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    Burnes Armories - FV4034 Challenger 2 TES von Burnes15th (v3 Alpha)

    Burnes15th veröffentlichte aus seinem Burnes Armories sein FV4034 Challenger 2 TES Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Britische FV4034 Challenger 2 Kampfpanzer.


    A project to provide 3rd Gen MBT's. Landing Craft, Recovery Vehicles and Bridge Layers with immersive interiors and realistic features to Arma 3.

    The Idea behind this is to get something more immersive going on for armored vehicle crews. Something that falls between a full on simulator like Steel Beasts and the limitations of the Arma 3 engine. I plan on making each of the best 3rd Gen MBT's in this way (Challenger 2, LeClerc, T-90 ect) and also to provide logistics support such as landing craft and recovery vehicles.

    The mod is currently in use with us at the 15th MEU but I will need to work on a version that isn't dependent on content from our modpack
    and I am also in talks with other mod makers about providing the interior lods for their mods too. There is no planned timeline for these events yet but I will update as soon as i can.

    The current version also has detailing features on some models (the desert A2 and AIM at present) such as sandbags and stowage items. I plan on implementing a service menu when near ammo trucks ect that will allow choice of ammunition (each shell is a single magazine) and choice of proxy objects (sandbags,backpacks,spare wheels ect)

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    [EODS] Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suite von Monovdd (v0.0.4.1 Alpha)

    ***** Update *****

    Monovdd veröffentlichte sein [EODS] Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suit Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon soll die Rolle der Pioniere verbessern und enthält neue Arten von IEDs mit vielen Funktionen, um die Simulation von ArmA 3 zu erweitern.


    What is EODS?
    We’re glad to present the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suit (EODS) this is an addon for Arma 3 that aims to improve the role of the combat engineer. This addon brings a new type of IEDs with many functions that are designed to extend the Arma 3 simulation.

    Working Features:
    - English/Spanish/French translation for every feature.
    - Functional RCIEDs (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device).
    - Functional Cellphone to interact and detonate the RCIEDs.
    - Functional Editors modules to give to the IA the ability to detonate IEDs, to set a hidden/buried IED, and the possibility to create a Daisy Chain from the editor itself.
    - Functional UI to interact with the IEDs. The players can interact with the IEDs by many forms: arming the IEDs, burry the IEDs, defusing the IEDs and more.
    - Talon Mark II EOD Robot with animations and ied interactions.
    - THOR III Jammer with removable antenna.
    - APOBS system

    v0.0.4.1 alpha
    - added bisign and bikey files

    v0.0.4 alpha
    - New Key binding to interact with objects and IEDs
    - Remove contextual action for interact and survey replaced for a key binding.
    - Added Talon Mark II console.
    - Fixed RSC error on APOBS.
    - New shadow lod for Thor III.
    - Added custom ammo boxes for EODS.
    - Updated example mission.
    - Fixed Lights of Talon Mark II.
    - Fixed (partially) Talon Mark II turn issue.
    - Reworked tracks for the Talon Mark II.
    - Some code optimization.
    - Texture changes on Talon Mark II and some IEDs.

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    JBAD Buildings von M1lkm8n & Smokedog (v0.5.102914)

    ***** Update *****

    M1lkm8n veröffentlichte sein JBAD Buildings Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält aus einem früheren Projekt über 100+ Objekt Modelle für ArmA3 umgewandelt und an alle A3-Standards angepasst.


    Hi guys
    Smokedog and myself(M1lkm8n) figured it's about time we release something. So we are releasing an very early work of all the buildings we have been working on for our Jalalabad terrain. Currently this pack includes over 100+ models all converted and upgraded to A3 standards such as breaking glass, animated door handles and a3 penetration. This release includes the newly opened takistan firestation.

    Most of the current objects are placable via the editor right now to see how people like it. All the buildings and misc stuff and a few trees. As we said earlier this is still a very big wip so if theres any errors please report them so we can weed those out as we go. Also feedback positive or negative is welcome to help up during the development.

    Also it should be noted here that most of our work will be contributed to @CUP for their integration into the BIS ca\ naming convention so anyone who wants to wait to use @CUP instead of converting their A2 terrain to the JBAD structure should do so. Either way will work fine must it should be noted.
    *This does not currently include the terrain yet. That is still under heavy construction. Current release is just for terrain objects.

    - bug prevented the jbad_mil_barracks door from opening

    - added a1/2 bridges
    - added jbad_mil_barracks - opened version
    - added jbad_mil_controltower - fully opened version
    - added jbad_mil_guardhouse - opened version
    - added some building sounds
    - added more misc items
    - added zeus capability to all items that had editor placement capability
    - made some doorways wider(thanks to SneakyAzShiite for reporting)

    JBAD Buildings

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    Kryptek Units von Drifter (v1.0)

    Drifter veröffentlichte sein Kryptek Units Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Retxturierte NATO Soldaten mit Ausrüstung in Woodland und Desert Camo Uniformen.


    Hello everybody! For those that don't know me well, since I'm not big into creating addons and what not. I started small with simple re-texturing of NATO gear, as you see here.

    Take note that this is my very first addon / retexture I have ever done that is released. So my retextures won't be the best
    I am mainly looking forward to just retextures, as modeling and advanced script work is not my thing. Meaning, I don't know anything about them

    Units finished:
    - Squad Leader - Finished
    - Team Leader - Finished
    - Grenadier - Finished
    - Machinegunner - Finished
    - Automatic Rifleman - Finished
    - Rifleman - Finished
    - AT Rifleman - Finished
    - JTAC - Finished
    (Maybe more to be announce)

    If you find any problems please feel free to post them, and I will try to fix them. (I might re-texture vanilla vehicles)

    Camo schemes:
    - Kryptek woodland
    - Kryptek Desert

    Kryptek Units

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    I have read the zeus wiki, some questions I have for players who have used zeus are;

    1. can you group units like the editor? for example dropping an offroad grouped to opfor side to fight blufor?

    2. I would like to use VCOMAI with Zeus, its a AI behavior script, I presume you have it on the players machine local to zeus?

    3. can you make tasks / objectives in addition to mission or mod Alive? if so how, is there another thread? I will continue to look myself.

    4. can you spawn a virtual arsenal box from zeus? I suppose you could place the command in the init box of ammo box? Can you place commands in units to make them hostages like "setcaptive true", join silent etc...

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    by: No-Half-Measures


    Murder is a Multi-Player Gamemode in which a single player is selected from a group in which to be the Murderer and another is selected as a Armed bystander and the remaining players are mear bystanders.

    The Murderers role is to Kill all players without being figured out.
    The Armed bystanders job is to figure out who the murderer is and kill them trying to avoid killing a innocent bystander.
    Bystanders have no real role how ever they can help the Armed Bystander out or they can cower in a corner to save their own life.

    If the Armed Bystander is killed another Bystander can pickup the gun and essentially become the new Armed Bystander.

    DOWNLOAD (Steam):


    Make Arma Not War:

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    what I'm trying to do is add Advanced Hints one after another into the Field Manual. As it's set up right now, the game doesn't seem to add hints outside of the first category into the field manual. To illustrate, it looks like this:

    PHP Code:

    class CfgHints
    displayName = "Generic1"; // Irrelevant as hints get saved under
    class GenHint1 // Will display under "" Category in Field Manual
    displayName = "Generic!";
    description = "Lasers.";
    = "Generic2";
    GenHint2 // Will not be displayed in Field Manual t
    displayName = "Genetics?";
    description = "Stop blaming genetics.";

    Category 1 already gets added from the start (I call BIS_fnc_advHint on mission init), and all other hints get added into the Field Manual as long as they're present in Category 1 (regardless if they've been called yet or not). How do I add hints from a 2nd or 3rd category specifically when calling advHint (and not beforehand)?

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    I searched and did not find what I was looking for. However first off does anyone drive cars with the mouse? In Arma 2 that is the only way i drove cars. However on here it seems there is a horrible response for driving with the mouse. Is there any way to correct this?

    Second question would be about the map marker. As in when you set your own waypoint with shift and Left Click. It is white. It would be nice to switch it to red or something that would stick out in all different terrain. Any way to do this?

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