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    When modifying the Bohemia Sample models, you may find the base model, or your modified model end up with very high section counts.

    This affects performance adversely for every instance of the object. So for even a small object like a wall or a tree or a bush that is repeated many times througout a terrain; it is VERY important to optimize models.

    For highly modified models you can end up with needlessly high section counts, which are tedious but simple enough to rectify.

    I want to give a special thanks to RKSL-Rock for advising M1lkm8n on how to accomplish this, as well as Snakeman of PMC Tactical for also providing relevant info and advice! and OBVIOUSLY to M1lkm8n for passing it on to me!

    Models can and should be optimized in MANY ways when being created from scratch, however this tutorial only focuses on correcting problems that can happen when forward porting, or editing, an existing BI model.

    I am making this tutorial mainly due to the lack of readily referenceable material regarding section counts in modelling for arma or in general. I am by no means an expert in the field, nor do I have a solid fundamental background in 3d modelling or texturing.

    I. A quick primer
    Models in O2 and all modelling software are made up of 3 components:

    1. Points - Fairly clear, it's a dot somewhere in the 3d space of modelling software. In design based 3d software like AutoCad this can literally be a list of xyz coordinates entered in sequence.

    2. Faces - Faces are a planes that connect any 3 to 4 points to create a solid surface, on which textures, materials, or shaders may be applied

    3. Sections - a section is an collection of connected faces that all use a common texture, or material

    In the normal resolution lods, the model is UV unwrapped and textures are mapped to that "section" of the UVmap. The section count is a direct result of the number of unique textures + the number of different RVMats for any texture.

    Also worthy of note, is that the SAME texture can exist in multiple namespaces, so it's VERY important to ensure textures are being pathed to the same namespace when applying them initially, or during the modelling process.

    II. Why are sections bad?
    1. Because smarter people than me say so.

    2. Everyone I know that went to school for modelling be it for commercial or entertainment purpose, say the same thing... section count is THE PARAMOUNT consideration. If you can (and you should) make ALL models 1 section.
    I have no idea if this is currently accurate, or applicable directly to Arma, but I have been told by MANY Arma specific modders, and one of the BI DevZ that it was the most important consideration for models in Arma as well... DRASTICALLY more important than poly or face count.

    HOWEVER, it must be stated, that some of the SMD buildings were in circulation for a LONG time with INSANELY high section counts, and no noticeable effect on performance, upto and including having them in an MP game state where loot was spawned in every room.

    Moron's Summary:
    I did not go to school for modelling, and I have not really found many resources outlining the intimate details, or even identifying the proper verbiage
    BUT... essentially, graphics cards are forced to start an entirely new draw cycle when they encounter a new section... so if you have high section counts the GPU is forced to spend more time assembling processable packages, and lining them up for processing, instead of screaming through huge chunks of assembled data.

    So, the section counts drastically increasing was quite a mystery to M1lkm8n and I for a while, and many people gave us guidance, and pointers in the right direction.

    III. What goes wrong?
    1. When moving a model's namespace OR when port forwarding model content (see glossary below) the pathing to the textures are re-pathed to the new namespace or texture type, this can often be done less than optimally.

    2. When copy/pasting faces from a model back in and manipulating them can often cause Oxygen or Object Builder to not associate the new face/texture with the section it was copied from.


    1. BACKUP YOUR FILES before you begin work. OFF the P drive.

    2. Monitor the changes you are making in Bulldozer after EVERY change and BEFORE saving progress

    3. Check, Double Check, Re-Check, Check again, and when you're done with that CHECK AGAIN!

    4. Save your progress often and BACK IT UP OFF the P drive.

    IV. How to fix it
    The process is tedious but very simple, it's very likely that someone could script something to automate this in O2, but I do not know how to do that.

    1. Open your model

    2. Select the 1st Resolution LOD (normally 1.000, in the example shown it is 0.000)

    3. In "Resource Library" Window (If this window is not shown you can activate it as shown: Window->Resource Library)

    4. Open the dropdown for "Current LOD" and then open the "Textures" folder

    As you see in the example picture, there are 8 textures used for the model. This means that there will be a final MINIMUM section count of 6, however, if any of those textures are using different RVMats, then the section count will be higher.

    In SOME cases, you can normalize the rvmats to reduce section count with little to no visual effect in the final model... In other cases, you will ruin the appearance of your model, and it will be difficult to revert the changes if you have saved your progress.

    Back to the example, and you can see an ASTOUNDING section count of 164


    No idea, but lets get to work on fixing it.

    5. Right click in the empty space in the "Lods" Window (If this window is not shown you can activate it as shown: Window->Lods)

    6. Selct "new" from the dropdown menu

    7. You will see a new resolution lod created

    8. Re-Select the 1st resolution lod (in the example 0.000), in the "Lods" Window by double clicking on it with the LMB

    9. Select the 1st texture listed in the "Resource Library" window (in the example "drevo_prkna_stara_co.paa") by clicking on it once with the LMB

    10. Now, click on the selected texture with the RMB to activate the properties menu and click "select in object"

    11. Copy the selected faces (ctrl+c)

    12. Select the LAST resolution lod that you created in step 6/7 by double clicking on it with the LMB

    13. Paste the copied faces (ctrl+v) into the new resolution lod

    14. Check the section count in the new resolution lod
    - IF there is only 1 then skip BACK to step 9 and repeat for the next texture listed in the "Resource Library" window until all the listed textures have been pasted into the new lod
    - If there is more than one section or MANY sections then:

    15. Press "E" (or from the file menu select Faces->Face Properties)

    16. You will see two Text Entry areas in the "Texture and materials" portion of the window. The "Texture" will show the name of the texture you selected with it's full namespace path. The "Material" will show "..."; this indicates that there are more than one RvMats referenced by the same texture. In some cases this is required or intentional. If it's a matter of saving 1-2 sections, then carry on for now, although I do check to see if the changes are noticeable and use the same RvMat if it will look fine.

    17. Select one or more faces listed with the RvMat that you wish to use, Copy that full path in the text entry area marked "Material"

    18. Select ALL the faces that you want to change the RvMat for and paste the full path of the rvmat into the text entry area marked "Material"

    19. Watch the section count drop.

    20. Once you have completed steps 9-19 for ALL the listed textures in the 1st resolution lod. Continue to step 21

    21. Select the last resolution lod you created in step 6/7 by double clicking on it with the LMB

    22. Select all (ctrl+a) and Copy (ctrl+c) to copy ALL the points/faces/sections

    21. Select the 1st resolution lod by double clicking on it with the LMB.

    22. Select All (ctrl+a) and delete by hitting the "delete" button on your keyboard, or by selecting "delete" from the Edit drop down file menu

    23. Pasted all the points/faces/sections from the final resolution lod that are still stored in memory by hitting "ctrl+v"

    Your model should now have the lowest possible section count without altering the UV unwrapping or textures.... in the 1st lod ONLY...

    24. Repeats steps 8-23 for EVERY resolution lod the model has. In example model this is 0.000, 1.000, 3.000, 5.000, and 20.000

    It is a tedious and time consuming process, but it is an absolute necessity to optimize your models as much as possible.

    This is only ONE means of optimizing the models. I wanted to take the time to document this process specifically because I had not seen any information publicly detailing the process.

    I am by NO MEANS an expert in modelling or model optimization, so if I have mis-stated or poorly summarized ANY aspect of this tutorial PLEASE feel free to provide additions or corrections.

    Thanks for Reading!

    *Reference / Glossary

    Namespace - Refers to the location in which a model expects to exist. The default namespace in arma 2 is CA, all models exist in either the common or the addons folder, hence the namesapce CA. Modified Addons must exist in a unique namespace, otherwise they will overwrite the defailt models as the modified models are loaded after the core game files.
    Ex: The 2 story Brick Apartment building is called "panelak.p3d" inside the PBO "buildings". It's namespace is "\ca\buildings\panelak.p3d"
    Our modified version of the 2 story brick apartment is called "smd_panelak.p3d" and it's inside a folder called "buildings" inside the PBO "smd_sahrani_artif_obj". It's namespace is: "\smd_sahrani_artif_obj\buildings\smd_panelak. p3d"

    Port Forwarding - Refers to the process of taking an asset from a previous release of a game, and making it fully compatible and featured as possible in the next iteration of the engine.

    ---------- Post added at 04:26 ---------- Previous post was at 04:24 ----------

    Putting this up before doing the video again that way there is some peer review going on before I do the video.

    Some example figures from buildings I've done already.... smd_budova3: old count: 100 sections! Fixed Count: 11. Oi!

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    I don't want the default "MISSION COMPLETE" ending generated from the BIS_fns_paramCountdown.

    How do tell the mission to end with if (estimatedEndServerTime < 0) then { "SideTickets" call bis_fnc_endMissionServer}; when I'm using a countdown function BIS_fns_paramCountdown?

    I created my own version in the descrition.ext, but it's not working:
    PHP Code:

    class Params
    title = "Time Limit";
    texts[] = {"Unlimited", "1 minute", "10 minutes", "15 minutes", "20 minutes", "25 minutes", "30 minutes", "45 minutes", "60 minutes"};
    values[] = {0, 60, 600, 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2700, 3600};
    default =
    file = "BEAKSparamCountdown.sqf";
    //function = "BIS_fnc_paramCountdown";
    //isGlobal = 1;

    PHP Code:

    Author: Karel Moricky

    Set side mission time

    NUMBER - time (in seconds)


    private ["_countdown"];
    _countdown = [_this,0,-1,[0]] call bis_fnc_param;
    if (
    _countdown >= 0) then {
    _countdown spawn {
    waituntil {time > 0};
    if (
    estimatedEndServerTime < 0) then { "SideTickets" call bis_fnc_endMissionServer};
    estimatedtimeleft _this;


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I'm hoping you can point me in the direction of scripting information on how to change the time of day on a dynamic map running on a dedicated (public/paid) server. We have a tool in game that allows us to choose the time, but nothing is happening except on client side. Our creator and scripter recently died so we are struggling to keep a server running when we hit this simple problems.

    I did notice that when we run the in-game script for changing the time of day, it changes for about 1 second, until the server responds, then it reverts back to the default time of 10:30am. The script is not getting back to server wide. Anybody know a simple control line we can add to the game server's .cfg file??

    Thank you

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    One of the problems we encountered many users who use many addons package, ie, collections of addons needed to play in either virtual group is that addons can be repeated, and you just have many folders.

    While there are some solutions, this creates other problems. You can change the original folder names of the addons, but just having hundreds of folders in the root, or you can group all the addons in a folder, but mixed, and just having a folder with hundreds of PBO's, and when you have to update the addons, it is chaos.

    The solution to all this is that Bohemia create the possibility of grouping by folders addons. For example.



    Thus, instead of having it all mixed up, or have hundreds of folders in the root repeated, would have only one folder for each package addons you use.

    I think it should not be difficult to implement this feature in the simulator, and would help a community of thousands of addons.

    The idea is good, and does not worsen anything, on the contrary, adds more options to anyone who wants them, so please support my request, thank you.
    This is the request ticket

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    do you like the NATO ? if yes, why ? if no, why not ?

    i dislike the NATO very much and i am for the cancellation of the NATO. the reasons are:
    the NATO is being used to destroy countries than bringing peace. if the NATO invade any country, the excuse are everytime almost the same:
    "human rights" , "democracy" , "freedom". the NATO attack also countries who do not want to be a puppet of the west.
    almost (if not, all) wars that the U.S Government started, were started with a lie. the NATO never took out the U.S Government nor did they invaded the U.S.
    Israel kills almost everyday palestinians without reason, yet there are no reactions from NATO.
    British Army was also in Iraq, in a war which started with a lie, no reactions from NATO.
    but countries who do not want to be a western puppet get free democracy from NATO with bombs and depleted uranium.
    Iran for example never invaded a country in the last 100 years, yet NATO want to bring "freedom" and "democracy" there with bombs, tanks, depleted uranium like they did it in afghanistan and in iraq. NATO did to afghanistan more damage than repairing it, started also with a lie (9/11 which was a false flag) and fighting an enemy which was created by the U.S and got helped by the NATO during the soviet invasion in afghanistan (which i dislike too).

    when i look at the countries where the NATO got theyr fingers in, i see only chaos, damage, deaths and wars. i never saw a place where it got peaceful and happy after the NATO dropped theyr humanity help and democracy there.

    NATO is a virus which puts theyr bases all over the world and destabilize and/or attack countries, which are not western puppets.

    last but not least:

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I am trying to use this bit of code works fine until I get to "5" and then I get a generic error is it a syntax error or can somebody see whats wrong here?

    roundcount = 5;
    switch (_this) do {

    //Key U
    case 22: {
    roundcount = roundcount - 1;
    hint format ["%1",roundcount];
    if (roundcount < 1) then
    {hint "Reloading";
    Sleep 5;
    roundcount = 5;
    hint "Loaded"}
    else {
    nul = [] execVM "mousebomb.sqf";};

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hi all - should be quite a simple one this, though my scripting skills are sadly lacking and not quite up to the task! Basically, I'd like to add a "Hit" eventhandler to an object, but have a random chance of it actually firing and activating the code, each time it's hit. I'm guessing I'd need to use the 'if' command in the .sqf script - but I'm not quite sure how to use the 'random' command. So: if ( // some sort of code needed!) then {nul =[] execVM "myScript.sqf}. Any ideas? Thanks!

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