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    Base At Night:

    Oil spawn randomization:


    AAW(Altis At War) is a project myself and a buddy took on awhile back that we were going to use for the Arma mod contest, however since I was the lead scripter/programmer, I partially lost interest and also didn't have the time necessary to dedicate to the project.

    What is AAW?

    AAW to me is everything ARMA multiplayer should be. It draws its inspiration from several sources, but at its core it is a military based RTS/FPS based on military base building, resources and missions.

    What are its influences?

    I would say AAW is somewhere between Tonic's Wasteland and Command And Conquer type RTS games. The main goal of a team is to build set of bases for benefits such as respawn locations, vehicle factories, even radar stations, but all at the cost of oil, which must be collected from across the map, or stolen from enemy bases.


    Obviously aiming for persistence, each team can build one MOB(Main Operations Base), then three FOB's(Forward Operations Bases) off of the MOB. From there each FOB can build two outposts.

    Each base can also be destroyed by enemy factions. To destroy an enemy base a player must enter the enemy tower, and enable the self-destruct sequence. This will enable an alarm and give the defenders X seconds to disable the self-destruct sequence. If the self destruct happens, all buildings within the area will collapse, most likely killing any players in the area, and any child bases of that base will also begin to self-destruct(this will be an irreversible sequence for the child bases)
    Example: If FOB1 goes down, then the child outposts of FOB1 will also be destroyed. If the MOB goes down, all FOB's and Outposts will go down eventually, setting that entire team back to square one. (Pro tip: Your MOB is the most important place to defend!)

    The MOB has all features:
    A main tower for controlling the base- managing resources and upgrading base parts, depositing resources, and buying base fortification parts(walls, static weapons, ect...)
    A barracks- this enables players to respawn at that base, purchase gear for their character or weapon/ammo crates; upgrading unlocks better weapons for your team
    Vehicle Factory- for purchasing, repairing, and caching/storing vehicles; Upgrading unlocks more vehicles for your team
    Radar- similar to wasteland, this is an area on the map that will alert your team if enemies are within the area of the base. Upgrading extends the range.

    The FOB has most features, but not all:
    A main tower just like the MOB;
    A barracks just like the MOB;
    Instead of a vehicle factory, the FOB only has a vehicle cache/storage. This is to make the MOB more of a strategic logistics point, but also make "living" at an FOB a bit easier.
    And a Radar station just like the MOB

    Outposts don't have many amenities at all:
    A main tower like the MOB/FOB;
    A barracks;
    and a radar station.

    How the game starts:

    On a clean start players will spawn on the coast relative to their area of the map. There are random unarmed trucks and ATV's about the map and one mobile construction truck. This truck can be driven to a place the players feel would be a good place to start their MOB. Once in place, the MOB can deploy the first tower.

    To begin building onto your base, players will need to either scavenge the map for oil barrels, take the random missions that come up for them, or steal them from an enemy MOB/FOB, and bring them to the MOB tower to deposit them.

    When resources are deposited into the main tower 1. the base is granted X amount of resources for building/upgrading, and 2. the player is paid X money for purchasing weapons/vehicles.

    Where the mission mod currently stands:

    Despite the many, many man hours we put into AAW, it still has a very long way to go. Most base features are put in only on Blufor side, and its not in a "working" state, but a testing state. Things are in specifically for testing, but would need to be pulled for a "release" version.

    Also, for sakes of security/anti hack/cheats, a lot of the code is currently client based and need to be turned into events that the server listens for then runs serverside. Right now the way its set up is intentional, as we where in a frameworking level of development. Testing theories more than anything.

    For those that are interested in continuing development:

    The original github can be found here: Feel free to fork it. Email me if you have trouble.

    And I set up an email should anyone need to contact me with questions/help.

    In closing:

    I would like to say, this is the first big project I ever took on, and yes, I lost steam. Lots of code is weird or crappy, but tbh some if it is pretty neat too. In reality its something I wanted to play more than something I had time to actually make, so I just pounded out stuff until it worked. Having speedy scripts or being overly clever was not an objective where we left off, that comes later at a polish stage.

    In a way, it is my baby, but I aim to be as objective as possible having other people use our work. Please give credit where credit is due when using others work, as I have also done my best to give citations on borrowed code within this work as well.

    Thank you to everyone in this community for your help and support!


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    Just something small I want to fix. My character has serval mags in his uniform and in his vest. However him and his teammates all start the mission saying: I need more ammo. Players 1 int line is:

    comment "Exported from Arsenal by Mr Arapaho";
    comment "Remove existing items";
    removeAllWeapons this;
    removeAllItems this; removeAllAssignedItems this;
    removeUniform this; removeVest this; removeBackpack this;
    removeHeadgear this; removeGoggles this;
    comment "Add containers";

    this forceAddUniform "U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt"; for "_i" from 1 to 5 do {this addItemToUniform "30Rnd_mas_556x45_Stanag";};
    this addVest "V_PlateCarrier1_rgr"; for "_i" from 1 to 5 do {this addItemToVest "FirstAidKit";};
    this addItemToVest "11Rnd_45ACP_Mag";
    for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {this addItemToVest "HandGrenade";};
    for "_i" from 1 to 6 do {this addItemToVest "30Rnd_mas_556x45_Stanag";};
    this addHeadgear "H_Booniehat_mcamo";
    comment "Add weapons"; this addWeapon "arifle_mas_m4_m203_d";
    this addPrimaryWeaponItem "optic_mas_Hamr_camo";
    this addWeapon "hgun_Pistol_heavy_01_F";
    this addHandgunItem "optic_MRD"; this addWeapon "Binocular";
    comment "Add items"; this linkItem "ItemMap"; this linkItem "ItemCompass"; this linkItem "ItemWatch";
    this linkItem "ItemRadio"; this linkItem "ItemGPS";

    comment "Set identity"; this setFace "WhiteHead_06";
    this setSpeaker "Male01ENG"; [this,"GryffinRegiment"] call bis_fnc_setUnitInsignia; this enableFatigue false;

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    I am wanting to change this a bit to add west into the code. But not quite sure how. I added "or west" but am sure its not that easy. ideas? and thanks!

    _trg = createTrigger["EmptyDetector",getPos _sub];
    _trg setTriggerArea[150, 150, 0, false];
    _trg setTriggerActivation["EAST", "NOT PRESENT", false];
    _trg setTriggerStatements["this && {{
    _sub = _x;
    if (side _x == independent or west && {_x distance sub <= 3}) exitWith {true};

    }forEach allUnits;
    }count == 1}", "", ""];

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    I have added and playing successfully music on my custom endings of my missions.

    I need to display the "Name" of the song as it is shown under "name" in the Description.ext entries.

    for example: I have this entry under my class CfgMusic

    class Southbound_Again_Dire_Straights
    name = "Southbound Again by Dire Straights";
    sound[] = {"\music\Southbound_Again_Dire_Straights.ogg", db+0, 1.0};

    I need to show on screen "Soundbound Again by Dire Straights"

    I have successfully managed to show "Southbound_Again_Dire_Straights" which is the class name. Is there a certain command that would display the NAME of the song as opposed to the CLASS name of the song?

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    Hey folks,

    I'm working on a little script where I would like to create spark effects on a vehicle. I'm trying to simulate the vehicle being hit by an EMP (disabling the engine and all electronics). I've been looking into particle effects, but they're rather daunting for someone who hasn't done them before. I found this little example for creating a fire effect:


    _source01 = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal (position _x);
    _source01 setParticleClass "ObjectDestructionFire1Smallx";
    _source01 attachto [_x,[0,0,0]];

    But I can't really figure out how to make it sparks instead of fire, and there doesn't really seem to be a list of pre-defined effects anywhere to choose from. The other thing is I need to make sure that the effect doesn't damage the vehicle (that fire one blew it up after a couple seconds).


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    I'm having some problems with PhysX at the moment. First among them is how my suspension seems to be fine on one side, but the wheels aren't touching the ground on the other. I've tried screwing with a bunch of the values I think are related to PhysX but a) they're not explained well enough for me and b) they did nothing.

    The second one is pretty self explanatory: I suddenly somehow broke friction. I can't turn, I can accelerate in a straight line and decelerate. It's weird.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    I love flying with the mouse (or my X-52 Pro), walking with the mouse, shooting with the mouse, and driving with the mouse. Unfortunately ArmA 3 has super stiff land vehicle mouse controls making it almost impossible to steer without frantically throwing your mouse across the desk as you try avoiding that pesky obstacle.

    Is there any way at all to adjust the vehicle mouse sensitivity independent from the on-foot controls? ArmA 2 OA had it just right, and even Armed Assault had better mouse steering than A3.

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