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    4/10th Cav is recruting new members, people interested in joining a new group please visit our website at

    Players are not required to become part of the group in order to play on our teamspeak and our server, however we ask that players act in a mature manner and want to play as a team.

    Who are we?

    4th Squadron 10th Cavalry Regiment is the start up unit for the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division. We are the reconnaissance group of the brigade housing 2 mounted cavalry scouts sections, light infantry pathfinder section, 2 sniper teams, a M1 tank section, and an assault flight. Our primary mission is to seek out the enemy and eliminating the threat by means of direct and indirect of fire. Like many Armed Assault milsim units available this unit was also started by US Army Veterans seeking the “military experience” without the digital drama that commonly follows. We as a group have existed for over 5 years and are 8+ years OPFP series enthusiast that understand the rise and fall of units.

    What do we offer?

    Currently we have a private server used both for training and unit focused insurgency / invade and annex missions. Our training session are conducted twice a week with basic combat training and advanced individual training on Saturdays. The command portation of the unit focuses on having as little impact on the operational aspects of the sections only administrative. What that means is that your officers will not micro-manage the fire team and squads that you are assigned to. The deployments that we undertake are ongoing series of mission in a larger campaign, so each success and failure of tasked to be completed on mission has a direct effect on the over success and failure of the campaign and future missions.

    The “type” of players that would benefit from a unit such as this are players that understand activity comes and goes with busy schedules of real life. 18+ age restriction (waiverable with interview)

    Thank you for your time, if you have any questions please drop by our forums, or join our Teamspeak and ask away!

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    Marine Expeditionary Force von Mattastic (v2.0)

    ***** Update *****

    Mattastic veröffentlichte sein Marine Expeditionary Force Addon. Das Addon enthält verschiedene Woodland und Desert MARPAT Soldaten.


    The Marine Expeditionary Force modification is a unit addon pack. It was developed to offer a professional solution for those wanting to portray the United States Marine Corps in ArmA III. Enjoy HD textures along with real "clean" looking uniforms. This modification has a long development road map and will grow to eventually include more uniform variants, proxy gear, weapons, and even vehicles.

    - Added ALiVE Compatibility
    - Added Zeus Compatibility
    - Added Recon Units
    - Added 4 Recon Uniforms
    - Added Infantry Billet Class
    - Added Desert Groups
    - Added RH Infantry Billets Class
    - Added RH Group
    - Added 4 Helicopters
    - Updated Unit Config to include weapons with attachments
    - Updated UI for 5 Uniforms
    - Updated Overall Unit Loadout Uniformity
    - Fixed Muzzle Flashes for both M4's & the M16A4 w/o M203 (To fix the muzzle flash on the other weapons, simply put a silencer on them then take it off. )
    - Fixed Rate of Fire on M240B & M249 SAW

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    UnderSiege Patches & Insignias von Siege-A (v1.3)

    ***** Update *****

    Siege-A veröffentlichte sein UnderSiege Patches & Insignias Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält 110 UnderSiege Aufnäher & Abzeichen, insgesamt 410.


    UNS Patches - 1405 Unit Patches & Insignias

    VERSION 1.3:
    905 New Patches & Insignias added. 1405 Total.
    This update has been a full overhaul of the entire package. The addon has been broken down into multiple addons, each fully standalone, in order to make the addon more modular. Due to this change, many of the previous patches have been relocated into different categories, as well as changes to their classnames. Furthermore, I will be going through all of the previous patches released and update their quality, mainly fixing ones which appear overly bright ingame. Main focus of this update has been additional US, Polish, Russian, and Italian patches, as well as a batch of new morale patches as usual. Although this contains a heap of new patches, I had planned to have many more with this release, especially for the Russian patches. But due to time constraints and a busy work schedule, I was unable to pack in as many as I had hoped. Needless to say, more to come.

    - Added: 905 New Patches & Insignias

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Middle East Conflict Mod von Drongo69 (v019)

    ***** Update *****

    Drongo69 veröffentlichte sein Middle East Conflict Mod Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene Nahostkonflikt Fraktionen.


    This addon adds the following factions to Arma 3:
    - Syrian Arab Army (OPFOR)
    - Hezbollah (OPFOR)
    - A Generic Middle Eastern army (OPFOR)
    - Middle East Irregulars (al Qaida, etc) (BLUFOR/INDEP/OPFOR)
    - Quds Force (OPFOR)
    - Western Black Ops (BLUFOR)
    - Hamas (OPFOR)
    - Taliban (INDEP)
    - Islamic State (INDEP)
    - Boko Haram (INDEP)
    - Generic African Military (OPFOR)
    - Generic African Irregulars (INDEP)
    - Middle Eastern civilians

    - Many config and script tweaks
    - Fixed some missing textures for the dishdashas
    - Reduced the armor value of IS, Taliban and Boko Haram to alleviate the "bulletproof dishdasha" problem
    - Added a Generic South East Asian Irregulars (GSI) faction
    - Removed some unnecessary GL grenades from many classes
    - Added [MEC] tag to clothing and gear
    - Added optional support for Teriyaki's and NikolaiSergeyev's uniform packs
    - Added Chairborne's Hind to requiredAddons
    - Added an MEC mod logo
    - Readded uniform randomization for Western Black Ops, using a lot of Niko's and Teriyaki's uniforms

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    LAV-25 ArmA2 Port von Chairborne (v0.5)

    ***** Update *****

    Chairborne veröffentlichte sein LAV-25 Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine Portierung des LAV-25 aus ArmA2.


    This is the first release of my LAV-25.
    As of now it's just a port of the Arma 2 Sample Vehicles from BIS with minor tweaks. I plan however to make some more modifications to make these vehicles actually enjoyable.

    Another small hotfix.
    This fix should make the LAV compatible with AGM.
    I was told the LAV-25 couldn't use both ammunition types with AGM, now it should be correct.
    Plus, now it also has FCS enabled.

    - Detail improvements over distance
    - Driver now has the magic radar/compass again
    - Tweaked exhaust smoke
    - Commander M240 now has muzzle flash
    - Commander now sits at correct height
    - Commander M240 max zoom reduced
    - Commander M240 now has proper zeroing
    - Changed editor menu layout
    - Toned down hull reflections
    - New woodland textures
    - Added sling loading functionality

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Recently I had found this script that lets you essentially change the volume levels from the action menu from a "put in ear plugs/remove". It is extremely useful when getting in helos and cars so you can hear your team talk. Why this is not a standard thing in Vanilla I have no idea. Plus the ability to do it via script without an addon is awesome.

    However in mp once being revived I lose this option. The ear plug option disappears from the action menu.

    This is the script. I could not find a post for this script.

    Credit: 654wak654

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    Hi, i am trying to make Freetrack to work in Arma 3. I previously make that work, but have been a couple of months without using it because i didn't get used to it as infantry, but it's awesome as a pilot. Yesterday i tried to use it, and wasn't able. Today too. I am currently using 3 controllers appart from the freetrack: 1) Thrustmster Warthog joystick, 2) Thrustmaster warthog throttle, 3) Logitech G27 (using just the pedals for the rudder), and then trying to use the freetrack too. I noticed that under controls, it doesn't longer appear as Freetrack, but as TrackIR. So maybe this is the problem. I just mapped the TrackIR default controls to that controller, but it's not working. I think that this previously showed up here as Freetrack and not as Trackir.

    I was looking for a solution and found in a post in this forum that said that to make it work in arma 2, i have to copy the freetrackclient.dll to the root folder to make it breing recognizable, and also tried disabling in the Freetrack software the trackir interface and the freetrack interface and all the possible values with this but no luck.

    What could be happening guys? Is this an issue after the last patch? I used it with no problem a couple moths ago, but i don't remember if i did something else to make it work, and don't find any solution out there.

    Hope somebody can help me. Thanks in advance.

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    A script I'm writing is using a very large multidimensional array.
    I have not experienced any problems yet, but I am worried that the size of the array can get so big it will break the mission.
    I read in this thread that the memory allocation in OFP was limited to 256 MB.
    Is this still the same in Arma 3?

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