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    Hello all,

    Earlier today someone was asking about building a base. Being the good guy that I am I started working on something that would make it easy to build bases. Rather than making ~30 edits to the code over the course of an hour like I usually do, I got it to a point where it works then posted it. Then I lazily beefed it up a little more over the course of the past few hours. This is the ultimate result. Working in the current release of Arma 3 at the time of this posting.

    Copy this and paste it into the Debug Console, then click "Local Exec"
    PHP Code:

    actionStatus = false;
    _x addAction ["Pick Up",
    if (!
    actionStatus) then
    _this select 0) attachTo [(_this select 1)];
    _this select 0) setUserActionText [(_this select 2), "Drop"];
    heldObject = (_this select 0);
    heldObjectDir = (direction(_this select 0));
    rotateEvent = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ["keyDown",
    if (_this select 1 == 51) then
    heldObjectDir = heldObjectDir - 1;
    heldObject setDir heldObjectDir;
    if (_this select 1 == 52) then
    heldObjectDir = heldObjectDir + 1;
    heldObject setDir heldObjectDir;
    if (_this select 1 == 211) then
    detach heldObject;
    deleteVehicle heldObject;
    actionStatus = false;
    detach (_this select 0);
    _this select 0) setUserActionText [(_this select 2), "Pick Up"];
    player removeAllEventHandlers "keyDown";
    actionStatus = !actionStatus;
    }forEach (
    allMissionObjects "ALL" - [player]);

    player addAction ["Save to clipboard",
    clipboard = "";
    if (
    typeOf _x != "Logic" && {typeOf _x != "Snake_random_F"} && {typeOf _x != "FxWindPollen1"} && {typeOf _x != "FxWindGrass2"}) then
    pos = getPos _x;
    pos set [2, round (pos select 2)];
    clipboard = clipboard + format["_obj = createVehicle [""%1"", %2, [], 0, ""NONE""]:_obj setDir %3:", typeOf _x, pos, round direction _x];
    }forEach (
    allMissionObjects "ALL" - [player]);
    copyToClipboard clipboard;

    TO USE THIS: First you need to put some things down in the editor. Place more than you need. You can delete stuff you don't want by picking it up and pressing "delete". You can also rotate objects by picking them up and pressing either < or >. They are bound like you think they would be, < rotates counter-clockwise and > rotates clockwise (like arrows pointing). Note: For some reason infantry doesn't like to be turned, they will turn back to where they started (from what I could tell, the output is unaffected by their stupid behavior)

    TO SAVE: Select the "Save to Clipboard" option, then open notepad and paste the result. Press "ctrl + h" and replace all colons ( : ) with semicolons ( ; ). After that point you can then copy it again and paste the code right into your script. Wham, bam, easy peasy.

    A NOTE ABOUT SAVING: There are many random objects that get picked up when you use "allMissionObjects" for some reason (like snakes), I did a quick test and made a filter for a few of these items. If you are using this piece of code and you notice some random classname in the output, comment back here and I'll add it to the filter.

    For other scripters: For some reason, if you put a unit down, you are still able to rotate it until you pick up another unit. This is a bug due to my lack of knowledge of removing a display event handler. There is a piece of code in there that needs to be replaced, but the code still runs and without problem so I left it in as a guide on what to replace.


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    Im at my wits end.Iv scoured the forums,removed a tonne of mods,verifyed game integrity and tested more times than i can count.

    I have been using upsmon recently,and it gives units patrols,generates waypoints for them,and is supposed to do so continously.
    However after a few waypoints,the groups stop receiving new waypoints.
    Also tested spunfins Ambient combat,which does something very similar,and i get same results,that units start with waypoints,complete two or three,then cease to receive more.

    Has anyone experienced any of these symptoms before with scripts?

    When i use MCC,with GAIA,I never have these issues.And thats a mod version.
    Does anyone have any insight,or could recommend a good place for generall information on Waypoint generation/scripting/AI/anything would be helpful.I have made the mistake of not seperating my mod folder from game addon folder when i started arma.I am in process of deleting mods one by one,but its time consuming.


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    A few years back there was a thread asking if there was a Korean War mod that may of even being worked on and there wasn't this thread however started in 2007 and as you can tell it has been 7 years since then and im still wondering.

    I currently haven't found anything however asking all of you folk if its existent is much more reliable for lack of a better word.

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    Hey guys, today I've literally been through hell trying to get this game working on my MacBook Pro.

    I've basically gone out & bought Windows 8, created a partition on my hardrive (of my MacBook Pro) & installed it into that partition using Apples 'Bootcamp assistant'. After installing the operating system I also loaded the drivers which were given to me by Apples 'Bootcamp assistant'.

    I now have the game on the Windows 8 (on my MacBook) which is a £2000 machine... I have got to the menu & experienced extreme lag to the point where I've even managed to turn down all my video settings & it is still lagging a lot despite my high-end computer hardware - here is my computer

    I have tried running the game on this website & everything is great but it says I don't have the required 512MB of video RAM... It says I have 256MB. This is complete bullshit? I believe I have 2GB of GDDR5 video RAM. It also says that my graphics card is called 'Microsoft Basic Display Adapter'. So I believe this is where the issue lies. My theory is for some reason one of the drivers which I have installed which was given to me by the Bootcamp assistant is messing with me.

    This is literally all the information I can possibly provide, does anybody know how I could fix this?

    Thanks you!

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    Heres my results from systemrequirementslab!

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    Kestrel Studios Presents - UK:FF British Forces for ArmA 3

    Click on Below Images to See in 3D


    The aim of this mod is to provide a comprehensive collection of addons that will give a fair representation of British Forces over the next 10-20 years of service. The units, vehicles and weapons contained in the mod will be based around current British assets and up-and-coming assets as part of the Army 2020 changes being made by the MOD. That said this is game after all so we may come up with some crazy things that might not really make it into the real British forces but might do well in ArmA 3. We have no particular time scale but will release things as and when we are ready however the mod will be released in stages so you can get access to content earlier (similar to the ARMSCor Mod).

    Plans Break Down

    • Training - BFA's, Grenades and Simunation as detailed in this thread here, this content is being folded into the first release of UK:FF.

    • Air Force - Aircraft and crew of the RAF.

    • Army - Multiple infantry styles, tracked and wheeled vehicles. Army Air Corps aircraft and crew.

    • Navy - Various water-borne assets and associated infantry. Aircraft and crew of the Fleet Air Arm.

    • Weapons - Infantry and support weapons. Launchers and equipment.

    More Info

    I will be posting more info in the coming days on this post and our website will be updated over the weekend. For now the forums are open and the team hard at work. If you are interested in getting involved please send myself or RabidusUK a PM on here or our forums and we will get back to you asap.

    The Team So Far

    Flax - Coder/ Web Dev/ Project Lead
    RabidusUK - Modeller/ Texture Artist/ Co-Lead
    Siddy - Modeller

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    I had been playing overpoch taviana and one day i tried logging in to dayz launcher and it came up with 2 error pages so i download commander and it first started saying old version on epoch so i re-installed everything arma2 and dayz comander but now it keeps saying include file z/addons/dayz_code/system/ca/functions/init.sqf not found can anyone help me i would love to start playing overpoch taviana again thank you.

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    Yeah, how do I do this? I was just playing the VAC tutorial mission by JoJotheSlayer and I took my team into a building in order to clear out the enemy troops. Once the enemy were dead nearly my entire team got stuck inside! No matter how many times I ordered them to 'regroup' outside or tried to point them at doors etc they would not budge. They would say 'affirmative' when I issued the command then a few seconds later would say 'No' or something and wouldn't even move.

    This is nearly game-breaking. I had to restart the mission because of it.

    Does anyone know of any tips or tricks for this?



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    EWK HMMWV's (HAFM Extension) von MrEwok (v0.35b Alpha)

    ***** Update *****

    MrEwok veröffentlichte sein EWK HMMWV's (HAFM Extension) Pack in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene M1151 HMMWV Fahrzeuge als Erweiterungs-Pack für das HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs Import Addon von Aplion.


    It 's simply an extention pack for HAFM_HMMWV's (
    - Default ArmA 3 weapons
    - Default ArmA 3 Units (crew)
    - Default ArmA 3 sounds
    - Working mirrors (PIP)
    -TFAR Support
    - XmedSys objects in vehicle inventory
    - Openable Doors (and some useless anims like openable medibox and trunk in medevac)

    - M1151_M2_Deployment
    - M1151_M2_Gyrocam
    - M1151_M2_Gyrocam_Deployment
    - M1151_M2_Deployment_Jtac
    - M1151_M2_Deployment_AT4(it have modeled AT4 attached on it and have 2 AT4 in Inventory (From STI launchers)
    - M1151_M2_Deployment_Bumper (armored version based on FRAG6)
    - HMMWV_Light
    - HMMWV_Medevac
    - M997A2_Ambulance (textures in progress)
    - M997A2_Ambulance_Tan (textures in progress)
    - M998_Terminal (textures, anims and interior in progress)
    - M1114_Armored (textures in progress)
    - M998A2_sov

    - fixed M240 anims and ammo
    - fixed some errors in ambulance textures
    - fixed external destruction rvmat for ambulances
    - fixed frag6 texture issue trought the windows in 1st LOD
    - added ambulance with backlights variant (variant are gonna be removed when i've the user action on/off working)
    - added walkable back compartment on ambulance
    - fixed ambulance stairs can't be open if backdoors 1 and 2 aren't open
    - fixed cfgNonAiVehicles error spamming

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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