loaded up the png and shape file in GM went into rectify, added 20 points and applied

    this is what I get

    It's like it just moved the 20 points and left the rest of the shapefile where it was. Did I miss a step? Has
    anybody else run into this problem?

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    English Version

    Looking for a clan that is more than the usual?
    Want to join in a realistic group, who are looking for the perfect way.
    Are you a person who has the knowledge that is needed?
    Do you have the pit-bull like aggression to succeed?

    If so, then continue to read because SOD141 is for you.

    We are a small unit, with around 10-15 highly trained and sharp members in various fields.
    We are trained for the scenarios we will meet in challenging environments.
    We work under great pressure and in the worst conditions.

    We are the ones who walks in, when everyone else wants out.

    We are trying to imitate the SFOD-A to the amount it goes. If not, we push the limit.

    And this requires a lot of training both old and new members.

    At the beginning of your career with us, you start as a candidate.
    Then you get to go in four different training phases to be a approved soldier within SODs frames.

    These are the following phases.

    Phase 1 - Individual soldier. Here we learn the right behavior in their own firing, advance, protection, obli, fire and basic navigation (clock method, target indications etc).
    Phase 2 - Battle Buddy. Bounding overwatch, Center peel and Left/right peel. Major emphasis is placed on the basics of tablature and Fire-Protection Movement.
    Phase 3 - Group Combat. Great importance to the overall picture of the battle. More "advanced" techniques are taught and depression occurs in mental conditioning. ie, to come into our thinking. Squad leaders and aspiring squad leader trained most here.
    Phase 4 - CQB, Close Quarters Battle. In short, Phase 1-3, in settlements.

    When you have completed phase 1 to 4, you will be promoted to Sergeant [SGT], then you have the opportunity to apply to the following fields.

    Engineer Sergeant - Trained to become a group of two specialists in explosives. Trained in how to deal with unexploded ordnance, mines and IEDs. You are also trained to be able to assist Weapons Sergeant with the handling of heavy weaponry. In addition to this you will also be trained in the care system and radio discipline.
    Medical Sergeant - Trained to become one of the group two medical specialists that will be the most far the best in the group for providing healthcare. In addition to this, you are also trained radio discipline.
    Weapons Sergeant - Trained to become one of the group two operators and instructors for all heavy weaponry. Trained to be able to manage both their own unit weapons and other weapons systems. In addition to this you will also be trained in the care system and radio discipline.
    Communications Sergeant - Trained to become one of the group two operators for connection over long distances. You will be trained in NATO signaling, good bavigering and map knowledge and the ability to read any combat situation and be able to participate in it while reporting and receive message on the radio. In addition, you will also be trained to be able to become one of the team's two best snipers. And trained you to be one of the group two JTACs. In addition, you are trained in the care system and radio discipline.
    Aircrew in the 160th SOAR - Limited number of places. You are trained to be "working" on board the helicopter crew or driver.
    U.S. Air Force Pararescue Jumpers (PJs) - Limited number of places. You are trained to be by far one of the most skilled soldiers in the health care system in SOD141. You will work in a team that is always ready to carry out a wide range of rescue tasks "behind enemy lines" or in the middle of a firefight. Figures vary much!

    We also play in various cycles.

    Grounds - We go through Phase 1-4. this takes two to three weeks, usually. During this time, we train "formally" new.
    Education - We are implementing new or old training J7 think we need to practice. This can take anywhere from two to six weeks. The aim is maximally four weeks.
    Exercise - We use the training in realistic environments and assumptions. There is still room to make mistakes and J7 evaluates details. This stage should take no more than two to three weeks.
    Deployment - Everything we've learned so far, is now "live" in the effort. No exercise, no "redo makes right." Are we doing wrong here fails everything. J7 does not evaluate without participating where they are needed as soldiers. Assessment is via AAR here. Can vary in length from four to eight weeks.
    Recovery - Vacation. Different length.

    We also have four groups that are constantly working to bring the clan forward. This we call J-functions.

    J1 - Responsible for everything that is related to recruitment, promotions, job satisfaction, dressing placement and so on.
    J3 - Responsible for a good standard of assignments that are being built.
    J4 - Responsible for keeping our supplies (addons) in top condition, as well as test out and procure new equipment, as well as installing new members.
    J7 - Responsible for the training of the clan at large.

    Swedish Version

    Letar du efter en klan som är mer än vanligt?
    Vill du vara med i en realistisk grupp, som letar efter det perfekta sättet.
    Är du en person som har den kunskap som behövs?

    Om så är fallet, Fortsätt sedan att läsa eftersom SOD141 är för dig.

    Vi är en liten enhet med ca 10-15 välutbildade och skarpa medlemmar inom olika områden.
    Vi är utbildade för de scenarier som vi kommer att möta i krävande miljöer.
    Vi arbetar under stor tidspress och under de värsta förhållanden.

    Vi är de som går in, när alla andra vill ut.

    Vi försöker att imitera SFOD-A till mängden det går. Om inte, trycker vi gränsen.

    Och det kräver en hel del träning både för gamla och nya medlemmar.

    I början av din karriär hos oss, börjar du som kandidat.
    Då får du gå i fyra olika träningsfaser för att bli en godkänd soldat inom SODs ramar.

    Fas 1 - Enskild soldat. Här lär vi oss rätt agerande i egen eldställning, framryckning, skydd, skyl, eldgivning samt basic navigering (klockmetod, målangivelser etc).
    Fas 2 - Stridspar. Växelvis/Ansatsvis, Framåt/Bakåt. Större vikt läggs på tabulatur och grunderna i Eld-Rörelse-Skydd.
    Fas 3 - Omgång/Gruppstrid. Stor vikt vid helhetsbilden av strid. Mer "avancerade" tekniker lärs ut och fördjupning sker i mental konditionering. dvs att komma in i vårt tänk. Gruppchefer och aspirerande gruppchefer tränas mest här.
    Fas 4 - Strid i bebyggelse. Kort och gott, Fas 1-3, fast i bebyggelse.

    När du har slutfört fas 1 till 4, kommer du att bli befordrad till sergeant [SGT], så har du möjlighet att ansöka till följande områden.

    Engineer Sergeant - Utbildas mot att bli en av gruppens två specialister på sprängmedel. Utbildas i hur man hanterar OXA, minor och IED:er. Du utbildas även till att kunna assistera Weapons Sergeant med hanteringen av tyngre vapensystem. Utöver detta blir du även utbildad i sjukvårdssystemet och radiodisciplin.
    Medical Sergeant - Utbildas mot att bli en av gruppens två sjukvårdsspecialister som ska kunna överlägset mest gruppen gällande sjukvårdssystemet. Utöver detta blir du även utbildad radiodisciplin.
    Weapons Sergeant - Utbildas mot att bli en av gruppens två operatörer och instruktörer för alla tyngre vapensystem. Utbildas i att kunna hantera såväl egna enhetens vapen som andra vapensystem. Utöver detta blir du även utbildas i sjukvårdssystemet och radiodisciplin.
    Communications Sergeant - Utbildas mot att bli en av gruppens två operatörer för samband på långa avstånd. Du kommer utbildas i NATO-signalering, god bavigering och kartkunskap samt i förmåga att läsa av em strodssituation och kunna delta i den samtidigt som du rapporterar och tar emot meddelande på radio. Utöver detta, utbildas du även till att kunna bli en av gruppens två bästa prickskyttar och en av gruppens två JTACs. Utöver detta utbildas du i sjukvårdsystemet och radiodisciplin.
    Flygpersonal i 160th SOAR - Begränsat antal platser. Du utbildas till att "arbeta" ombord på helikopter som besättningsman eller förare.
    US Air Force Pararescue Jumpers - Begränsat antal platser. Du utbildas till att bli en av de ojämförligen duktigaste soldaterna på sjukvårdssystemet i SOD141. Du kommer ungå i ett team som ständigt är beredda att genomföra ett brett spektrum av räddningsuppgifter "bakom fiendens linjer" eller mitt i en eldstrid. Uppgifterna varierar mycket!

    Vi spelar också i olika cyklar.

    Grunder - Vi går igenom Fas 1-4. detta tar två-tre veckor, vanligtvis. Under denna tid, utbildar vi "formellt" de nya.
    Utbildning - Vi genomför ny eller gammal utbildning som J7 anser vi behöver öva på. Detta kan ta allt från två till sex veckor. Inriktningen är maximalt 4.
    Övning - Vi använder oss av utbildningen i realistiska miljöer och premisser. Här finns fortfarande utrymme att göra fel och J7 utvärderar detaljer. Detta skede bör inte ta mer än två till tre veckor.
    Deployering - Allt vi lärt oss hittills, används nu "skarpt" i insats. Ingen övning, inget "gör om gör rätt". Gör vi fel här misslyckas allt. J7 utvärderar inte utan deltar där de behövs som soldater. Utvärdering sker via AAR härifrån. Kan variera i längd från fyra till åtta veckor.
    Återhämtning - Semester. Olika längd.

    Vi har också fyra grupper som ständigt arbetar för att få klanen framåt. Dessa vi kallar J-funktioner.

    J1 - Ansvarar för allting som är relaterat till bl.a rekrytering, befordringar, trivsel, förbandsplacering osv.
    J3 - Ansvarar för en bra standard på uppdragen som byggs.
    J4 - Ansvarar för att hålla vår materiel (addons) i toppskick, samt testa ut och anskaffa nya materiel, samt installation av nya medlemar.
    J7 - Ansvarar för utbildning av enheten i stort.

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    Just a question because I've been hunting for a while and haven't found any, are there any revive scripts/modules/addons out there that will have the AI revive an incapacitated player? If anyone has played Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and is familiar with how the AI reacts when the player is downed, that's what I'm looking for. Thanks!

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