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    All right, I feel kinda silly because I think I should be able to deal with this, but, as it seems, this problem is beyond my knowledge.

    I made a mission and wanted to test it, but instead of the official name I get only the common foldername.Altis, which isn't very nice to look at and makes a bad first impression.
    I know that this name can be changed in the Intel section and I quadruple-checked on that, both in the editor and in the mission.sqm. I do have a custom name of the mission set up properly, but the game doesn't pick it up for some reason.

    So I restarted Arma, deleted all saves of the said mission, renamed the folder of the mission, I even made a stringtable.csv and tried to change the name with that. No visible effects.

    Then I restarted Arma again, deleted all saves of the mission, unsubscribed from all steam missions, triple-checked my launch settings, deleted the .pbo and tried to save the mission again with it's proper name. And once again, I only got the ugly xxxxxx.Altis instead of a custom text.

    I opened a different mission on Altis, added a name in the intel section, saved it. It was fine and worked as it should. Then I tried to save the cursed mission again, no luck in changing it's name.
    Lastly, I copied the folder with the mission and saved with a different folder name. It didn't help.

    Am I correct that the displayed mission name is defined in mission.sqm in this part?
    class Intel
    briefingName="Mission name";
    For some strange reason, the game still shows me the foldername.Altis, but only with this mission. What could it cause? Is it possible that the game generated an error in the mission.sqm and cannot read it now?
    Btw. the mission works perfectly in the editor even with -showscripterrors and this whole issue appeared only now. It worked 5 days ago, when I saved the latest beta version. I only added a few sounds and some triggers since then.

    Any help is welcome!

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    I found alot of Task related posts, but not the solution to this problem.

    I have 5 tasks that I created using modules in editor. They are synched to all 10 playable units for my Group Respawn mission. Setting current tasks and setting task states works fine for all these tasks placed via the editor.

    However, I have an additional task that I only want to reveal during mission play, so I am creating and assigning that via a script. I have this code in a function that I call with bis_func_mp:


    task7 = player createSimpleTask ["Protect the Ship!"];
    _td = "The VBIED target is the ship! We must prevent the boats from hitting the ship. This is our top priority. "+ SHIP_PATH_TEXT;
    task7 setSimpleTaskDescription [_td,"Protect the Ship!",""];
    task7 setTaskState "Assigned";
    player setCurrentTask task7;

    This works for current player except I am not seeing the nice task notification when I assign the task. And more importantly, after getting killed when i spawn to the next playable unit, I do not see this new task at all.

    What gives?

    I thought maybe that since editor placed modules that are synched to all playable units work, then maybe I should change this code to assign to all playable units. In the code below GG is a global array containing all 10 playable units:


    {task7 = _x createSimpleTask ["Protect the Ship!"]; } foreach GG;
    _td = "The VBIED target is the ship! We must prevent the boats from hitting the ship. This is our top priority. "+ SHIP_PATH_TEXT;
    task7 setSimpleTaskDescription [_td,"Protect the Ship!",""];
    task7 setTaskState "Assigned";
    {_x setCurrentTask task7;} foreach GG;

    I hoped the code above would create and assign new tasks to all playable units. But in this case only the Task is created. This Task has a name but does not have a description. And it is not assigned as current. And it does not show up for a respawned player.

    Any suggestions?

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    Hello, Id' like to share my problems to know if someone already had this or can help me.
    I was working in the afternoon on terrain builder: I put some grass and I saw that in buldozer the grass was perfectly on the ground. With that, I could make a square of grass and do a copy-paste work. Perfectly.
    The night I restart terrain builder to work in the same area, I put a little grass clump, it was just above the ground like 50cm. Well, I put down on the ground and tried to copy-paste it to have the same grass at ground level, but it pasted in the air.
    So my problem is that if I have to put a little grass clump, and put it down manually, one clump per clump, I would have finished the map in 5 years.

    What can I do?

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    Is playActionNow Local or Global? In the wiki it has both the Local and Global icons, but I'm not sure what that means. In MP, will I have to execute this in all clients so all players see the animation associated with this action:

    _rescuer playActionNow "GestureGo";

    Or will I have to bis_fnc_mp this sucker?

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    Hey guys i have a question:
    So i played a game on my android phone where you can play an UAV with a machine gun (from 7.62 to 40 mm Vulcan) and i was asking myself if i can add this to the Arma UAV.
    Well i tried adding M2 Gun but it wont shoot where the camera points (I know thats kinda obvious but hey its worth a try).
    Is there a way to make it shoot where the camera points? or to make a gun turret?
    with kind regards

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    I must be missing something here? If not am I one of the few people who really wanted this however feels that it is not worth the money? Just curious how other A3 fans feel about this situation.

    I bought the karts dlc since it was only 2 bucks. So now if I get the bundle I pretty much can't do anything with the other kart dlc...correct?

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    Blue Angels Fictional Super Hornet von EricJ (RC3)

    ***** Update *****

    EricJ veröffentlichte sein Blue Angels Fictional Super Hornet Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält fiktionale Blue Angels Super Hornets für ArmA 3.


    Blue Angels Fictional Super Hornet for Arma 3

    - EricJ_BA_fa18_E (F/A-18E Super Hornet [Blue Angels])
    - EricJ_BA_fa18_F (F/A-18F Super Hornet [Blue Angels])

    - F/A-18E has its own “Paint Schemes” menu, and does not require a HEMTT Ammo to activate. Only the F/A-18E has this menu, as the F model, or more specifically the B/D model that the real Blue Angels use, is number “7” and such does not require any special menu. The Service Menu is disabled for both aircraft so you cannot arm this version of the aircraft. For the F/A-18E you can select from 1-6.
    - On the F/A-18F the WSO seat has more freedom of movement (not slaved to the turret) so you can enjoy the pilot flying. Again the weapons are disabled so there is no combat capability in either airframes.
    - When setup properly, this addon does work with the USS Nimitz Addon:

    - Added Blue Angels Pilot (readme has classname, and can be found in NATO/Men/Blue Angels Pilot)
    - Added uniform and helmet specific to that unit. Be aware that the uniform is a mod of the default flight suit so texture issues (mirror mapping due to optimization) don't allow me to texture it properly. Future tweaks will of course be done but uniform is good as is for now.

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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