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    I just installed the SoS mod, and it manages to the main menu where it says:

    "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/arilfe_MX_F/Single.StandardSound'."

    The mod is located in

    Steamapps > Common > ArmA 3 > @SpeedOfSoundRC1 > addons

    I've tried changing it to

    ArmA 3 > @SpeedOfSoundRC1 > @SpeedOfSound > addons

    but this just uses the default weapon sounds.


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Der TDC spielt ArmA auf einem hohen taktischen Niveau. Um dies sicherzustellen, bieten wir eine AGA und versch. Spezialisierungslehrgänge an. Also bist du auch als Neuling sehr gerne gesehen. Wir spielen die Bundeswehr mit all ihren Facetten, unteranderem Luftunterstützung, Infanterie und Logistik, bieten also viele Möglichkeiten sich in das Spiel einzubringen.

    Unser Konzept befindet sich noch in der Entwicklungsphase, wir haben allerdings einen großen Erfahrungsschatz auf den wir zurückgreifen können. Desweiteren haben wir erfahrene Missionsbauer, die sich bemühen jede Mission zu einem kleinen Highlight zu machen.

    Klingt interessant. Oder?
    Dann schau doch mal auf unserer Clanpage ( vorbei oder komm direkt auf unserem TS3 ( Melde dich hier am besten bei Insane oder Hermes.

    Wir freuen uns auf dich!
    Bis dahin: HOOAH!

    Gez. Lt. Hermes

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Bohemia Interactive Simulations is a world leader in providing simulation technologies and integrated training solutions for military and civilian organizations around the globe. With origins in the gaming industry. We have successfully exploited game-based technology with stunning visuals and applied this to a range of breakthrough, military-specific simulation products. With clients in dozens of countries, and development studios in Australia, the Czech Republic, United States and United Kingdom, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BI Sim) maintains a truly global focus. Located in Williamtown, Australia we are looking for a professional and enthusiastic Technical Support Specialist to assist with customer support across Australian, New Zealand and the growing Asia Pacific markets.

    Key Skills and Experience Required:
    • Able to effectively present information and respond to questions from customers.
    • Able to promptly answer support related email, phone calls and other electronic communications.
    • Excellent communication (oral and written), interpersonal, organisational, and presentation skills.
    • Experience or knowledge of Bohemia Interactive products such as VBS or ArmA.
    • Able to read and analyse technical procedures.
    • Able to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.
    • Able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines.
    • Experience with troubleshooting PC hardware and software issues.
    • Self-motivated, detail-oriented and organised.

    Recommended skills and experience:
    • One year IT-related degree/diploma from university or TAFE. Preferably, software engineering, computer science or a bachelor of information technology.
    • Minimum of three to six months related experience or training in an IT, technical support or software development role.
    • Advanced knowledge of the ArmA/VBS products, including scripting, terrain creation and model creation.
    • Understanding of, and experience in one or more programming languages.

    The job tasks include:
    • Provide professional services support and technical issue resolution to customers via on-site, email, phone and other electronic medium.
    • Prepare, setup and develop demos for customers, internally and for special events.
    • Identify and correct or advise, on issues with software and hardware configurations.
    • Administer and moderate company support forums.
    • Prepare, test and coordinate delivery of new software builds to customers.
    • Install, configure, and troubleshoot company software.
    • Make adjustments and upkeep for ticketing system software and other software managed by support department.
    • Provide assistance and training to other members of support department.
    • Provide technical assistance to internal customers.
    • Create and review technical documentation for external and internal customers.

    If you offer:
    • An interest in computer gaming and willingness to learn new skills.
    • Attention to detail and accuracy.
    • Time management and organisational skills.
    • Willingness to obtain Australian Defence Force security clearance.
    • Willingness to travel both domestically and internationally.

    We offer:
    • An opportunity to be part of a fast growing and exciting company that is at the cutting edge of gaming and simulation technology.
    • A friendly, positive and fun working environment.
    • A chance to be a part of an international team.

    Please forward your resume to , marked for the attention of Troy Mackaway.

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    Very interesting information if people care. To read it, explains a lot of performance related reasons behind exthreads and how it works.
    I will make a very clear point as I've said SO many times arma 3 and arma 2 oa both run the primary thread inline with sub-threads of the geometry operations and texture rendering. This is why when the main thread slows down in the case of 1 CPU core not keeping up the system and OS automatically "throttle" not bottleneck the performance, the reason behind this is the threads are required to be synchronised if the draw-calls, texture rendering are not in synchronisation you would see all kinds of strange behaviour, such as textures appearing on invisible objects. (unloaded geometry).
    So in the threading sense the
    Primary rendering thread
    Sync's with: Geo,Texture and File-ops

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    So I think I understand how to set it up, I need to go about defining each cargo position like a turret and have the following code in the config. If I tried this in-game would that then allow me to select the individual seat for example (Enter Seat 4) or another list of seats and have the FFV functionality, as I'm hoping this will allow me to have (Enter Hull seat 3) where the passenger is sitting on the armoured vehicle like the AAV_Cutscene in ArmA 2. I'm wanting to get something where the FFV seats are separate from the interior seats so that if the interior seating is full soldiers can mount the hull. Also would this effect their animation - as in if they were sitting would it change to another cargoAction so that FFV can work, or does FFV not effect the cargoAction with custom sitting Actions.

    Class Turret

    isPersonTurret = 1;

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hey guys, hope this finds an answer somehow.
    Are we allowed to make mods based on DLC content? Say a BLUFOR version of the Taru that is part of the Heli DLC with a different texture.

    If it were up to me, I'd say as long as the DLC usage restriction on those helos remains intact, should be fine, but it's not up to me, so I'd like some clarification.

    Provided it can be done, of course. Some stuff won't be possible with the .ebo's without reverse engineering, which I'm not trying to advocate here, but other stuff like a CfgVehicle that inherits the helo's class yet uses a different texture really only takes a solid guess on texture sizes and lots of free time to basically colorcode the UV map by hand.

    Some word on this would be great.

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