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    Ive always curious about Why Arma3 don't have Hazmat suit as a Playable toy

    according to my quick search, there are pretty well-made Hazmat suit already exist in Arma 2.

    can Anyone get to arma3? <- Hazmat suit of Arma 2

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    I recently updated my game to version 1.63 but the script error box is up the whole time I play. I was wondering how to revert back to version 1.62. I was also wondering if it was possible to just delete the file that gives the script error box, I don't have the script error box enabled I never have but it just keeps showing up.


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    Hey guys. I'm looking for a way to change the sound restriction when inside an armoured vehicle. What i mean is the effect that cuts off external sound while you are turned in.

    I am working on dynamic turn in/out (i.e like steel beasts being able to raise/lower your stance within the turret at will) but the main issue i have right now is that because its not 'properly' turning out the sound remains the same as when you are inside the tank. I don't know a lot about how ArmA handles sound so if this is hard coded then its a shame and i'll have to work around it (probably limit it to the umbrella hatch position) but if anyone knows of a way to change this it would really help me out.

    thanks guys :)

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    First off:

    Link Link 2
    All clear now? Good.

    WICT has always been a favorite of mine, all credits to ArmAIIholic. Who else could resist "Safe, hot, tampon and directional zones"? There was some improvement made in MSO to this module (MSO License and CC license of WICT). My goal is to revive WICT in spirit by porting it to A3 and finishing features that may not be finished in the original project.

    I'd like to recruit anyone who would like to contribute to the project and share the vision of what WICT set out to be. I feel there is a sore lacking of COOP in A3 and I'd love to help bring the tools for COOP to reemerge in A3. I would love to use a GIT repo, wiki and issue tracker if others will operate in the framework.

    Per CC, any changes will be released under the same license guaranteeing anyone to share and adapt the work. As MSO is Apache licensed and open by default AND WICT is CC Share-alike, there shouldn't be any reason not to implement the wonderful work the MSO team has put into the module. Never the less, rage below.

    All work is and will be attributed to ArmAIIholic and the authors of improvements since WICT's A2 inception. The final release version will be by "The Arma Community" or some other name that indicates this is a project by the community for the community. After the feud from Group Link, I can care less if my work has my name on it as it's not about that for me. I tweak and build things for all to enjoy with the best intentions at heart and it hasn't always worked out well for me but I'm learning to have more of a spine and see the greater good that I may provide overall. At the end of day, I personally enjoy tweaking and working in the Arma engine, I don't want "fame" or monetary gain, just something to do in my spare time.

    I have a rough version semi-working since alpha days here

    As a core proof of concept, things are working for the most part. I finished up the RE to BIS_fnc_MP changes last night but capturing bases still isn't working. There was reports in A2 that capturing was not working there either, I don't believe the code was ever finished.

    Call to action
    If you are enraged by the recent events of A3L but don't understand how CC or Apache licenses work and the intentions of such authors who release their work under permissive licenses and wish to misdirect your anger on this project, rage below. Else if you are still with me and encourage or wish to help with the project, post below! I think the idea of WICT is too cool to pass up.

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    Hi everyone,

    So I'm working on a script to play a sound from a vehicle in a multiplayer mission. Currently, I have it spawn a helper object to play the sound using "say3D", since I need to be able to cut the sound off early by deleting the helper object (if you play the sound directly from the vehicle with "say3D", you can't end it before the end of the sound file unless you delete the vehicle itself).

    The problem is, using BIS_fnc_MP to run the "say3D" command on every client (its effects are local) is causing significant network overhead and causing a noticeable delay before the sound is actually heard on the clients, so I'm looking for alternatives that are natively global. The other caveat is that it has to be an actual object that plays the sound, so I can attach it to the vehicle and have it stay with the vehicle as the vehicle moves.

    I've been looking into the "createSoundSource" command, which seems to be the best of everything. Its effects are global so I don't have to run BIS_fnc_MP, and it creates a sound source object that I can delete when I'm done with the sound. The problem is, it only seems to be able to play built-in sound effects. Does anyone know of any way to make it use a custom sound file that is in the mission file (i.e. one that every client already has in their mission file)? Or, if that isn't even possible, does anyone have any decent alternatives?


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    Is their any kind of breaching mod or script like the one used is MCC?
    That is dynamic meaning players can lock the door in any building with for example a tool kit and the other team can breach any door that is locked with a shaped charge like the claymore for example only if they have one on hand.

    How would you go about the scripting so the actions would only be available while the player is say within a metre of the door? Or looking at one? And so the door would fly open once the charge was set off?

    I am interested in trying to make a dynamic breaching and locking script but I am a novice when it comes to scripting and I feel it's not an easy starting point.

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    Hey guyz,

    so I'm trying to send an SQL query (string) from a client to the server which then should call an extension to actually execute that on the database. Now, the extension stuff works and database connectivity works just fine. But I'm wondering why the following code does not seem to work at all:


    _query = format ["SELECT, COUNT(h.ownerUID) FROM players p, houses h WHERE p.playerUID = '%1' AND p.playerUID = h.ownerUID", getPlayerUID player];
    [_query, player],
    diag_log format ["query and player: %1", _this];
    (_this select 0) call JON_fnc_queryDB,
    {diag_log format ["%1", _this]; houseOwnerInfo = _this;},
    owner (_this select 1),
    ] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;
    ] spawn BIS_fnc_MP;

    Kudos to Killzone_Kid for his SQF to BBCode Converter.

    To explain what that does (for those who don't see it right away):
    The player and query string are sent to the server which then calls a function to execute the query on the DB and return the result (JON_fnc_queryDB). The result is returned to the calling client (represented by the given player) and written into a global variable there.

    To check if even anything is going on, I added some diag_logs. But seemingly, nothing happens at all. Nothing is being written to the RPT logs, no script errors occure on either client or server side, I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.

    Does anyone see the issue here? I'd be very glad for help.

    Kind regards,

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    Am I tripping, or these two profiles have the same username?

    (How is this possible?)

    The problem:
    I'm trying to send a PM to the first profile, but it seems that the other one recieves it every time. (If i click on "Recipient Users", it directs me to the second profile.)

    What's happening here? :confused:


    I just noticed I should have probably posted in this thread. Excuse me.

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    So i used this same format on other building doors which have worked but it doesn't seem to work with the cargo tower doors anyone know why?

    PHP Code:

    ((nearestObjects [crypticbase1, ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F"], 10]) select 0) setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',1,true];
    nearestObjects [crypticbase1, ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F"], 10]) select 0) setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_2',1,true];
    nearestObjects [crypticbase1, ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F"], 10]) select 0) setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_3',1,true];
    nearestObjects [crypticbase1, ["Land_Cargo_Tower_V3_F"], 10]) select 0) setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_4',1,true];

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