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    I'm trying to complete all course of fire scenarios but ever since the introduction of sway, fatigue and especially inertia, it is much harder to achieve a golden medal.

    Still I did manage to complete CoF: Green and Red 1 & 2. CoF: Red 3 is very difficult for me due to the inertia. Are there plans to adjust this CoF to the new gameplay mechanics?


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    The overall situation is that I have built a GUI where I can add three inputs, to a map marker script, containing following while loop:

    while {?????} do //
    _Name setMarkerPosLocal [(getPos leader _grp select 0),(getPos leader _grp select 1)];
    sleep 6;

    now lets say I'm not happy with my input choice, and want to change them, then I am running the same script, which makes another marker(now I have two markers), so my problem is how can I break the first script "while loop", while still running the second one?

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    Hello everyone ? I have a problem with fullscreen resolution . When my game started in full screen mode , I have max resolution 1176x664 . In video settings of the game I don't see HD resolution . But when the game was started with window screen or full window screen mode , I have HD resolution 1920x1080 in game and i am not allowed change resolution in video settings of the game , same resolution 1920x1080 used for my desktop . It looks like the game taking a desktop resolution . My videocard is Nvidia Gforce 660 , Intel I5 2.8 , Display Toshiba TV connected via HDMI port . Can anybody help me please who know what is this problem ?

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    I was wondering if we were allowed to start a Map request thread here?

    There are several maps that I would like made but don't really know where to request them, I don't know how to make maps, and the tutorial links won't work for me.

    If we are allowed to then I have several requests.

    The first is my main request.

    Second is Germany. (6719 kB)

    Thirdly is Great Britain. (844 kB)

    If this is the wrong place then please move it, but I feel maps should have their own thread.

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    anyone can tell me what is the maximum number of placeable objects in the 2d editor ? for example, i download this addon which allow me to use arma 3 buildings in the 2d editor. how many buildings and/or other objects could i place ? is there a limit or can i place unlimited objects all over the terrain ?

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    Dear BI community,

    Fellow brothers-in-script! Your wisdom and intelligence is needed, to cast light on subject below.

    Consider following code:


    _func = {
    for "_i" from 0 to 100 do {
    _t1 = diag_tickTime;
    sleep 0.2;
    _t2 = diag_tickTime;
    systemChat str (_t2 - _t1);
    [] spawn _func;

    This code indicates (by writing to system chat), the real time took by sleep command to finish.
    If you would be so kind to try it out, you would notice HUGE differences between results,
    This spikes can be seen when FPS changes dramatically. from 50 to 20 for example.
    While FPS is stable, sleep working almost ideal.
    it sometimes may take 2x time less and sometimes 5x time more to finish.
    This is of course completely understandable, because of scheduled script execution mechanism arma have.

    Now comes the question.
    How one would get execution of script with PRECISE timing, from scheduled environment? Without any relation to current FPS.

    I tried monitoring diag_tickTime, and fire event regularly with this kind of code


    _func = {
    for "_i" from 0 to 100 do {
    _time = diag_tickTime;
    _wait = 1;
    _t1 = diag_tickTime;
    waitUntil {diag_tickTime > (_time + _wait)};
    _t2 = diag_tickTime;
    systemChat str (_t2 - _t1);
    [] spawn _func;

    And it has slightly better results. But still way not perfect.

    Peace. mind out.

    P.S. I noticed some clues from KK blog regarding execFSM, does anyone know if it has any relation to topic?

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    Hi all,

    Yesterday we've released a new MP Game Mode "Support" to the development branch of Arma 3.

    "Support" is a new, helicopter-oriented MP mode based on Sector Control gameplay with a non-combat focus. Players are tasked with transporting their team's forces in and around the Area of Operation, whist providing logistical support by delivering supplies, executing medevac missions and responding to Close Air Support requests.
    Based on a community-friendly, modular framework, 5 official TvT and co-op scenarios introduce a variety of locations and gameplay conditions, in which competing factions use different types of helicopter to fight for control of the battlefield.

    Documentation on how to create missions with Support functionality will be posted soon, meanwhile, we have released the following scenarios:

    • [PvP] Support Katalaki
    • [PvP] Support Sofia
    • [PvP] Support Pyrgos
    • [COOP] Support Rodopoli
    • [COOP] Support Stratis

    Feel free to discuss it here.
    For more information about how to switch to Development Branch, see

    Thank you and have fun flying!

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    this little tut is something I got from Bushlurker on the skype mapmaking channel.

    assigning colours to the polygons/polylines can be done in one of two ways....

    For any polygon or polyline, when you select it there's colour controls in the "properties" panel - you can set any colour you like

    - thats purely for your own visual benefit
    - plays no part in anything...

    For the "export shapes to imagery" purposes, you can "assign a mask colour to a shapes layer" - thats slightly different -
    it DOESN'T affect the visuals you see at all - the only visual difference is that that layers "icon" in the shape layers list will have a coloured border -
    and the colour will be one of the colours already associated with a surface...

    - to achieve that, you right click on the layer in the list, and you should see the names of all the surfaces you have defined listed in the right click context menu - grass, beach, rock, etc
    - by picking one of those, you basically assign that surfaces colour to all the shapes on that layer... you get a coloured border - and thats it...
    - the lines don't change colour or anything (thats what the other colour control is for)
    - all that "surface colour selection" does is to make sure that - if/when you "export shapes to imagery" then in the export file
    - those shapes will be coloured with that surfaces "associated colour"
    - so if you want all your roads to be coloured "blue" in TB's 2D view
    - select all road lines, then in the properties panel, choose a shade of blue
    - if you want to export a raster image of your road lines with them all coloured blue, then
    - right click the road line shape layer(s ) - select the ground surface associated with "blue" - "gravel" maybe... nothing changes - ... but then...

    Export > shapefiles to imagery... choose a neutral "background" colour like Yellow and export
    - you'll get blue lines on a yellow background

    - same deal with any polyline or polygon
    - assuming you have a mask colour assigned to "general urban", or "gravel" or "concrete" which you want to use
    - lets say (again) that the colour associated with that surface is "blue" then you'd

    Assign that "gravel/blue" surface type to all the shape layers which have road lines, concreted areas outlined by polygon shapes, etc - then as above - export that raster image

    Now you have all your "concrete" areas in blue, on a yellow background

    Load your mask into photoshop
    - load the new blue 'n yellow image
    - drag the image on top of the mask
    - it'll become a new layer... (if you hold shift while dragging it in it'll snap to position properly)

    now use Select > Colour range and select the yellow

    hit "delete"

    Yellow background disappears

    - now you have your original mask with all the blue lines and areas neatly overlaid

    "Flatten image" or "merge layers" - and "save"

    Now you have a mask with all those areas in blue

    Reimport mask to TB or "refresh from source" if you cleverly edited the old mask "in-situ"

    Recrunch the Layers folder

    Now - the mask has been reprocessed - "concrete" or "general purpose gravel" or whatever surface was associated with "blue" is now in use in those areas - open Buldozer and you'll see it

    Now there are many ways of making roads but this one seems very easy to do if you already have defined your layers and what not. This also works for all your other surfaces such as beach area, pine forest and all kinds of different textured surfaces you'd like on your map.

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