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    Hey guys,

    trying to replace weapon sounds and using Mikero's latest DeWss to convert files. The file is stereo. When using ANYTHING besides uncompressed WSS the files won't work. All I hear is a small "plop" at the beginning and end of the file. I thought we are at the stage now where WSS files can be compressed. Even the vanilla sounds are compressed.

    BI Tools WavToWss does not compress the file either, no matter what option I choose.

    What to do? Just keep the uncompressed wss files or am I missing something here?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hey, first at all, I looked everywhere. I couldn't find the answer. Here comes my problem.
    I'm making mission, where after certain trigger fires, hidden groups near HQ will show up and move toward the base. Here are my commands for hidding units on map:

    {_x hideObject true} foreach units grp;
    {_x enablesimulation false} foreach units grp;
    {_x disableai "move"} foreach units grp;
    {_x disableai "anim"} foreach units grp;
    {_x disableai "autotarget"} foreach units grp;
    {_x disableai "target"} foreach units grp;
    {_x disableai "fsm"} foreach units grp;

    It is hidding all 3 TEAMS, but when I want the teams to appear, only 1 of the team appears. Any ideas? Here's my script for appearance.

    sleep 1;
    {_x hideObject false} foreach units grp;
    {_x enablesimulation true} foreach units grp;
    {_x enableai "move"} foreach units grp;
    {_x enableai "anim"} foreach units grp;
    {_x enableai "autotarget"} foreach units grp;
    {_x enableai "target"} foreach units grp;
    {_x enableai "fsm"} foreach units grp;

    ["tasksucceeded",["","Base Seized!"]] call BIS_fnc_Shownotification; tsk1 settaskstate "succeeded";
    ["taskassigned",["","Give support at attacked HQ"]] call BIS_fnc_shownotification;
    tsk3 = player createsimpletask ["task3"];
    tsk3 setsimpletaskdescription ["Head to HQ and support them. Don't allow CSAT to capture it.", "Help the HQ",""];
    pg setcurrentwaypoint 4;
    deletevehicle car;

    Even setcurrentwaypoint and deletecar functions are not working. Any ideas??
    PG is my group
    grp is CSAT group
    If this is not enough, I can send you my mission file. Just write down.
    Added 5 minutes later:
    I tried giving the groups differnent names (grp1, grp2 etc) but this still isn't working.

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    So you're looking for that one bad*ss unit that seperates themselves from the rest? You could be interested because you wanna have fun,
    or blow some time. Let me tell you today SEAL Team 10 is more than worth your time! SEAL Team 10 is everything you expect and even more.

    SEAL Team 10 is a Realism Unit for ArmA 3. we are a group of ArmA 3 players who play the game realistically
    and act as serious as we can get. In SEAL Team 10 everyone is family and no one will be isolated from the group.
    Also we do realistic SEAL ops that test your skill in Arma and we conduct BUD/S training on sundays. As a unit we
    are about 2 months old, and still going strong. If your looking for a bad ♥♥♥ unit that operates with the act of surprising
    the enemy then this unit is meant for you !

    What type of player is SEAL Team 10 looking for?

    We are looking for a mature and responsible type of player. Someone who can handle taking care of himself and getting along with anyone.
    When going through our BUD/S class we will test your mental ability to see how you are as a person and a player. In order to become a part
    of our group you need to be able to be active and serious at any time told to. We will not force you to come to our events but if you do not without
    posting an excuse ahead of time, disciplinary actions will be taken.

    What MOS is available ?
    -SEAL Operators
    -SEAL Corpsman
    -SEAL Communicators
    -SEAL Heavy weapons operators
    -SEAL Recon Team Leads
    And MANY more!


    1. Must be the age of 16
    1.a Exceptions can be made for younger players if serious

    2. Must have a legit copy of ArmA 3 and willing to download mods.

    3. Not be a hacker

    4. be a serious player

    5. be respectful at all times to public and unit members

    6. Must have Teamspeak

    Navy SEAL information:

    SEAL Team 10 is one of many units operating under the Navy SEAL group.

    The U.S. Navy's Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) forces are the elite special operations forces (or Special Forces) of the United States Navy.
    They are commonly utilized in unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, direct action, counter-terrorism, and special reconnaissance operations.

    Motto: "The only easy day was yesterday!" or "It pays to be a winner!”

    Clan information:

    Teamspeak 3:

    If any other questions contact Kasper here:

    Thanks, ST10 Staff and SEALS

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    Here you have my Syrian army Conflict Units Currently in 0.5 Alpha as I am still adding and tweaking units.

    Units currently present:
    Syrian Army
    3 or 4 different Rifleman
    SVD sniper
    PKP Machine Gunner
    RPK Automatic Rifleman
    RHS BMP2K Syrian Decals
    RHS BMP2 Syrian Decals
    RHS T72b 1985 Syrian Decals

    FSA (VERY Alpha ATM)
    6 Fighters (WIP)

    I will continue to add units until there is a nice collection of SAA , FSA and ISIS

    Download Link: HERE
    24.5 MB

    HLC AK
    HLC Core
    RHS Escalation

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    Dear Make Arma Not War contestants,

    After analyzing the submitted entries in the Make Arma Not War contest, we noticed that many contestants had not correctly submitted their data (around 50 entries) - even though some of these entries were marked to be in beta or even gold state.

    Although we have tried to communicate the correct submission method as clearly as possible, we recognize that some of our messages might not have gotten through - or that some of the contestants might have simply misunderstood. Therefore, since this involves such a significant number of entries, among which several that have attracted a high number of supporters, we have decided to temporarily re-open the submissions for existing entries in the Multiplayer/Addon/Total Modification categories (does not apply to the Singleplayer category). This will give every contestant in these categories the chance to correctly submit their data, or if you have already submitted your data correctly, to submit updated data.

    All in all, we have carefully considered the pros and cons of this decision, and we fully understand this might upset some of the Make Arma Not War contestants. However, as ultimately the point of this contest is to highlight quality community content, we feel this is the best way forward. Instructions regarding the re-opening of submissions can be found below.


    Who can re-submit?
    Every registered entry in the Multiplayer/Addon/Total Modification category of the Make Arma Not War contest can (re-)submit their work. The situation does not apply to the Singleplayer category - here nothing has changed.

    When can I re-submit?
    We will re-open submissions from today up until Sunday December 14th at 23:59 GMT+1.

    How should I re-submit?
    If you decide to re-submit, you will need to upload your entry files to a shared folder on the Make Arma Not War Dropbox. There are two ways to request access to this Dropbox folder:

    1. You can log in to the Make Arma Not War website, and click on "Request Re-submission Dropbox Access". You will then be given access within one business day.
    2. You can request access by e-mail via . Please do not forget to include your entry details, such as the entry ID, the e-mail address tied to this entry, and the entry's name. You will then be given access within one business day.

    Please note that the login details to the Dropbox folder will be sent to you by e-mail from . If you have not received anything after one business day, please make sure to check your junk/spam folder, or contact us at .

    Arma 3 recently received a platform update. What about possible compatibility issues?
    Attention! All of the Make Arma Not War entries will be reviewed using Arma 3 version 1.32 (pre-Helicopters DLC update). You can access this special 'Make Arma Not War' build via Steam using the instructions below. Make sure to develop your entry for this version of the game, and make sure your entry works with this version of the game!

    MANW build activation

    I do not want/need to update my entry.
    That is perfectly fine, this is not mandatory. If you have correctly submitted your work the first time, and do not want to update your submitted data, just sit back and relax.

    I have provided a public download link, so you can download the data from my website. Is that enough?
    No! Just to make sure it's clear, the only accepted method of submission is by uploading your data to the Make Arma Not War Dropbox (or the Arma 3 Steam Workshop - depending on the category/entry).

    Currently missing entries
    There are a number of entries which we do not have in our repositories. We would like to kindly ask the respective authors of the following modifications to make sure their work is submitted correctly.

    List of missing MANW entries

    When will you announce the finalists/winners?
    Due to the re-opening of submissions, the Make Arma Not War team and the jury members will consequently need extra time to properly review all of the entries. As a result, instead of the beginning of December, we now plan to announce the Make Arma Not War finalists in January 2015. The announcement of the winners is currently scheduled for the end of March 2015.

    I have more questions/I need help.
    If you have any questions, or if you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

    In conclusion, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. However, we hope you will understand the motivations behind this decision. This contest is meant for the Arma community, and we feel this is the right course of action to maintain the spirit of the contest - despite the extra hassle that comes with it. We hope that all of you will seize the opportunity to make sure your entry makes it to our repositories, and also to fix all the little issues that had slipped the net.

    Good luck to everyone - we look forward to the results!

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    Hi all,

    I am very interested in editing (not creating) maps through buldozer and editing town names etc...

    But, I have looked pretty much everywhere for a newbie tutorial on how to start Buldozer andhow to strat editing in it.
    I have knowledge of modelling and coding but not on this haha.

    Is it Buldozer where you can edit maps? or is it Terrain Builder?
    What file do you open?

    Sorry fopr all these questions,I hopw someone can help :)


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