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    Squad Name- Black Element
    Timezone/Location- Worldwide, currently consists of US EST and AUS EST
    Gamemode Preference- Coop/Adversarial
    Contact Email-
    Website Address-
    Language- English
    Short Description-

    We are a JISOTF called Black Element. We use our own tactics made from a combination of different SOF training from several countries and play with realism in mind. We arent as hardcore as others, we realize that Arma is a game. But we do expect you to be a team player and use common sense (If you believe that an AS50 is the standard issue weapon for urban sniping, please dont apply).

    Its an open group, so you dont even have to wait o be accepted. We primarily play on TF1776 but are looking at starting our own server.

    Check out our recruitment trailer

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    Special Boat Service GU is an ARMA 3 military semi realism unit that that is based upon the operations of Six Troop M Sqn SBS.
    We are active and mature. We try and maintain a high level of immersiveness during our operations and training, using proper radio procedure and tactics.

    SBS GU has a challenging Selection process, that is run over a 2 week period. It is designed be challenging but fun aimed at testing candidates to their limits within Arma 3.
    For new members of Arma 3 we offer a basic infantry course before selection to get perspective new candidates up to a basic level before attempting selection.

    Our year is slit into 3 different categories :
    Tier 1 Black Ops
    Green Ops

    The rotation is three months.

    So DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ? If you think so then please fill out our short application form on the forums.
    If you would like more information please visit our website

    We have our own dedicated game server and teamspoeak

    Our mission nights are Wednesday and Friday from 2000hrs UK time and last around 2 hrs.

    Add me on Steam gaz2644 for more info

    Important Update on our training and ops.

    Director Special Forces (DSF) has finalized the re orbat for UK Special Forces.
    M Sqn SBS (us) are to be part of a rotation with 2 squadrons of SAS.

    With the ever changing threat on security at home and around the world DSF has decided to change the way Special Forces UK operate. as we know the Islamic State (IS) is growing in stength and poses a real threat on the UK and hew allies both at home and abroad.
    This has to be dealt with and UKSF are to be at the fore front of all actions against these threats. The war in Afghanistan is winding down, although we will still be conducting small scale ops over there for some time. The focus has moved away from Afghan and onto other threats such as IS and closer to home new IRA splinter groups are popping up and looking to pose a problem to home security.

    What does this mean for us ?
    M sqn SBS callender of events has changed, below are the details of our training and ops for the coming year.

    The year is split into 3 blocks (1,2,3)

    Block 1 Jan 01-Mar 31
    Jan : Maritime
    Feb : Mobility (Air and Land)
    Mar : Jungle
    During this block we will have a recruiting drive and run selection and continuation training. Plus any courses and trade quals will be gained durung this time.

    Block 2 Apr 01-Jun 30
    Rapid reaction Force
    During this period M Sqn will be the UKSF Rapid Reaction Force, We will be at 24 hrs notice to move anywhere in the world. We will still be carrying out training but will have kit packed ready to go.

    Block 3 Jul 01 Sept 30
    Campaign (Operatonal Tour)
    This block will be taken up by a campaign. This could be anywhere in the world but will be dynamic and story driven.

    Then we go back to our Training block.

    We are also about to run our first selection course, we have five candidates ready to see if the have what it takes to become a swimmer canoeist in the SBS


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    I'm looking for a way to put an init line on specific vehicle classes when they are being spawned during a mission via zeus or script.

    To be a little more precise: I'd like all boats to spawn with the same init line (which adds a push back script to the player's menu while in or near the boat).

    I'm sure there is a way via some event handling magic, but I can't get my head around it. Some help would be appreciated. :)

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    i have retextured MSE-3 Marid, but now i would like to have "unarmed" version of it.

    i know that you can use "this animate["hideturret",1];" in the editor.

    but, how i can get "hideturret" work in config.cpp
    i tried this but not working.

    /*extern*/ class DefaultEventHandlers;

    class CfgPatches {

    class Marid_black_ML
    units[] = {"Marid_Black1_ML"};
    weapons[] = {};
    requiredVersion[] = {"0.100000"};
    requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Armor_F"};

    class CfgVehicles {
    /*extern*/ class O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F;

    class Marid_black_ML: O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F
    scope = 2;
    _generalMacro = "O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F";
    displayName = "Marid Black ML";
    side = 1;
    crew = "B_crew_F";
    faction = "BLU_F";
    vehicleClass = "Armored";
    condition = "(alive this)";
    statement = "this animate (""hideturret"",1)";
    hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1", "Camo2", "Camo3"};
    hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"ML_Addons\Marid\marid1.paa", "ML_Addons\Marid\marid2.paa", "ML_Addons\Marid\marid1.paa"};

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    The Community Branch

    This is an idea i had, and after watching Dyslexi's video about people complaining, and witnessing all the crazy back and fourth threads about loving/hating Bohemia and/or Arma 3, i thought it's time to throw down this idea so everyone can see, pitch in serious thoughts, and contributions that could actually be put into one, really big, really fun, really legendary, one of a kind, module. That module, is called The Community Branch.

    Please take some time go through this Q&A going through your mind, as this idea is one of my biggest, and best idea's yet.

    What is it?

    The Community Branch is what it sounds like if you're familiar with the different Arma 3 branches. In steam you can switch between Dev Branch, and Stable. But, people want things that Bohemia Interactive doesn't have the manpower, or the time to make. Some (like me), are happy with what Bohemia Interactive are doing with the game so far. But think bigger now. Arma 3 is a master piece of potential. With really well put together mods, piled into one big mod, and accessible via. Branch selection, would mean that EVERYONE, can access this mode, which gives EVERYONE access to all the modded content that people want in a game.

    But How Would This Work?

    It would work, and it would be big. It would be something that, i don't think ANY other game company on earth could accomplish. Also, it wouldn't be done now. This would be something put through close to the End of Arma 3's dedicated support from the Dev's themselves when the are finally done with Arma 3.

    What If We Have Star-ships Fighting Slingshots?

    The way i envision this Community Branch, is first and foremost, the Factions will only be real life factions, weapons, and gear. All of this content must be Modern Gear from 2000's and up. No walking Robots with Mini-guns in the arms, or 4 rotor helicopters that look like Space machines designed in the 90's. Just real countries militaries from Around the world, all in desired areas. Russian Military, Canadian Military, Czech Military, Polish, France, United States, Great Britain, China, Iran, Sweden, Serbia, Hellenic, all of these countries, in One Branch, that EVERYONE can easily access, with all of their gear.

    What If The Quality is 8 Bit?

    With that, i'm hoping the Community can chime in. What i m hoping for is that everyone working on official military factions, can pitch in, modder's with the best quality work, can help those with lower quality models and textures, in order to bring it up to Arma 3 standards, and that could be something amazing. One big Community Project that in the end, everyone will benefit, including Bohemia Interactive.

    Why Now? It'll Be Forgotten By The End Of Expansion

    Well not quite. It can be worked on now, and by the time the end of the Expansion is here, we could have the mods in state here we could possibly test a release client for the Community Build. It would be started, built up from now, starting at a steady pace, tested in the future when acceptable, polished to make sure that it looks good, all the textures and models are up to a well fitting look. Then released for the Community to have a go at it and try out all this content made by us, helped by BIS for one last big ending for such a great game. It would be kind of like a thank you to BIS, and extremely rewarding for both Community and Developers.

    This Wont Work! It's Nonsense.

    That is why it wouldn't work, because no one is willing to do it. But if the entire community, god willing, actually see's this idea for what it is, and even BIS, maybe it could happen. It could only benefit everyone. Everyone gets what they expected Arma 3 to be. An open Military Sandbox, but you get any faction world wide, that any modder makes. Want to throw a event with multiple countries? Do it on Community Build. Have 3 countries Vs. 3 countries, with their actual gear and vehicles at your disposal. A VBS dev once said that if you want something for your game, as for it. We've been asking for it, but maybe we've been doing it in the wrong ways. What if we did it, in a way that keeps the Anvil off BIS's back. We help them by making the content, because they let us. All BIS has to do is take this compilation of mods, and put it into one neat Branch that everyone can easily access via. Steam. Or if for some reason steam doesn't work, why not the Arma 3 Launcher? This is my Idea. It is a big idea. Legendary One. I need you, the Community, the help me with this idea. Do you guys like it? Do you think this is big? Legendary possibly? BIS, what about you guys, after the Expansion, would you guys think this is something that could happen? Back to the community, would you like to be able to launch Arma 3 and play a game not knowing that you could be playing as the British one day, and the Ukrainians the next? The next day in a different game, your conducting a CAS role in a CF-118 of the Royal Canadian Air Force? The next your in a T-90 steam rolling enemies for the Russian Federation? This is the Idea. The Content you asked for, the content the Community made, the content that BIS game us the ability to create. The Community Branch.

    Help me out with the idea. Lets see if we can make the Idea, something more. What do you guys, The Community, and BIS, think?

    Please keep it straight forward, please Stay ON TOPIC! Avoid walls of text, attempt to compress your thoughts.

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