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    In the new Support missions that came out with the new Heli DLC you will see little indicators next to every squad.

    In the editor you can use the functions addGroupIcon to add icons to groups (squads). (when using High Command)
    But in this mission it also shows the name next to the squad and it also shows the Icons even if you don't have High Command enabled.

    My question is how is this done? How can I link the Squad name and Icons to the player Position? (I know there are ways to make scripts to add markers to player positions, but I want to see if there is a nicer and cleaner way to do this.)

    The missions are not (yet) available because the "Arma 3/Heli/Addons/missions_f_heli.ebo" is a ebo-file and not a pbo. This way I can not take a look myself.
    I also know that there is a 'Gameplay Modes -> Support' module but I just want to use markers not the whole system with it.

    Is there someone that can help me with this? Who can I make this in my own mission?

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    Today i decided to try scripting in arma 3 for the first time so i picked up Fockers guide here and read chapter 1.
    So now that ive finished that ive started my first creations and am having a hard time understanding a few of the concepts. Now i know this is extremely basic but i would like some advice in helping me understand it better.
    Im trying to create a spawn whether it be at an object or marker and make the move to a specified location. I cannot seem to get the men to move to the specified marker whether it be a doMove, MoveTo, Addwaypoint ive tried fiddling around with it for over and because of my lack of knowledge i have no ide. Heres what i have not including the waypoint portion.

    I have in my initialization on my player in the editor addaction ["Spawn USarmy Group" , "Spawnblue.sqf"]'; and in my init.sqf file limit = 0;

    _BLU = creategroup west;
    sleep 1;
    if (limit < 10) then {

    hint "Spawning BLUFOR squad";
    sleep 0.5;
    _newSoldier1 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_squadleader" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU];
    _newSoldier2 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_autorifleman" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU];
    _newSoldier3 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU];
    _newSoldier4 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_medic" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU];
    limit = limit + 1;
    hint "Squad Has been Spawned";
    } else {
    hint "You have reached the Maximum number of squads you may spawn";

    i've seen Tay_uk's script for arma 2 OA here and i dont quite understand it
    The part i mainly dont understand is the _this select 0; which im assuming is the target and Group leader _unit;
    _unit = _this select 0;
    _Group = Group leader _unit;

    GrpOne = Creategroup east;
    _leader = "RU_Soldier_TL"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Sergant"];
    _Unit2 = "MVD_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];
    _Unit3 = "RU_Soldier_SniperH"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];
    _Unit4 = "MVD_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];
    _Unit5 = "RUS_Soldier_Marksman"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];
    _Unit6 = "RU_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];
    _Unit7 = "RU_Soldier_AT"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];
    _Unit8 = "RU_Soldier_AT"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];

    _waypoint0 = _Group addWaypoint [GetMarkerPos "Patrol", 0];
    _waypoint0 setWaypointType "MOVE";

    _waypoint1 = _Group addWaypoint [GetMarkerPos "patrol1", 0];
    _waypoint1 setWaypointType "Seek and Destroy";

    Any advice would be appreciated. I hope im in the correct section of the forums :confused: :yay:

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    Just recently, not sure why but after the last game update, my steerable parachute no longer steers. I can turn while falling without shute deployed but once the shute deploys, I'm at it's mercy. It's not steerable. I can speed the fall with the W key, slow the fall and keep it steady with the S key, but can not steer right or left. Any suggestions? Yes I've verified the game files, several times and tried turning off and on various mods, to no avail.

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    Operation Rising Son
    by: Monsoon

    The death of Hamid Nassim has left the Taliban in a state of disarray. However, recent communications have suggested that Hamid's son Alif Nassim will be taking his place. Intelligence indicates that a meeting is currently being held between Alif and the local militia in the Zargabad region. Infiltrate the compound where the meeting is being held and assassinate Alif Nassim before he can rise to power.

    The local militia is working in close collaboration with the Taliban in recent weeks; expect heavy resistance. The war-torn town of Zargabad is in ruins and is likely to have numerous IEDs left over from the previous conflict; it is advised you bring an explosive specialists along for the ride. Your landing zone is extremely hot, once on the ground you will want to setup immediate security. The enemy compound is likely heavily guarded by top fighters from both factions.

    • Simple assasination mission
    • SRS revive script (optional)
    • EPD IEDs (optional)
    • TPWCAS supression system
    • Random AI via DAC
    • Squad respawn
    • Users can play as a JTAC operator with recon drone
    • Tested in SP/MP/Dedicated environments

    Required Mods:
    * @AllInArmaTerrainPack
    * @MEC (@cup; @asdg_jr; @cha_mi24; @rds; @rds_tank)
    * @mas_usa_devg (@NATO_Russian_SF_Weapons; @mas_nato_rus_sf_veh;)
    (PW6 Collection)

    Steam Workshop

    Have fun! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Operation Party Hardy
    by: Monsoon

    Hardy has gone and gotten himself into some trouble. He was captured by AAF forces when his patrol was ambushed in Kavala on Altis. Current intel suggests that he is being held at a construction site just south of Aggelochori. The Ghosthawk is prepped to insert you on the roof of the facility. Rescue Hardy and return him to base.

    • Vanilla mission (no mods required!)
    • AI Helicopter insertion/extraction
    • Virtual Arsenal gear selection
    • SRS Revive script (optional)
    • TPWCAS supression
    • Re-insertion points on respawn
    • multi-phase mission

    * I have had occasional issues with the helicopter being locked for some players, if this happens there should be a radio command available to execute manual insert/extraction.

    Steam Workshop

    Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated.

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    So I use team switching alot when I play (singleplayer, have no friends, bear with me).
    When I switch from beeing group leader to some other group or roll in the same group, the AI group leader (taking over the unit I was just playing) starts messing things up and order my group to board vehicles 10km away, removes my team organization and just acting random.

    My question is if there is any way to make him just shut up and stay still when I team switch?

    Thankful for any input.


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    1st Battalion Coldstream Guards – An ArmA III Realism unit

    Welcome to the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards ArmA III Realism Unit Recruitment Page! This unique ArmA III unit strives to represent the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards (British Infantry Regiment) as good as possible. Regarding the 'Unique' part, we make use of OPFOR being played by our members. In our eyes, online players can contribute to a much more realistic environment then AI does.
    No, we do not play those regular TvT events, where we just try to kill the opposing forces. We strive to play in a very Military like way with actual real life tactics etc. For OPFOR, guerilla warfare is one of the main styles. Roleplay plays a Key Role in our operations and we strive to make our operations as dynamic as possible. No members will be assigned to the OPFOR side. We make use of a rotation program, where the player is assigned to one of the sections of 1st Battalion, but is sometimes needed to play on the Opposing Forces.
    We normally play 1 Operation/Excersise during the working days and 1 during the weekend. We use 7PM GMT 0 (London) as our standard operation/excersise starting time.

    . Must be atleast 16 years of age (no exceptions)
    . Must remain active
    . Must be a Teamplayer
    . Must respect our Rules and Guidelines
    . Must have a working microphone
    . Must have a working copy of ArmA III

    What can I expect when joining the unit?
    The player is to make an application on our website. Within 24 hours he or she will receive a response regarding the following steps. These include a small interview and information regarding ITC (Infantry Training Centre). Our ITC covers alot of training and military scenarios with a final excersise during the last stages of ITC. Infantry Training Centre will last about 5 days (Each lasting around 30-45 min). During these days, the player will be assigned to a Recruit Platoon/Class. After succesfully completing the ITC, the player will be assigned to one of the Sections of our unit (enables operations and excersises). Every player starts of as a Rifleman and will work his way up. Roles as Medic, Signaller could be available after you have had some experience as a basic rifleman.



    The website is still a W.I.P.

    Steam: pwnyou2012 (Chief), gersh619

    Teamspeak 3:

    Our dedicated server is a work in progress, but will probarly be finished this weekend!

    ‘Second To None’

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