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    Chicken and goats "freeze" after a few seconds. Sheep just walk around in circle and don't grass. I first notice it in the "Marksman "showcase mission (frozen chickens)
    I know it's not very important but it ruines the atmos:p
    only addon in use is Niko's USA pack

    sorry please move it to general discussion (dev branch)

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    Finally! Here it is, the long awaited update for Escape mission!

    Because a lot of people complained that this mission (version 1.6) was too hard, we decided to make it a little bit easier by reducing the amount of enemy patrolsand artillery. We also streamlined the missionflow a little bit. It should now be much easier to beat this mission.

    The mission
    In this mission you and your squad was send out to scout the military CSAT and AAF presence on Altis in preparation for an NATO invasion. But your squad got captured by AAF and you are now held in an improvised prison awaiting CSAT officers to arrife for questioning. But NATO loyal insurgent managed to hide a backpack with weapons in the prison. Your task is now to overwhelm the guards, escape the prison, find a map of the island, make contact with NATO forces, reach the designated evacuation zone and escape Altis!

    The mission is fully dynamic. Every playthrough will be different. Also the mission is quite hard to beat completly. You will definitly fail at the first try. But the mission is meant to be played more than once (infact our squad plays it serveral times the week).

    About the mission

    Escape was first devloped by Engima of Östgöta Ops for ArmA2.
    At that time me (NeoArmageddon) and Scruffy ported the mission to different islands and began customizing the mission.
    When ArmA3 was released, Vormulac and HyperZ made the effort to port the mission over to ArmA3. From that point on Scruffy and me improved and fixed the mission to the current state.
    Most of the scripts are replaced and were updated to A3 standards (but there is still some more room for improvements).

    The the official version of this release is 1.7.

    Download Mirrors
    Version 1.7 EE (co10_Escape_EE.Altis.pbo)

    Screenshots and Videos
    We don't have any yet. Please submit your screenshots and videos and share your Escape stories with us!


    Original Mission (Arma2) by Engima of Östgöta Ops.
    Mission ported to Arma3 by Vormulac and HyperZ.
    Continue devlopment by NeoArmageddon.
    Island ports and unit configs by Scruffy.

    Testing: Maikeks, Darcy, Memphis Belle, Aurelia, Freshman, Roy and many more.

    The official co10 Escape mission for Arma3 is currently developed and maintained by NeoArmageddon and Scruffy.

    Please post all feedback, bugs, ideas, request, etc here in this thread.

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    Who else would like to see a DLC or mod that adds in more drones. Like troop transports (heli and land), helis, boats, jets, and/or armor. Since this is the near future it would make sense that we would see a wider range of drones, since already we have prototypes and production models of drone boats, helis, jets, and wouldn't doubt if we are developing armor to. After all it's becoming pretty clear this is the direction we will go with a lot of military vehicles. Plus would be really neat to see how these things are used, since right now we have only really seen UAV's like the GlobalHawk and similar things get used. So seeing how these other drones might be deployed in the future through the game, would be very cool. Not the mention this does fit into the near future theme of the game rather well.
    Anyone what are your thoughts on this idea, do you think it should be explored or is it maybe going to futuristic for the setting of the game.

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    RoC Republic of China (Taiwan) von TokyoIndia (v1.1)

    ***** Update *****

    TokyoIndia veröffentlichte sein RoC Republic of China Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon soll die chinesische Armee (ROC) repräsentieren (incl. asiatisches Aussehen, Namen etc.).


    I pleased to release my first add on for Arma3. The Republic of China Armed forces. At the moment the add on only represents the Republic of China Army but I plan to expand and include other branches of the RoC military soon. The RoC is a very interesting subject but I'd like to make it clear this add on is not a political or racial statement in anyway and is not intended to offend anyone. Please read the READ ME file in the download.

    - RoC Army re-skin in ERDL camouflage with PASGT helmets.
    - RoC reserve's re-skin in ERDL camouflage with M1 helmets.
    - RoC Special Force's Sniper team in MultiCam camouflage with PASGT helmets.
    - Optional TFAR radio pack re-skinned in ERDL.
    - Asian faces and Taiwanese names.
    - Static weapons.
    - High quality weapons and vehicles by the RHS team (RHS and CBA mod dependency).
    - Short single player mission (@AGM required).
    - Signed with Keys (First time doing this so I apologize of any errors).

    Future plans:
    - RoC Army Digital Uniform
    - RoC Military Police
    - RoC Marine Corps
    - RoC Airforce
    - AMV-7 re-skin to represent CM-32 "Clouded Leopard" IFV
    - M60A3 (more of a dream than reality)

    - RoC Air Force added.
    - F-16 reskin (dependency on Firewills F-16C).
    - RoC Air Force fighter pilot, helicopter pilot, multi engine pilot and ground crew re-skins.
    - Cleaned up configs, reorganized and removed a few things.
    - Removed per-loaded backpacks from Virtual arsenal, only empty ones remain.
    - Re worked load outs and weapons slightly.
    - Added more names.
    - Image should be showing on sample mission now (mission still AGM dependent atm sorry)

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Map Builder von NeoArmageddon (v0.8 Alpha)

    ***** Update *****

    NeoArmageddon veröffentlichte sein Map Builder Tool in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält 3D-Editor-Tool für eine Gelände-Erstellung.


    today I want to present a little project I had laying around for quite some time but finally finished a working alpha. The project is called "Map Builder" and it is an ingame 3D-editor with the purpose of help in placing objects, compositions and vegetation when creating new terrains (kind of an improved Buldozer).

    Project Status
    This project is in an alpha-state. It is neither featurecomplete nor fully tested/bugfree. I am releasing a first unfinished alpha to collect feedback, ideas and bug reports. I want this project to be as open to the community as possible.

    - Editor View.
    - A complete objectlist from read config.
    - Objectmanipulation (Pos,Pitch,Bank,Yaw,....).
    Selections (Movement of groups of objects).
    - Copy & Paste.
    - Simple export for Terrain Builder (export to RPT).
    - Should work in Multiplayer.
    - More to come.

    v0.8 Alpha
    - Added some brusher functions (not ready yet).
    - Removed unused XML functions.
    - Fixed object selection when list has null objects.
    - Some adjustments in viewport/selection/objects in preparation for brusher.
    - Added null check and scaling.
    - Added (yet unused) info popup.
    - Moved used window a little bit.
    - Added favorites.
    - Implemented new project filetype for advanced saving capabilities.
    - Added favorites to project file.
    - Added fallback for old project files.
    - Changed 3D preview to real objects instead of dialog objects and added RTT window.
    -Increased versionnumber.
    - Fixed a bug in counting objects for mission.sqm-export (resulting in faulty exports).
    - Fixed a switched if case in check for project backwarts compability.
    - Removed uncommon addon reference.
    - Removed recursive backup duplication.
    - Added middle mouse button work around.
    - Freelook is now in middle mouse button.
    - Added zoom to mousewheel.
    - Removed unused/broken icons.
    - Removed some redundant stuff from A3 upgrade.
    - Added new A3 upgrades that makes all scope=1 A3 objects accessible.
    - Added new mapbuilder_library and mapbuilder_displayname to all CfgVehicleClasses.
    - Preview arrow should now disappear in most cases.
    - Preventing MB from starting on dedicated server (breaks server).
    - Readded function for exact position and changed position data source to obj variables.
    - Made all exports exact again.
    - Added boolean sync parameters to selfupdating functions to prevent feedbackloops in multiplayer (Thanks to ItsDonJon for helping with testing).
    - Renamed mapbuilder_filter to mapbuilder_library and added fallback.
    - Added mapbuilder_displayname (configvalue) to have different names for 2D editor and MapBuilder e.g. "MB A3 Rocks" in Editor and "A3 -> Rocks" in MapBuilder.
    - Added mapbuilder_objEval (configvalue). This expression is parsed for every object before getting written to a library. This prevents for example A2 Rocks to be listet in A3 -> - Rocks (they have the same vehicleclass as AiA overwrites them).
    - When inspecting (only) the inspected objects is selected.
    - Improved selection and deselection with faster array commands.
    - Removed some debug output.
    - Added more playable characters and made them CIV.
    - Added first iteration of documentation.
    - Added missing DIK defines.
    - Library is now sorted.
    - Library is open from the start.
    - Readded seperate pitch and bank control.
    - Added check for missing scale in presets.
    - Added scale to preset.
    - Increased version to 0.8.
    - Restructured addons.
    - Made selection of objects underwater possible. Moving objects when the cam is underwater is not possible yet.

    Map Builder

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Combat Space Enhancement von Glowbal (v0.11.1 Alpha)

    ***** Update *****

    Glowbal veröffentlichte sein Combat Space Enhancement Addon in den Bi-Foren.

    Combat Space Enhancement, auch kurz CSE, ist eine Modifikation für Arma 3 mit dem Ziel neue Features und Content in das Spiel zu integrieren und damit dem MILSIM und der allgemeinen Simulation in Arma 3 neue Möglichkeiten zu geben. CSE umfasst verschiedene Addons die schon zu Arma 2/ OA, released wurden oder an denen derzeit noch gearbeitet wird. Natürlich werden auch neue, Arma3 spezifische Addons mit CSE eingeführt. (Zitat Donny,


    Combat Space Enhancement, auch kurz CSE, ist eine Modifikation für Arma 3 mit dem Ziel neue Features und Content in das Spiel zu integrieren und damit dem MILSIM und der allgemeinen Simulation in Arma 3 neue Möglichkeiten zu geben

    CSE umfasst verschiedene Addons die schon zu Arma 2/ OA, released wurden oder an denen derzeit noch gearbeitet wird. Natürlich werden auch neue, Arma3 spezifische Addons mit CSE eingeführt.

    CSE hat eine große Liste an neuen Features und innovativen Modifikationen für Arma3.
    Einige sind schon fast fertig und müssen nur noch überprüft werden, andere sind noch nicht begonnen oder befinden sich mitten in ihrer Entwicklung.
    - User Interaction Interface
    - Combat Medical System
    - Advanced Interaction Module 2
    - Field Rations Module 2
    - Logistics & Resupply module
    - British Arms & Equipment pack (BAE)
    - UAVs
    - und mehr...

    v0.11.1 alpha
    Fixed: Logistics load bug
    Fixed: minor issues in f_modules

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    F-16C Retexture Pack "All in One" von Pinaz93 (v1.3)

    ***** Update *****

    Pinaz93 veröffentlichte sein F-16C Retexture Pack "All in One" Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält über 31 verschiedene Skins für die F-16C Fighting Falcon von Firewill.


    I'm releasing the 1.3 update, here is the changelog:

    -Added 8 new USAF skins:
    --- 10th FS Hahn AB (germany)(dismissed in 1991)
    --- 313rd FS Hahn AB (germany)(dismissed in 1991)
    --- 496th FS Hahn AB (germany)(dismissed in 1991)
    --- 234th FS Eielson AFB (Alaska)(Fictional)
    --- 235th FS Eielson AFB (Alaska)(Fictional)
    --- 221st FS NAS Sigonella (Italy)(Fictional)
    --- 22nd FS Spangdahlem AB (germany)
    --- 82nd FS Spangdahlem AB (germany)(Fictional)

    - Added 1 Italian AF skin:
    --- 87th FS special color

    - Added Romanian AF skin:
    --- That's based on some "preview pics" found on internet of the romanian AF F-16s that will enter in service next year

    - Added the server key as requested

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    GAU-8/A Avenger von Alexus und Zabuza (v1.5)

    ***** Update *****

    Alexus veröffentlichte sein GAU-8/A Avenger Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine GAU-8 / A Avenger für die A-164 "Wipeout" im Spiel.


    Zabuza and I are proud to present you a mod we were working on in the last weeks: the mighty GAU-8/A Avenger for the A-164 “Wipeout”. Since the release of the NATO close air support plane, we were missing the power of the real A-10, the role model of the A-164. With bringing the A-164 into the game, Bohemia introduced a gun which was neither able to destroy a simple APC nor really effective against infantry. So Zabuza and I, both passionate pilots, decided to see what we can do, and this mod is the result.

    What does it do?
    Basically the mod changes the 20 mm gun of the A-164 “Wipeout” to a more powerful version, the well-known GAU-8/A Avenger 30 mm gun of the A-10 aircraft. So in future you will be able to use the gun as it is supposed to: as a tank buster and for scaring the shit out of your enemy.

    Things we changed
    The following list presents all added/changed features:
    - changed the calibre to 30mm
    - increased muzzle velocity to 1030 m/s
    - increased direct and indirect hit damage
    - increased bullet spread
    - added 2 burst modes: “Low” (1.5s, 2100rpm) and “High” (1.5s, 4200rpm)
    - magazine size of 1174 rounds
    - changed weapon sound (featuring the typical GAU-8 “fart of death”)
    - new impact sound
    - smoke effect while shooting the gun
    -- new impact effects (more smoke, flashing light of explosions)
    - removed tracers, only visible with NVG
    - the A-164 now carries 240 countermeasure flares

    - added support for STI A-10A

    - added support for the A-10C Thunderbolt II from Peral
    - added readme.txt (features, instructions, FAQ, ...)

    - added support for RHS A-10A

    - fixed bullet drop which was to high
    - added support for the close air support module

    GAU-8/A Avenger

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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