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    Server Sided Scripting Tutorial
    Skill Level Required: Intermmediate
    What is Serverside Scripting?
    Serversided scripting is where you execute scripts on a server only. Which enables you to do things like database storage or private functions and such. It is a good way to keep certain functions private from everyone, Since Serversided scripts are held server only,

    Examples of Serverside Scripting Usage
    Altis Life from Tonic has its own Serversided addon which holds all the functions which control things like weather, Stat Save etc.
    DayZ has a Server Sided addon which controls weather, and Stat Saves.

    Serversided scripting is also a good way to keep 2 servers linked together in a way. Like as commonly seen in Life servers, 1 Database is used by multiple servers.

    How to do it?
    There are a few methods to Server Sided scripting. Of course, Your mission file or client scripts will need to utilise this. For ArmA 3, BIS has praised us with the BIS_fnc_MP function. Which allows the scripter to execute functions remotely, Be it through different clients or on the server itself.

    PHP Code:

    hint_func = {
    _text = _this select 0;
    hint _text;
    "Hello"],"hint_func",true] call BIS_fnc_MP;

    The above code is an example which will hint "Hello" to everyone connected to the server. I will break it down below.

    [[FUNCTION PARAM], "functionName",WhereToExecute] call BIS_fnc_MP;
    FUNCTION PARAM - Parameters you wish to send through to the function
    "functionName" - Name of your function you wish to execute
    WhereToExecute - Where to remotely execute. If set to true, Then it executes on every client. if set to false it will execute on the server. You can also supply client ID(owner), or groups etc.

    As you could imagine, fn_MP makes life a lot easier. So, what about serverside scripting? well that part is simple. Everything is exactly the same as it being clientsided. Think of your server as an actual client itself. It can hold its own seperate configs, and functions library. So with that being said, We can realise how much simpler it would be to be to script that one would normally think.

    Where to get started? Well, Make a new folder in your ArmA 3 folder, call it "TestServerSide", without the quotations. Now in TestServerSide, which we will call TSS for now, Put a new file called init.sqf and put the following in:
    PHP Code:

    sample_log = {
    _log = _this select 0;
    diag_log format["I have received a new log on the server: %1",_log];

    Congratulations! You have made your first Serversided script which has the ability to take a parameter and log it to a file so that we can view it. Now.. Where to execute it??

    Well, go to your mission file's init.sqf, and put the following:
    PHP Code:

    if(isServer) then {
    execVM "TestServerSide\init.sqf";

    "Wow! It works!"],"sample_log",false] call BIS_fnc_MP;
    hint "Done!";

    wait.. so what??
    if(isServer) then{}; - This code will only execute on the server upon you joining the server.
    [] execVM "TestServerSide\init.sqf"; - Since it is in the isServer statement, The server will execute that file, which holds our function.
    [["Wow! It works!"],"sample_log",false] call BIS_fnc_MP; - As detailed above, This MP function allows remote execution, So, when we use it's location as false it sends it to the server. In our case, it executes our sample_log function.

    Okay so here is a little checklist:
    Define serverside function - Done!
    Make script to execute function on the server - Done!

    Now, download TADST(preferably), And when setting up, Be sure, in the "mods" section, enable "TestServerSide", and in the mission file section, enable the mission file which holds the isserver statement above in its init.sqf.

    Once you have seen the hint "Done!" come up on your screen, Go to TADST, then to the main section, then Open the arma2oaserver.rpt, Then press Ctrl+F and search "New Log";


    If you have any errors or issues, Feel free to post em in a reply and I will try my best to help out!

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    Hey guys,

    Im posting here to invite you all to come out and play on Tactical Combat Gaming’s new DayZ Overpoch Server.
    As some of you may know, TCG is the clan who originally put together the Island Life mod pack but recently we’ve decided to spread our wings a little and try out the DayZ scene again. We can offer a great experience, a dedicated community, friendly 24 hour admin service on the server, great pvp action on a militarized server (no jets or tanks, sorry), a dedicated server box, a wide selection of guns, cars and helis, trader caravans, snap building, starter kits for building, a custom map with a new Klen trader and “The Prison” and much much more.

    Come hang out with our community on Teamspeak at :
    DayZ server IP:
    DayZ Server Name: {TCG} Overpoch Chernarus

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    I am trying to check for nearestEntities and determine if any of the returned array are a given side. I am struggling with the condition for the BIS_fnc_conditionSelect function. At least I think that is the only issue ;)

    it appears the nearestEntities command retursn the player in the array so I try to remove it using BIS_fnc_conditionSelect then use countSide to check the alters nearestEntities array for, and retturn, only items of a given side.

    I have tried this several different ways and have re-written this many times; I think I am close now but, I can't afford to pull any more hair out :butbut:

    PHP Code:

    private ["_target","_caller","_ID","_nearPlayer","_nearPlayerWEST","_nearPlayerEAST","_nearPlayerRESISTANCE"];

    _target = _this select 0;
    _caller = _this select 1;
    _ID = _this select 2;

    if (!
    captive _caller) exitWith {hint "You are Already Free"};

    _nearPlayer = (position _caller) nearEntities ["Man", 25]; //check for other units within 25 m
    _lessPlayer = [_nearPlayer], {side == WEST}] call BIS_fnc_conditionalSelect; //find the player unit in the _nearPlayer array
    _nearPlayerLessPlayer = _nearPlayer - _lessPlayer; //remove the player unit from the _nearPlayer array

    _nearPlayerWEST = WEST countSide _nearPlayer;
    _nearPlayerEAST = EAST countSide _nearPlayer;
    _nearPlayerRESISTANCE = RESISTANCE countSide _nearPlayer;

    if (
    side _caller == WEST) then {
    if (
    count _nearPlayerEAST > 0 || count _nearPlayerRESISTANCE > 0) exitWith {
    hint "You must be further away from the enemy and closer to your group to gain your freedom";
    if (
    side _caller == EAST) then {
    if (
    count _nearPlayerWEST > 0 || count _nearPlayerRESISTANCE > 0) exitWith {
    hint "You must be further away from the enemy and closer to your group to gain your freedom";
    if (
    side _caller == RESISTANCE) then {
    if (
    count _nearPlayerEAST > 0 || count _nearPlayerWEST > 0) exitWith {
    hint "You must be further away from the enemy and closer to your group to gain your freedom";

    _caller setCaptive false; //set player not captive
    hint "You have escaped...";

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    [WIP] Molokini Map
    all content subject to change

    This is a work in progress terrain of Molokini Crater, Hawaii, in a 1:1 scale.
    Working from a good quality sat, some heightmap data and tourist imagery, I'm attempting to replicate the terrain with great detail.

    Google Maps:
    Sat Map (2048x2048 render):


    Molokini is located in the Alalakeiki Channel between the islands of Maui and Kahoʻolawe, Hawaii.
    It is a small terrain, the diameter of the crater is roughly 600m, surrounded by waters with a deep outer wall, with an abundance of reef in the centre.
    Molokini is a popular scuba/snorkelling tourist destination, and was used by the United States Navy during WW2 for target practice.
    This terrain should give plenty new opportunities to make use of the scuba and nautical features of A3 which are generally left untouched.
    I also thought about giving the terrain the 2035 militarized A3 makeover, perhaps including some towers, discovered WW2 era unexploded munitions, etc. Would appreciate your opinions on whether to do this.
    This is my first time creating a map, so I'm learning as I go. If anyone has any suggestions, do let me know.
    I will post progress of the work as I reach milestones, and intend on releasing early versions of the map for testing and feedback when I feel it is ready.

    Some things I need help with:

    1. Map Config - Any resources on creating the config would be great, the only stuff I can find at the moment if for A2. I have a ghetto rigged config that works from the Stratis config for the moment, but have no idea where to go from here.

    2. How large should I make the terrain, and by what scale?

    To elaborate.. the crater itself is roughly 600m in diameter. I understand creating missions can be problematic when you need to place items outside the boundaries of the map, so I was thinking of making this a 4096m x 4096m terrain, with Molokini in the centre.

    • I'm using the free version of L3DT for my heightmap, with a 2048x2048 resolution.
    • The sat image I have is 8192x8192 with a 10 pixel per metre scale. (Molokini takes up majority of the satellite image)
    • Due to L3DT limits, my heightmap is 2048x2048 with a 2.5 pixel per meter scale respectively.
    • I am editing the heightmap to match the satellite image.
    • My normal map will be generated from with L3DT, I will work a mask map based on the satellite image.

    My intentions:
    I would like to retain full quality of the sat image and heightmap if possible. So to achieve a larger map size with detail; once all maps are complete and exported, I can resize the heightmap and normal map from 2048 to 8192 to match the sat/mask maps in size and scale.
    Then enlarge the sat/heightmap/mask canvas sizes to 40960x40960 in all directions (so Molokini is in the centre), then fill in the blank borders on each map (to attain 4092m x 4092m terrain size).
    Finally, I can then import these maps into Terrain Builder (with a 10 pixel per metre resolution) and apply the relevant mapframe settings.

    Is this a good idea? I believe this scales correctly with the mapframe settings and should work fine.. but will the map be perhaps 'too detailed' and be sluggish?
    My computer takes a long time to get a map thrown into a PBO and ready to test, and I've already spent many hours fiddling with the system, any advice on mapframe settings and scaling is much appreciated!

    Thanks for all your help and support. I hope to be able to deliver with this map and share the result with the A3 community. :cool:

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    When i press launch game in steam, it opens the battleye console. I accept the battleye installation, and it says "Battleye successfully installed", but the game does not launch, and the battleye keeps asking for permission to change things. I keep pressing OK, but the same thing happens over and over again without change. I have re-downloaded the game numerous amounts of times, and nothing has changed. This problem has been happening for weeks. When I don't have my antivirus in gaming mode, It encounters a malware file that has something ti do with the battleye. I can not find anything online pertaining toa solution to this problem, so if somebody could help, that would be great.

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    So I have 2 position arrays. Point a and point b. I would like to make a third point c (position array). Point c (triangle height not z coordinate) should be equidistant from point a and b but not inline with either and not to far away in height that the triangle become right or accute.
    Any ideas from the position or math geniuses?

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    So let me explain. > Im dutch im tired im can not think and type/speak clearly anymore and ect ect.

    Okay there we go.

    I have a dedi server Linux dist *UBUNTU*

    A3server installed perfectly fine mods everything works greate.
    Performance: well never knew i would tell you guys this but its better then windows almost 84% better.
    Stability: well read the upper message you will know it should be good.


    Since you already know im on linux and almost 78% of all the 3rd party tools are MS Based and have little to non support for linux,
    and yeah that 78% of those programs are really usefull better then the other %% thats available.

    Most of you guys know that many people uses BEC.
    well i got it somehow working but i get alot of these things :


    22:47:04 : Admin file contains a error. guid tag can not be empty, Location id=0
    22:47:04 : Please wait... Connecting to the Server when the Timeout has expired!
    22:47:23 : Connecting to Battleye server
    22:47:25 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.!
    22:47:29 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.!
    22:47:33 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.!
    22:47:37 : Lost Connection!
    22:47:37 : Closing socket & exiting!

    I simply have tried many things nothing worked out.

    So i was thinking hmm no valid response means he knows it exists but doesnt get a straight forward acceptance *legit message back*,
    then i was searching around found nothing only thing is change your startup param's -*Tried every single thing*- but non of them worked.

    Then i was thinking for a bit longer maybe for about 3 hours of thinking and thinking messing around and then my brain cracked the wife comes by complains about the kid i created,
    so i took a little break of about 4 hours.

    4 hours later:

    Hmm lets try Rcon's and there i go download multiple of em :


    Found out even thos cant connect to it. *SHIZZZZZ WHYYY*

    Okay lets monitor :

    BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.196) *CHECK*
    BattlEye/BEServer.cfg *CHECK*
    Config/Config.cfg - BePath = z:\home\arma3server\serverfiles\BattlEye *CHECK*

    What the.. wait i dont know anymore and now im here asking for help and assistance.

    ( more info im using wine yes with vnc access aswell )

    Help me?

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    If any of you have tried making the AI use the Huron (and possibly the Taru I haven't tried it) and command him to use the "move and drop cargo command" he'll just get to the destination and then fly in a big circle around it because he can't stabilize himself. I would like to make a script that tells him where to go, and when his speed gets down to at least 10, he'll drop the cargo right where he is. However, I can't find the command to make him drop cargo, if its even been released yet. Has anyone figured it out?

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    Special Boat Service template.
    This template is identical to my other template ( In that template i used a Hangar from where you can start your missions. In this one it's a LHD (amphibious assault ship): USS Khe Sanh from Chortles. I also changed the US SEALS for the British SBS, those addons from Massi are great to play with.
    I prefer to make my missions with a maximum of 3 requirements/addons...couldn't manage it this time because i wanted crewmembers on the deck for the ambience.
    You can place the LHD where ever you want on the map. You also can setup or load your gear on it, it has VAS 2.6 (Credits Tonic) and ASOR Gear Selector (Credits Lecks).

    You need 4 Addons:
    UK Special Forces by Massi -->
    NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons by Massi (above addon requires this one) -->
    LHD (amphibious assault ship): USS Khe Sanh by Chortles -->
    Flight Deck Crew Personnel byHazel & BGirlTray -->

    Watch your Step:
    Don't walk to close to the walls on the can get stuck. Sometimes that also happend with the stairs. That behaviour comes with the LHD addon and not the template.
    I placed some planes/heli's/speedboats for the ambience, if you want to place the LHD somewhere else just remove them or check their locations on the map. Speedboats don't do great on land ;-)

    Download ZIP:
    Download PBO: SBS-template.Altis.pbo

    Ah..a last note:
    I know it's not perfect ...but hey it's free of use..change whatever you want.

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