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    So I just got Windows 7 Reinstalled and I copied over my arma 2 Files and Since I bought the Complete Collection I have all DLC's, But when i try to launch the game I get this Message
    The Second Link is to Prove that I own t the game and DLC's on steam and am not pirating.

    Since I cant post links, here is an Image

    http: // gyazo .com/ fb39c5595d91b13f541013dc9a897f83

    http:// gyazo .com/ b1f1103dbad3320832e802687012710b

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    About Us

    This is a military realism unit based off the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion. We utilize squad movements and various formations to tactically move around. We will be on various games and mods and train accordingly to each game to stay on point with our tactics. We do understand that this is a game, and we still like to have fun, but maturity will always be present on and off operations. We will do PvE and PvP so this unit can grow in both worlds. Along with doing operations on Arma 3, we will conduct other operations on other games in order to enhance our training and diversity.

    Unit Setup

    75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Specialized Light Infantry

    160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment - A detachment for aerial insertions and combat support.


    There will not be a BCT or AIT at this time, but there will still be training that will help members stay up to date on their skills within the unit. Not everyone is a expert here therefore training's will be a must in order to ensure everyone is at a good level of understanding of how things work. There will however be a Airborne and Air Assault School in order to ensure everyone has knowledge of how to conduct both and do it to the best of their ability. At the same there will be other training's such as Convoy and Squad Movements to ensure everyone knows how to conduct them properly. Along with what training's were stated there will be more to come which will be announced when the time comes.

    Type of Unit

    Since this unit is based off the 75th Ranger Regiment it will take on their role of Specialized Light Infantry. Which means we do not have any fast movers or armored support, which also leads to the next topic.

    Joint Ops

    Due to the need for certain things for us being light infantry, it opens up the door for joint operations. If you would like to do a joint op with us, then please contact us on our Team Speak 3 server or private message myself. *Closed until further notice due to dangerously low numbers.

    Level Of Realism

    Although we take realism seriously we do leave room to have fun during our down time. We do however contain a chain of command and utilize army ranks to place those who can lead and take the responsibility of either an NCO or CO. We will have organized operations and have briefs before them as well as after action reports. These operations will help form the way we train and give us valuable feedback on what we can improve on.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long will it take my application to be viewed?
    A: It should take no more than a day and a half, depending on my schedule and training's of my own.

    Q: What can I expect after being accepted?
    A: Once accepted you will be given the rank of private, and from their you will proceed to complete one to two day and night jumps as well as one day and night fast rope. After completion of that you will gain a bit of knowledge of your job and then either be placed under a squad and fire team or go into WLC (Warriors Leader Course) to tryout for a higher rank (Up to 2nd Lt.)

    Q: What addons are currently in use?
    A: The links for these will be posted on our website for quick navigation and download.

    Q: How active will I have to be?
    A: Trainings and Operations will only be Saturday and Sunday. Times are still being made up depending on the schedule of our members. The more active the better chance of promotion.

    What We Have To Offer

    • Team Speak 3 Server utilizing ACRE
    • A mature and fun environment
    • Training in different scenarios
    • A website from which information will be posted
    • Active staff
    • Realism environment to enhance gameplay


    - Be 17 and older
    - Know a decent amount of English
    - Be willing to follow instructions
    - Willing to work as a team
    - Be honest and mature
    - Have a good attitude and are respectful
    - Can adapt to new standards and/or training

    Enlistment Form:
    Team Speak Server:

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    With the fact that now TOM have MP and probably a lot of efforts are put in it, are some features that was initially planed still worked one and planed ?
    _Such as advanced programming, i have read some time ago that a "JPL/NASA's 3D software" like was planed to help programming our rover like they do IRL ?
    _Or like animated launch sequence (even if a video sequence will be better for me in term of visual realism, mainly if this is the sequence of the true rocket launch and require less work) ?
    _Things like rover still working when disconnected from them AND (in real time mode) when the game is not launched ?
    _Several delay of transmission, short one of some seconds for the one who want to play in real time but still want a delay for challenge and realism, and realistic delay for those who want to only use rover programming ?

    In fact my original vision of TOM was to play with realistic delay + only programming, and if i can, use an old computer that will (in plus of others things useful for me) ran TOM 24/24 7/7 and or at least for the day and when i have free time, check the status of my rover, what he have done and programs others actions, in fact doing like if i have my own rover on Mars in real time, but with the fact that rover programming still today really limited in every ways, the fact that MP probably take all the development time and that the forum is...Dead...More than 10 days without any small message, not topic, but just post, it is in my opinion not good for a game forum...I now start to have doubts on the fact that the game will keep evolving in the initially planed way...

    So please devs, can you told me if you can if all features that was initially planed are still planed or not ?
    Thanks !

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    ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (v0.8)

    ***** Update ***** veröffentlichte sein ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das The Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (ALiVE) soll ein Modulares Mission Framework enthalten, für realistische militärische Operationen in fast jedem Szenario.


    ALiVE is a dynamic campaign mission framework. The editor placed modules are designed to be intuitive but highly flexible so you can create a huge range of different scenarios by simply placing a few modules and markers. The AI Commanders have an overall mission and a prioritised list of objectives that they will work through autonomously. Players can choose to tag along with the AI and join the fight, take your own squad of AI or other players and tackle your own objectives or just sit back and watch it all unfold.

    Mission makers may wish to experiment by synchronizing different modules to each other, or using standalone ALiVE modules as a backdrop for dynamic missions and campaigns, enhancing scenarios created with traditional editing techniques. ALiVE can significantly reduce the effort required to make a complex mission by adding ambience, support and persistence at the drop of a module.

    The next generation dynamic persistent campaign for ArmA3
    We are happy to release the latest and greatest version of ALiVE - 0.6.8!

    We have made significant improvements to Load and Save times and a number of bug fixes to Player Stats. Combat Support has also received a lot of love, in particular to the Close Air Support and Artillery modules! You can now run several instances of CQB and define the TAORs with different settings in a highly detailed way! We also have updated our ALiVE Plugin, so it is very important that server admins download and update the plugin!

    War Room
    Our web platform continues to improve and grow! We have over 3000 players registered and over 450 groups, with some 650,000 events captured.
    Please register with us now and start taking advantage of ALiVE Mission Persistence and WarRoom Battlefield Data.

    Join up now!

    Release Highlights
    - Complete Player and AI Persistence (for Profiles and CQB), vastly improved save & load time.
    - Updates to Combat Support.
    - Several instances of CQB are now possible
    - Important improvements in spawning of vehicles
    - Performance improvements on loading times
    - Support for current stable version of A3.
    - Major bug fixes, see all the tickets we resolved

    Release Highlights
    - Multispawn - added various options including an immersive heli insertion.
    - ALIVE Splashscreen can now be disabled by removing the pbo from @ALIVE/addons.
    - Single Player Savegame can be enabled via the Requires ALiVE module.
    - C2ISTAR Player Tasks - players require an ALiVE_Tablet to access. Player Tasks have been removed from the OPCOM module.
    - OPCOM - Removed autogenerated OPCOM tasks in favor for C2ISTAR and added functions to allow players to jump directly to the nearest action (See Wiki)
    - Garbage Collector - added the ability to exclude objects (wrecks, corpses, vehicles etc) by syncing to the module. Also a setVariable option.
    - Combat Support - added ability to sync editor placed crewed vehicles with custom init lines (See Wiki)
    - Player Logistics - added the ability to exclude objects by syncing to the “Disable Logistics” module. Also a variable can be set according to setVariable option.

    Several important fixes:
    - Profiles: fix for playable AI team members getting deleted if profiled.
    - Player Logistics: fixed enableSimulation issue.
    - CQB: now works on the Server again and no longer ignores Blacklists if also TAOR markers were used.
    - Combat Support: now deletes crew from destroyed CS vehicles.
    - MP: fix for parachuting vehicles on some A2 maps.

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    So to make this post as short as possible -

    I have unused Linux VPS paid for next year, so I've decided to make it Arma III dedicated server. Because I don't have any clan/unit, I am offering it for free for any clan/unit which will be able to use it. Currently it has CBA_A3 and TFAR installed and it's running Wolfpack vol. 1 coop missions in a loop. It has also it's own TeamSpeak 3 server installed, but max clients on channel is limited to 32, because it's not licensed. I am able to configure it for one's needs, or I am even able to give SSH and FTP access to dediserver's working directory which is running in a chrooted environment.

    Server is based in Czech republic on a high speed line, it has no problem with running multiple instances of Arma III server. Ping for computers based in CZ is about 10-30 ms (tested on various locations), should work anywhere else in EU, too.

    If you are in need of Arma III dedicated server and know your way with Linux (best is if you can set it up yourself because I don't have much time), contact me by PM.

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    Hi all,

    Okay, so attempting to put my campaign together and am having issues. Basically, it's not appearing in the campaign menu. Here's what I have so far:

    A standard non-zipped folder named '@Resist'.

    In that folder, another standard non-zipped folder named "addons".

    In this"addons" folder I have a PBO file named "Resist".

    So, we have: @Resist\addons\Resist (PBO)

    In this pbo there are two folders. One is called "Missions" and one is called "Overview". The "Missions" folder contains four missions in standard folders. The "Overview" folder contains a single .paa file, used as the briefing image. Lastly, this folder also has the campaign "Description.ext". Here it is:

    PHP Code:

    class MissionDefault
    lives = -1;
    lost = ;
    end1 = ;
    end2 = ;
    end3 = ;
    end4 = ;
    end5 = ;
    end6 = ;

    name = "Resist";
    firstBattle = Missions;
    disableMP = 1;
    enableHub = 1;
    briefingName = "Resist";
    author = "Kydoimos";
    overviewPicture = "\Resist\Overview\Overview.paa";
    overviewText = $STR_A3_StageAOverview;
    name = "Resist";
    cutscene = ;
    firstMission = M_01;
    end1 = ;
    end2 = ;
    end3 = ;
    end4 = ;
    end5 = ;
    end6 = ;
    lost = ;
    M_01: MissionDefault
    end1 = M_02;
    template = M_01.Stratis;
    M_02: MissionDefault
    end1 = M_03;
    template = M_02.Altis;
    M_03: MissionDefault
    end1 = M_04;
    template = M_03.Altis;
    M_04: MissionDefault
    template = M_04.Altis;


    The mission class names are all the same as the mission names in the "Missions" folder.

    I've placed the @Resist folder with the other mods in my Arma3 directory and have enabled it in-game. But nothing appears in the campaign menu? Any ideas? Thanks in advance, for any suggestions!

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    Hey there again dear Forumians!

    After my "let's try it!"-Map turned out to be..exactly what it should be, a testfield, me and a friend wanna try to build a real island of the world. For the start we would really need the originial geo data of the island.

    Is somewhere here a tutorial on how to extract those datas? Or can anyone tell us? We already made one, but thats blurred as hell!

    I hope you can help me again!

    Greetz, Don!

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    Medical System 2 (XMS2) von X39 (v5.0 Alpha)

    ***** Update *****

    X39 veröffentlichte sein Medical System 2 (XMS2) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält ein vielfältiges medizinisches System.


    "X39s Medical System 2" (XMS2) is the sequel to the successful MedicalMod: "X39s Medical System 1" (XMedSys).
    Its main focus is a more plausible medical system which is even more diverse than its predecessor!
    Just like XMedSys, XMS2 will be highly configurable and modable using various script events, however, new to XMS2, you can configure it using simple to use functions to add new items or modifications you think would fit XMS2!

    • Heart simulation
    - Pulse will vary dependent on adrenaline/fatigue and speed
    - FlatLine
    - Various disadvantages to having a high pulse
    - Pulse affects other parts of the mod (fe. High pulse + low blood pressure can knock you out)

    • Blood simulation
    - The entire body has a “Blood Value”
    - Different hitzones cause different amounts of bleeding
    - Bleeding will stop with time(depending on the strength)
    - Bleeding out will kill you
    - Blood pressure can have different effects on your body

    • Temperature simulation
    - Low body temperature will have an impact on your movement and sight
    - Low body temperatures can (and will) kill you
    - Shelter/Wind/Wetness affects your body temperature (wind will only take effect when you’re in an open area)

    • Adrenaline simulation
    - Blurry vision (radial blur) to simulate the focus effect
    - Firefights will raise adrenaline
    - Natural and nonnatural limits

    • Pain simulation
    - Different disadvantages when player is in pain
    - Different types of pain (when shot you will receive permanent bodily pain until healed)

    • Smooth transition between blackOut stages
    - Only one function to bring you to a blacked out stage
    - Transitions between different blackOut stages can only go from low to high (or to 0 which is wakeUp :F)
    - Protected blackOut screen which will prevent other UIs from appearing

    • Hearing
    - You can become deaf

    • Drugs/Items/Medical actions
    - Adrenaline
    - Morphine
    - Naloxone
    - bandage
    - heatPack
    - mediPack
    - morphine
    - naloxone
    - coldpack
    - earplugs
    - defibrillator

    • Highly customizable TriageCard

    • EasyToUse configuration using the server/client config
    - EXTREMLY flexible mod configuration settings (you can disable nearly all features + you can adjust everything to your specific needs so that at the end you get YOUR medical system)
    • BackBlast simulation
    • Ingame mod configuring using XLib

    v5.0 alpha
    - Shooting resets Adrenaline lvl automatically to the max of shooting if adrenaline was larger then that
    - many fixes remain unknown due a heavy changes at coding side (also pretty sure i broke tons of stuff again ... so..

    - Saline Action to the medicalUi right click menu - Conscious system is now self caring about getting conscious state back (better work flow --> Too much morphine? Give some counter medicine like Naloxone!)
    - Dynamic WakeUp from knockout conditions (you need to stabilize a unit to give it the ability to wakeUp (example: You need to heal a unit to get it up again))
    - variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_SalineBag_BloodChangeP - default: 0.15 - sets how much blood a salineBag can refill in percent (100% => X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_maxBloodInEntireBody)
    - LimitationSystem (documentation will follow! For now, check the functions sticked to this changelog entry)
    - Function X39_MS2_fnc_ls_createLimitationObject
    - Function X39_MS2_fnc_ls_createLimitationClass
    - Function X39_MS2_fnc_ls_assignLimitationObject
    - Function X39_MS2_fnc_ls_assignLimitationClass
    - Function X39_MS2_fnc_ls_commitChanges
    - Function X39_MS2_fnc_ls_isAllowedToUse
    - Function X39_MS2_fnc_ls_convertLimitation
    - Function X39_MS2_fnc_ls_registerLimitation
    - Overhaul of the Medical UI
    - QuickActions (just the UI element) - Right click menu (right click on ANY body part and it will open magically)
    - Multiple humanBody colourations
    - New ModProperties menu entries
    - Animation Speed - Hit Zone Damage Type - function X39_MS2_fnc_setProgressBarTimeout Creates a small progressbar at the very top position (only one can be active at once! So check before using the X39_MS2_var_Internal_Overlay_ProgressBarRunning variable)
    - ProgressBarLike overlay element (its in real a picture ... but due the fact that its more smooth then using the progressbar, thats ok)
    - support for HitPart event handler
    - variable X39_MS2_var_Events_EnableSetEvents - default: false - enables/disables the usage of the (example) setDamageOf events thrown by XMS2 using XLib
    - variable X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_EnableBleedingCure - default: true - enables/disables automatic bleeding cure
    - variable X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_AllowBleedingCureWhenAterieDamaged - default: false - allows automatic bleeding cure when the aterie is damaged
    - variable X39_MS2_var_Damage_AllowDeathThroughFullDamageAtHeadHitzone - default: true - allows REAL death (alive player => false) for a fullDamaged head

    - Dummy interaction menu entry to add blood
    - variables X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_minDamageRequiredFor* (every bullet hit will now produce bleeding damage)
    - Variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_Adrenaline_DamageHealing
    - Variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_Morphine_DamageHealing
    - Variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_Naloxone_DamageHealing
    - Variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_ColdSpray_TemperatureChange
    - Variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_ColdSpray_PainChange
    - Variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_StickyBandage_DamageHealing
    - Variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_StickyBandage_DamageHealing
    - Item "Cold Spray" (just was in XMS2 for testing purpose)
    - variable X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_ExplosionModificator
    - X39_MS2_var_Pain_ExtraPainFor*Modificator variables (duplicate of X39_MS2_var_Pain_DamagePainFor*Modificator variables)
    - Generic HitZone

    - items ItemSimulation field - X39_MS2_var_Damage_ExplosionModificator from 1 to 2
    - X39_MS2_var_Damage_GlobalModificator from 1 to 0.4
    - Opening the MedicalUi will now automatically set you to crouched mode
    - Complete overhaul of the Medical UI
    - More clean & intuitive design
    - More animated stuff
    - Renamed variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_Adrenaline_AdrenalineChange --> X39_MS2_var_Drugs_Adrenaline_AdrenalineChangeOnConsume
    - Renamed variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_Morphine_AdditionalMorphineValue --> X39_MS2_var_Drugs_Morphine_MorphineChangeOnConsume
    - Renamed variable X39_MS2_var_MedicalActions_Naloxone_AdditionalNaloxoneValue --> X39_MS2_var_Drugs_Naloxone_NaloxoneChangeOnConsume
    - X39_MS2_var_Pain_DamagePainForGlobalModificator --> X39_MS2_var_Pain_DamagePainGlobalModificator
    - Overhaul of damage model (more hitzones, more exact hits, more details & info to be used for calculation of damage)
    - event handler to damage hitzones (from HandleDamage to HitPart)
    - X39_MS2_var_Damage_* unit variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_* unit variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_AterieDamaged unit variable (multiple hitZones can now have aterial damage (differed using hitZoneName at * position: X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_*AterieDamaged) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value 10, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first & third param)
    - X39_MS2_var_hasTourniquet unit variable (multiple hitZones can now have a tourniquet (differed using hitZoneName at * position: X39_MS2_var_*HasTourniquet) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value 10, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first & third param)
    - X39_MS2_fnc_addDamageTo* functions (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - X39_MS2_fnc_setDamageOf* functions (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - X39_MS2_fnc_getDamageOf* functions (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - X39_MS2_fnc_addBleedingTo* functions (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - X39_MS2_fnc_setBleedingOf* functions (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - X39_MS2_fnc_getBleedingOf* functions (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - DamageChanged_* script events (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - BleedingChanged_* script events (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones)
    - X39_MS2_var_Damage_maxDamage* variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value 1, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first param)
    - X39_MS2_var_Damage_*Modificator variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value 1, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first param)
    - X39_MS2_var_Damage_EnableHitzone* variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value true, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first param)
    - X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_maxDamage* variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value 1, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first param)
    - X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_*Modificator variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value 1, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first param)
    - X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_EnableHitzone* variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value true, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first param)
    - X39_MS2_var_Pain_DamagePainFor*Modificator variables (will now have a new tag (at *) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value 1, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first param)
    - X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_BleedingCurePerTick variable (was splitted into one for each hitZone each initialized with 0.0001)
    - X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_AterialDamageMultiplicator variable (multiple hitZones can now have aterial damage (differed by suffix at * position: X39_MS2_var_Bleeding_AterialDamageMultiplicator*) + are generated automatically at the beginning with value 10, see X39_MS2_var_Internal_HitZones first & third param)
    - ALL FUNCTIONS associated with one of those hitZones (all hitzones got renamed so all files which used those need to be changed)
    - variable X39_MS2_var_Drugs_Adrenaline_adrenalineAddedThroughShooting from 0.025 to 0.035
    - X39_MS2_fnc_initUnit function is now forced to be local to the unit which shall be initialized

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

  • News-Feed wrote:

    XMedSys von sancron (v0.3.8b Beta)

    ***** Update *****

    sancron veröffentlichte sein XMedSys Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält eine verbessertes medizinisches System für ArmA3.


    The XMedSys was designed to fill the giant blank ACE left after ArmA 3 came out but ACE did not. Controling everything works in the same way like in ACE to make a move over as simple as possible (may change in the future) so that everyone who knows ACE should be able to use XMedSys!

    The XMedSys are developed and maintained by X39, he has the lead about this Project in the vBundeswehr Team.

    • Units are bleeding
    - Bandage bleeding units to prevent death
    - If bleeding too long you will die

    • Knockout
    - Unit can get knocked out if too much damage received
    - Unit can get perma knock out or temporary knock out (temp knock out is calculated everytime!)
    - Epinephrine can be used to get knocked out units back

    • Custom death
    - Unit can be revived with a dephibrilator (After Bleeding is stoped)

    • Broken legs
    - When you receive too many hits in your legs you wont be able to move anymore until a medic heals you with a MedKit

    • Drag KnockedOut / Death units
    • A Module for simple implementation
    - Just add the module to your mission and every player will get initilized after join
    • Pain and with this also usable morphine
    • Reusable Medkits
    • Real value output of checkunit
    • autoapply to all missions (optional via userconfig)
    • some settings are editable via the module

    v0.3.8b beta
    - Fixed AGM compatibility pbo issue where self bandaging was not possible

    0.3.8 BETA
    * Removed XActionUi depency (you now need to use either XLibs ActionDialog feature which is also configurable by using the mod properties menu or AGM)
    * Added AGM interaction menu support (can be used instead of the XLib one (XLib is still required!!!))
    * "Fixed" XMedSys items not showing up in virtual arsenal

    v0.3.7 beta
    * X39_MedSys_var_Hearing_earPlugManipulationValue changed from 0.2 to 0.8 (earplugs wont "mute" your game anymore)
    * fixed: 0000089: 0.3.6 death report and body reactions
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_MorphineUnit default: 1
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_EpinephrineUnit default: 1
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_DephibrilateUnit default: 7
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_CheckUnitStatus default: 1
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_BloodUnit default: 5
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_BandageUnit default: 3
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_UseMedkitOnUnit default: 5
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_Stabilize default: 20
    * new Variable: X39_MedSys_var_actionTimeout_PutTourniquet default: 4
    * ported bandage & injector models from XMS2 into XMedSys
    * Changed medical ammo box to a larger version with a propper overlay
    * Upped medical ammo box capacity so that the items now ACTUALLY find a place inside of the box (makes the box to some sort of uber box but ... yeah ... still better then having to place 1000000 boxes)
    * ( thx to sqwishy) initilizePlayer no longer takes a unit parameter
    * ( thx to sqwishy) Adds a missing semicolon to a config.cpp
    * Spanish translation added
    * Hungarian translation has been updated
    * XMedSys is now using XLibs PropertiesMenu (allows ingame configuration)


    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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