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    Hello everyone! First off thank you truly for clicking on this fourm! This is my very first Arma 2 Public Port and also my first Arma 3 "OFFICIAL" public mod download.
    This mod contains the United States AirForce F117 Nighthawk mod from Arma 2. This mod was very popular for Arma 2 due to the major income on how beast this aircraft is.
    Now you may ask what is the F117 Nighthawk?
    Well little history class in the spoiler below! ;)

    Info about the F117 Nighthawk.

    The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is a single-seat, twin-engine stealth ground-attack aircraft formerly operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) developed from the Have Blue technology demonstrator and produced by Lockheed's Skunk Works. It is the first operational aircraft to be designed around stealth technology. The maiden flight of the F-117 happened in 1981 and the aircraft achieved initial operating capability status in October 1983.[1] The Nighthawk spent much of its early service life shrouded in secrecy, until it was "acknowledged" and unveiled to the world in November 1988.[4]

    The F-117 was widely publicized for its role in the Gulf War of 1991. It was commonly referred to as the "Stealth Fighter", although it was a strictly ground-attack aircraft. F-117s took part in the conflict in Yugoslavia where one was shot down by a surface-to-air missile (SAM) on 27 March 1999, the only Nighthawk to be lost in combat. The Air Force retired the F-117 on 22 April 2008, primarily due to the fielding of the F-22 Raptor. Sixty-four F-117s were built, 59 of which were production versions with the other five being demonstrators/prototypes.
    The F-117's unusual design surprised and puzzled experienced pilots; a Royal Air Force officer who flew it as an exchange officer while still secret stated that when he first saw a photograph of the F-117, he "promptly giggled and thought to myself 'this clearly can't fly'".[31] It is shaped to deflect radar signals and is about the size of an F-15 Eagle. The single-seat Nighthawk is powered by two non-afterburning General Electric F404 turbofan engines, and has quadruple-redundant fly-by-wire flight controls. It is air refuelable. To lower development costs, the avionics, fly-by-wire systems, and other parts are derived from the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet and McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle. The parts were originally described as spares on budgets for these aircraft, to keep the F-117 project secret.

    The F-117 has a radar signature of about 0.025 m2 (0.269 sq ft).[32] Among the penalties for stealth are lower engine power thrust, due to losses in the inlet and outlet, a very low wing aspect ratio, and a high sweep angle (50°) needed to deflect incoming radar waves to the sides.[33] With these design considerations and no afterburner, the F-117 is limited to subsonic speeds.

    The F-117A carries no radar, which lowers emissions and cross-section, and whether it carries any radar detection equipment is classified.[33] The aircraft is equipped with sophisticated navigation and attack systems integrated into a digital avionics suite. It navigates primarily by GPS and high-accuracy inertial navigation. Missions are coordinated by an automated planning system that can automatically perform all aspects of an attack mission, including weapons release. Targets are acquired by a thermal imaging infrared system, slaved to a laser that finds the range and designates targets for laser-guided bombs. The F-117A's split internal bay can carry 5,000 lb (2,300 kg) of ordnance. Typical weapons are a pair of GBU-10, GBU-12, or GBU-27 laser-guided bombs, two BLU-109 penetration bombs, or two Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAMs), a GPS/INS guided stand-off bomb.

    The F-117A's faceted shape (made from 2-dimensional flat surfaces) resulted from the limitations of the 1970s-era computer technology used to calculate its radar cross-section. Later supercomputers made it possible for subsequent planes like the B-2 bomber to use curved surfaces while staying stealthy, through the use of far more computational resources to do the additional calculations needed.[34]
    During the program's early years, from 1984 to mid-1992, the F-117A fleet was based at Tonopah Test Range Airport, Nevada where it served under the 4450th Tactical Group. Because the F-117 was classified during this time, the unit was officially located at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada and equipped with A-7 Corsair II aircraft. The 4450th was absorbed by the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing in 1989. In 1992, the entire fleet was transferred to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, where it was placed under the command of the 49th Fighter Wing. This move also eliminated the Key Air and American Trans Air contract flights to Tonopah, which flew 22,000 passenger trips on 300 flights from Nellis to Tonopah per month.

    F-117 pilots called themselves "Bandits". Each of the 558 Air Force pilots who have flown the F-117 have a Bandit number, such as "Bandit 52", that indicates the sequential order of their first flight in the F-117.[35]

    The F-117 has been used several times in war. Its first mission was during the United States invasion of Panama in 1989.[36] During that invasion two F-117A Nighthawks dropped two bombs on Rio Hato airfield.

    During the Gulf War in 1991, the F-117A flew approximately 1,300 sorties and scored direct hits on 1,600 high-value targets in Iraq[1] over 6,905 flight hours.[37] Leaflet drops on Iraqi forces displayed the F-117 destroying ground targets and warned readers "Escape now and save yourselves".[23] Initial claims of its effectiveness were later found to be overstated. For instance it was claimed that the F-117 made up 2.5% of Coalition tactical aircraft in Iraq and they attacked more than 40% of the strategic targets;[38] this ignored the fact that only 229 Coalition aircraft could drop and designate laser-guided bombs of which 36 F-117 represented 15.7%, and only the USAF had the I-2000 bombs intended for hardened targets, so the F-117 represented 32% of all coalition aircraft that could deliver such bombs.[39] Initial reports of them hitting 80% of their targets were later scaled back to "41-60%".[40] On the first night they failed to hit 40% of the air-defense targets they were assigned, including the Air Defense Operations Center in Baghdad, and 8 such targets remained functional out of 10 that could be assessed.[41] In their Desert Storm white paper the USAF claimed that "the F-117 was the only airplane that the planners dared risk over downtown Baghdad" and that this area was particularly well defended.[42] In fact most of the air defenses were on the outskirts of the city and many other aircraft hit targets in the downtown area, with minimal casualties when they attacked at night like the F-117.[42] This meant they avoided the optically aimed AAA and infra-red SAMs which were the biggest threat to Coalition aircraft.[43]

    The aircraft was operated in secret from Tonopah for almost a decade, but after the Gulf War the aircraft moved to Holloman in 1992. Its integration with the USAF's non-stealth "iron jets" occurred slowly, however; because of ongoing secrecy, others continued to see the aircraft, as one senior F-117A pilot later said, "none of their business, a stand-alone system".[33] The F-117A and the men and women of the 49th Fighter Wing were deployed to Southwest Asia on multiple occasions. On their first deployment, with the aid of aerial refueling, pilots flew non-stop from Holloman to Kuwait, a flight of approximately 18.5 hours – a record for single-seat fighters that stands today.[1]

    The F-117 was subsequently used in Operation Desert Thunder (Part of Operation Southern Watch) from 1997 to 1998, Operation Allied Force in 1999, Operation Enduring Freedom in 2001, and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

    This mod contains:
    Fully working 3D Cockpit with day/night capability
    CTRL C of gauges in cockpit etc.

    01: Beta (Horizontal AOA)
    02: AOA
    03: MFD HSI (including waypointing and airport waypointing, TimeToTarget and DistanceToTarget and heading)
    04: Radar Altitude (up to 1000 meters, bug set to 100 meters)
    05: Standby Attitude Indicator
    06: Trims Indicators (Elev/Rudder/Aileron)
    07: Slip Indicator
    08: Fuel/RPM/EGT/FuelFlow Counters
    09: Fuel (including Bingo and Low Warning) Indicator
    10: Oxygen (1 RT hour supply)
    11: G-Force Indicator (including Max-G Attained Needle)
    12: Eyebrow Indicators (Warnings for RadarAlt, RCS, Stall, BingoFuel,Chute)
    13: MFD Attitude Indicator (including AOA/Speed/VertSpeed/Altitude)
    14: Airspeed Indicator
    15: Main Attitude Indicator
    16: Vertical Speed Indicator
    17: Altimeter (Accurate to 9000 meters)
    18: Standby HSI Indicator
    19: WeaponBay lights illuminate when weapon bay is open
    20: Landing Gear (Handle moves with gear position and lights (dull green: stowed, red: gear moving, bright green: gear down)
    21: Annunciator Panel (warning lights light as required)
    22: Both MFD's run through a "boot" sequence when the engine is fired up.
    23: Clock (H/M/S)
    24: Full HUD

    Brakechute deployed on landing (includes brakechute door animation)
    2 x GBU-27B LGB's
    DLIR laser designator system
    Fully stealth (unless gear is down / weapon bay is open / Jet is performing high Pitch/Banking maneuvers)
    Map based waypointing system (waypoint is displayed on right MFD compass)
    Airport waypoint system (nearest major airport bearing for vanilla A3 maps AND EVEN A2 Imported maps is shown on right MFD compass)

    Known Issues

    DLIR sensor will crash game when entering it.
    (currently being fixed)

    ChangeLog (update log)

    10/20/2014: IMPORT RELEASED! :o

    Armaholic: COMING SOON
    Playwithsix: COMING SOON

    RobJ for script help.
    Fortran for Texturing and Capability
    Bohemia interactive for the awesome game! ;)

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    British Infantry von STALKERGB (v1.3)

    ***** Update *****

    STALKERGB veröffentlichte sein British Infantry Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält moderne britische Infanterie in MTP-Uniformen mit 9 verschiedenen Infanterie-Rollen, darunter Squad Leader, AT rifleman und UAV Operator.


    Hello everyone, so to celebrate ARMA 3's release here's the first version of my British Infantry Addon.

    - MTP Uniforms representing modern British Infantry
    - Nine different infantry roles, including Squad leader, AT rifleman and UAV operator.
    - 4 Variants of Mk4 Osprey Body Armour.
    - 3 Variants of the Mk7 Helmet
    - 4 variants of PCS style UBACS and trousers.
    - HMNVS for night operations.
    - 7 Rucksack variants for different roles.
    - UK Armed Forces faction with Union Jack icon.
    - Fully functioning wound textures.
    - Configged to use Kiory's SA80 addon.
    - Working icons for each item on the inventory screen

    - replaces Kiory L85 with Trixies British Weapons (L85, L86, L110, L129, L7A2)
    - adds appropriate scopes to rifles and fixes bug with L7A2 (GPMG)
    - creates additional infantry classes
    - adds placeable Editor Groups to match British Army / Royal Marines Sections
    - adds Zeus compatibility
    - adds @Alive compatibility

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Combat Space Enhancement von Glowbal (v0.8.0 Alpha)

    ***** Update *****

    Glowbal veröffentlichte sein Combat Space Enhancement Addon in den Bi-Foren.

    Combat Space Enhancement, auch kurz CSE, ist eine Modifikation für Arma 3 mit dem Ziel neue Features und Content in das Spiel zu integrieren und damit dem MILSIM und der allgemeinen Simulation in Arma 3 neue Möglichkeiten zu geben. CSE umfasst verschiedene Addons die schon zu Arma 2/ OA, released wurden oder an denen derzeit noch gearbeitet wird. Natürlich werden auch neue, Arma3 spezifische Addons mit CSE eingeführt. (Zitat Donny,


    Combat Space Enhancement, auch kurz CSE, ist eine Modifikation für Arma 3 mit dem Ziel neue Features und Content in das Spiel zu integrieren und damit dem MILSIM und der allgemeinen Simulation in Arma 3 neue Möglichkeiten zu geben

    CSE umfasst verschiedene Addons die schon zu Arma 2/ OA, released wurden oder an denen derzeit noch gearbeitet wird. Natürlich werden auch neue, Arma3 spezifische Addons mit CSE eingeführt.

    CSE hat eine große Liste an neuen Features und innovativen Modifikationen für Arma3.
    Einige sind schon fast fertig und müssen nur noch überprüft werden, andere sind noch nicht begonnen oder befinden sich mitten in ihrer Entwicklung.
    - User Interaction Interface
    - Combat Medical System
    - Advanced Interaction Module 2
    - Field Rations Module 2
    - Logistics & Resupply module
    - British Arms & Equipment pack (BAE)
    - UAVs
    - und mehr...

    v0.8.0 Alpha
    - Added: More localization (German).
    - Added: Shoulder tap functionality (Groups Module).
    - Added: keybindings for accepting/declining request.
    - Added: cse_fnc_addOpenWounds_CMS function for easy adding of CMS injuries.
    - Added: keybinding for checking ammo status.
    - Added: Shared equipment between patient and medic for CMS.
    - Changed: Joining a group is now making use of the request function (leader has to accept).
    - Changed: Made use of TFAR API.
    - Improved: CBA/CSE eventhandler compatibility.
    - Changed: CMS UI body has been switched around (left and right are now shown properly)
    - Fixed: Issues with client side setting configurations menu.
    - Fixed: Bug #75464: Dead units not playing correct animation when loaded into vehicles.
    - Fixed: Bug in cse_fnc_debug.
    - Changed: Can no longer talk to players through Advanced Interaction.
    - Fixed: CC Unknown side marker was using independent colours.
    - Fixed: bandage opening bug.
    - Improved: Performance of cse_fnc_getBloodLoss_CMS.
    - Added: Custom Eventhandlers shoulderTapped, groupJoined.

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Smarter tanks von alarm9k (v1.7.1)

    ***** Update *****

    alarm9k veröffentlichte sein Smarter tanks Skript in den Bi-Foren. Die Steuerung der gepanzerten Fahrzeugen durch die KI soll durch das Skript verbessert werden. Die KI versucht die Bedrohung zu begegnen und vorrangigen Ziele zu suchen.


    Have you ever been irritated by stupid AI controlling the tank and being destroyed by one RPG shot in the rear? Only because it didn't bother to rotate the hull to that AT soldier? Or because it was firing at a harmless rifleman instead of taking care of enemy APC? Well, this script is for you.

    'Smart' behaviour activates if the vehicle has a driver, the driver's combat mode is either STEALTH, AWARE or COMBAT and the vehicle is either in Ready or Moving state. The script makes the vehicle to check its known targets every 5 seconds in 2000 meters radius, assess the treat and:
    - Fire at the most dangerous target it range.
    - If the vehicle is a tracked vehicle (tank, tracked APC etc) then rotate the hull to face the most dangerous target.
    - If the threat is too high (for example an AT soldier at a close range) and the vehicle was moving then stop immediately and 1&2 (fire and rotate). If immediate threat is eliminated then proceed with previous move order.

    - includes public key.

    - Hardcoded unit classes replaced with dynamic threat assessment based on available weapons: both target and our vehicle (a 'sniper' infantry class that has aquired AT launcher will be given threat value as an AT rifleman). Should now work with modded vehicles with non-standard names, as long as they belong to standard base classes (Man, Car, Tank etc) and use standard weapons names.
    - Tanks will fire HE rounds at helicopters.
    - Added signature.

    Smarter tanks

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    =ARC= Patches / Insignia von Soronelite (v0.4)

    ***** Update *****

    Soronelite veröffentlichte sein =ARC= Patches / Insignia Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon fügt dem Spiel verschiedene Abzeichen, Rangabzeichen hinzu.


    Description :
    The mod aims to add patches and insignias. (thanks to the Bootcamp update)
    You'll find insigna from real units, usefull patches (as medic patches) or moral patches.

    This is an early release (for test etc.), there is some insignias and patches so you can have a first look at it. (some need more work)
    If you use our mod =ARC= NATO Offensive, be advised that our units aren't compatible yet. An update will be released soon.
    Feel free to give me as many feedback as you can, and also tell me which patches or insignias you'd like to see!
    I'll not be able to make all requests, so focus on famous units or patches etc.

    - BSG G2 Pegasus
    - Spades Ace
    - 4 Aces

    - 160th SOAR

    - Arma
    - Biohazard
    - VIP
    - Stalker
    - BIS (x2)
    - Normandy SR1
    - Smiley (X2)
    - Pron
    - Fuck
    - Dots
    - Boss
    - Dagger 22
    - LZH (x2)

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    LAxemann's Enhanced Soundscape (L_ES) von Laxemann (v0.30)

    ***** Update *****

    Laxemann veröffentlichte sein LAxemann's Enhanced Soundscape (L_ES) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Gelände basierten Hall und Echo Sounds für Waffen.


    What's the idea behind it?
    While working on the fun soundmod of Odium and myself I got to the point where I had to ask myself. "It's a fun soundmod but the sounds should still feature everything a "real gun" has, meaning e.g. separate reverb sounds and probably even a sound that gives the impression of the "gun sound" being reflected from somewhere in the distance... so how do I achieve that?"... and the idea was born.

    In reality, a lot of what many people tend to call "the" gun sound is defined by the shooter's surroundings. Shooting down a valley sound completely different than standing in a small indoor shooting cabin.
    So I always found it quite unimmersive that in games, when shooting a gun, the reverb and stuff is included in the actual "firing" sound and not actually coming from the valley you're shooting into.

    What does the Enhanced Soundscape do?
    Quite simple, yet so complicated. ES currently as has three main features:

    • ES plays reverb sounds in the firing direction based on terrain (Distance to the next mountain etc.)
    • When shooting in the direction of a mountain/raised terrain in general there is a chance that the gun sound gets reflected back to the shooter
    • When firing in an urban area, the gun sounds get reflected from nearby buildings

    All this is based on (simple) speed of sound calculations, meaning e.g. that it will take longer for you to hear the gun's echo (popp) when shooting in the direction of a very far away mountain.

    Feature overview:
    • Play reverb based on terrain (No reverb e.g. when directly (from a close distance) shooting against a mountain/hill)
    • Play echo "popp" sounds if there's terrain that can reflect the gun sound in the shooting direction
    • Reflect the gunsounds from nearby buildings when being in urban areas (So fighting in a city feels completely different than fighting in the open!)
    • ES doesn't change any actual gunsounds, it just ADDS more elements and can therefore be used with any "real" soundmod such as JSRS, SoS...
    • No effects when having a silencer or being inside a building (a bit hollywood-like but since most other sound related mods go the same way...)
    • Completely local, no need to run it on the server, no network traffic
    • Userconfig in which you can define the minimum fps at which ES calculations kick in (currently 15fps)

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Sweet Markers System von swatSTEAM (v1.1)

    swatSTEAM veröffentlichte sein Sweet Markers System Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält vollständig verändertes BIS Markersystem.


    This system fully changes the BIS's marker system.

    1) Simple and easy-to-use interface, which is also fully customizable.
    2) All changes are saved in your profile.
    3) All interface elements are clickable and have hotkeys if needed.
    4) Easy change of type, colour, direction, size and channel of the marker.
    5) Ability to quickly place markers without opening/closing interface.
    6) Ability to save markers placed on the map and load them in other missions.
    7) Automatic route drawing. (Wip)
    8) Ability to enable/disable some functions of this add-on in map maker settings.
    9) Unique maps module: each unit has its own map with specific markers placed. A unit can pick up a dropped map and see the markers of the map owner, but they are not updating. (Wip)
    10) English and Russian languages.
    11) Tested with more than 150 players on Weekly Open Games.

    - UI is much more stable now. Only one thread is used.
    - UI artifacts no longer exist while playing with low FPS.

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Vehicle System (vSys) von Iceman77 (v1.3a)

    ***** Update *****

    Iceman77 veröffentlichte sein Vehicle System (vSys) Skript in den Bi-Foren. Ein Fahrzeug Dialog System, inspiriert von Tonic Virtual Vehicle Spawner.


    WIP vehicle dialog inspired by Tonic's Virtual Vehicle Spawner.

    - Users can now define which side's vehicles can be displayed (fn_varInit.sqf).
    - Changed the position (method) for vehicle spawn. Now relative to the object the action is assigned to rather than the player.
    - Localized text for all languages via stringtable.xml.
    - Added comments to everything so advanced users can easily navigate the blocks of code in any .sqf file
    - Added the missing VSYS_DELAY_SUPPORT variable to fn_varsInit.sqf.
    - Added "flying" option (check box) to spawn the aircraft flying. Auto defaults to ground spawn if tried with ground vehicles.
    - Added "GetIn" option (Check Box) to allow the player to automatically be moved into the vehicle's first available position, upon creation (if possible).
    - Optimized code a bit (mainly readability) with control macros
    - Text should now be scaling dynamically (?)
    - Tweaked UI colors (mainly opacity)

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Action Button Mod von DoctorSheep (19.10.14)

    DoctorSheep veröffentlichte sein Action Button Mod Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält einen Aktionstasten Mod, und soll Aktionen (Einsteigen usw.) zu einfachen.


    The Action Button Mod aims to move time critical actions to a simpler, quicker, and more efficient one button context sensitive interaction method.

    It's simple, we kill the action menu. Or, at least offload time critical actions to a system that is easy to use under duress.

    This is my first go at writing anything for the Arma series, let alone releasing a fully fledged addon. Please be patient as I figure out what I'm doing.

    - Get in specific vehicle seats (Armored vehicles follow this method of seating)
    - Drag things (Boxes, CSW, objects and gear on the ground)
    - Open backpacks/gear of dead soldiers/gear boxes/doors
    - Incremental opening of doors/hatches
    - Mount/dismount ladders
    - Light/extinguish fires
    - CBA keybinding menu integration
    - Options menu via CBA Fleximenu
    - Compatibility with Arma 2 assets

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Anvil Mission Editor and Framework von |TG| Will (v5.4 Alpha fix 1)

    ***** Update *****

    mecharius veröffentlichte sein Anvil Mission Editor and Framework Tool in den Bi-Foren. Ein System zur schnelleren Entwicklungvvon von Missionen.


    Announcing the first supported public release of the Anvil Editor and Framework, version 4.3 ALPHA. The Anvil Editor is a windows application (requiring .NET 4.5) which lets you very rapidly generate small or large scale multi-objective COOP missions for ArmA 3 when used alongside the official ArmA 3 editor. It creates missions that use the light weight Anvil Framework which is bundled with the editor. Anvil provides the following features:

    - Point and click to create objectives, ambient occupation zones and the initial spawn point
    - Five selectable objective types (Assassinate, Capture, Destroy AA, Destroy Tower, Gather Intel)
    - Shift-click in the editor to link objectives (so that completing one unlocks the other)
    - Create end mission triggers on any objective or when all are completed
    - Select the type of objective, what is shown in the player tasks, the level of enemy occupation and capture rewards
    - One-click inclusion of SQF scripts, including setting up the description.ext and init.sqf
    - The editor can pull in changes to markers made in the official ArmA 3 editor and works alongside changes made in the official editor

    v5.4 Alpha fix 1
    - FIXED Incorrect reporting of version number in update checker where new framework version has breaking changes
    - FIXED Error on startup with no maps in folder AND first time loaded

    v5.4 alpha
    - Changed: Included scripts no longer bundled - Anvil will prompt to download if they are missing
    - Fixed: Property grid was overlapping the status bar
    - Fixed: Links could be made between ambient zones and objective markers
    - Added: "Clear" objective type, an alias for "capture" objectives
    - Added: "Destroy Ammo" objective type
    - Added: "Destroy Helo" objective type
    - Added: "Destroy UAV" objective type
    - Added: "Helo Crash Intel" objective type
    - Added: "Move through" objective type for convoy type missions
    - Added: "Move to" objective type for convoy / RTB objectives
    - Added: Randomise placement option, which if "true" places a destroy or intel objective randomly within the objective radius.
    - Added: "Random objective order" mode which gives objectives in a different order each play through.
    - Added: Dialog for adding new included scripts
    - Added: Parameter on missions to manage your own briefing.sqf file
    - Added: Dialog to edit briefing.sqf files
    - Added: Check for valid ArmA 3 folder names on save
    - Added: TacticalGamer's TaskForceRadio autodetect script
    - Added: Set mission author
    - Added: Add some default loadouts with a single click as an "included script"
    - Added: Ability to ignore "over-occupation" LINT check on an objective
    - Added: Lint Check for unoccupied ambient zones
    - Added: Key objective captured victory trigger and ability to mark an unlimited number of objectives as "key"
    - Added: Windows 8 look and feel
    - Added: A whole new bunch of icons for objectives
    - Improved: Increased maximum zoom in level by 50%
    - Improved: Included scripts can be init line only (i.e. no bundled files)
    - Improved: Included scripts now sorted by name Framework:
    - Fixed: Intel mission was not JIP compatible
    - Fixed: Two AA vehicles spawn for destroy AA objective type
    - Added: Support for randomising objective placement within the given readius (destroy and intel type missions)
    - Added: A script to create and populate an ammobox, AFW_fnc_populateAmmobox.
    - Added: Support for a number of new objective types
    - Added: Optional random objective order on mission load
    - Added: A set of cfgRespawnInventory loadouts which can be included with one click (WEST ONLY)
    - Added: Ability to set "and" and "or" prerequisities in mission description - undocumented and not supported by the editor
    - Improved: Changed the way infantry is spawned - now the strength number is allocated randomly between "buildings" and "patrols"
    - Improved: Complete refactor of Anvil codebase, new folders and function prefix changed from FW to AFW
    - Improved: The AFW_fnc_createAmmobox function now sets the global variable AFW_last_user_ammobox to the created ammobox
    - Improved: Optionally specify the type of ammobox created by AFW_fnc_createAmmobox
    - Improved: Intel briefcase now spawns in a randomly selected nearby building, if one is available

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