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    Hi folks,

    I have a few questions I would appreciate some help with!

    Question #1
    As a player we have different options for the gear we can have our guy wear such as uniforms, vests and backpacks. It appears to me as though some of those gear store more or less objects in them. Example: some back packs can store more stuff then others and some vests can store more or less stuff then others.

    My question to you is there a guide some where that lists all the different gear your player can wear and how much each piece of gear can hold?

    Question #2
    In the campaign or player made missions if my player can get ahold of an enemy uniform and wear it, will it help me get near/closer to the enemy without/before they attack me verses wearing my factions uniform?

    Question #3
    I don't know very much about the different ammo sizes and there strengths vs each other. Could some list them in order from strongest to weakest or vice versa for me? (Talking about ammo for infantry guns, not launchers or other weapons)

    Thank you for your help in advance! I love this game, good job Bohemia, all the modders and others who help support it and make it the best fps sandbox game in the world (My opinion)!

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    We are a newly formed milsim group based in Europe known as The Pathfinders.

    Currently we are 6 men strong and we are looking to expand our group and bring in new members. This is to help grow and improve our community as well as play our way and have a great time doing so.
    Expect intense missions with a heavy emphasis on milsim and immersion, though we will never expect you to call anybody "sir" we will be expecting a hardcore attitude and no nonsense approach to gameplay. We specialise in covert operations and will be planning on expanding into combined arms operations when we feel like we have grown enough.

    Our main nights are Saturdays at 1900 and Wednesdays at 1900 when training or FTX sessions are organised.

    If you are like minded and want to be part of a tight knit community where everybody gets along, and to help grow that community, then The Pathfinders is definitely for you.

    To join, you must be 18+; agree to our small rule-set; download our mods and pass our interview stage after your application has been submitted.

    To find out more, go to our website: and submit an application.

    Or if you have any questions or are showing an interest then please add me on steam:[2] and feel free to drop me a message and we can chat about any concerns or queries you may have.
    Thanks for your time and I hope to be approving your application soon.

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    I've been playing a lot of Zeus lately, and I've been noticing that all the AI is local to whoever placed it. I find this troublesome because a lot of GMs have either poor connections or they place down too many AI at once, causing them to lag. I'm working on a custom ZGM gametype, and I'm wondering if there's any way to change the locality of the AI placed by Zeus, perhaps offload some of the computation onto the server or the Game Moderator.

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    Tactical Hand Signals (THS) von Emperias & Zigomarvin (v1.2.0)

    ***** Update *****

    Zigomarvin veröffentlichte sein Tactical Hand Signals (THS) Addon in den Bi-Foren.


    When distances are too long for voice communication* and as a quick alternative to radio communication* at short range, we are proud to release the Tactical Hand Signals. The THS provides, in a MilSim vision, some simples an clear hand signals you can use in any situation.

    * when using TFAR or ACRE2

    Features :
    - Tap shoulder action to informe your mates without a word
    - 8 original animations based on real hand signals, designed to accomodate gameplay as well as aesthetics
    - Customisable key bindings to fit your keyboard configuration

    THS 1.2.0 released, 2 new animations "hold" and "warning" for a total of 8 gestures.

    - added : 2 new animations, "hold" and "warning"

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    British Ridgback PPV von cleggy (v3.0)

    ***** Update *****

    cleggy veröffentlichte sein British Ridgback PPV Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält ein britischen Ridgback als Wüsten Camo Variante. Der Ridgback ist eine Modifikation des amerikanischen 4 x 4 MRAP.


    The Ridgback is a British modification of an American built 4 x 4 MRAP.

    - model tweaks and extra LODs etc.
    - config changes : NOW FOUND UNDER > NATO > armored
    - added woodland camo variant

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

  • News-Feed wrote:

    Altis Special Police Unit von FoxFort (v1.0)

    FoxFort veröffentlichte sein Altis Special Police Unit Addon. Das Addon enthält neue Polizei-Einheiten für die Independet Seite.


    At the end of civil war in Altis, the Jerusalem Cease Fire of 2030 mandated the creation of an armed defence force to secure the sovereign territory of The Republic of Altis and Stratis, with that act Altis Armed Forces was born. But it was limited to have less then 1000 soldiers. In recent years, the on-going counter-insurgency operations in North-Western Altis resulted with worn down AAF military strength and with WW3 on the doorstep, the need to deal with insurgency and to increase overall security was a top priority. With active embargo on increasing the military strength. Altis government decided to form a Special Police Unit. The newly formed SPU consists only from current serving Altis police officers, who volunteered to server in area of counter-insurgency operation with hope of bringing order to chaos. Older equipment, was imported into country and the new 100+ strong SPU was formed. Armed only with AKs and distinctive blue uniforms, the first units saw their first action in defence of Oreokastro.

    Police Unit to boost defence of Altis from evil West and East.

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    RHS: Escalation von Red Hammer Studios (v0.3.7)

    ***** Update *****

    Soul_Assassin veröffentlichte den RHS: Escalations Mod in den Bi-Foren. Escalation - Unter dieser Bezeichnung präsentiert RHS zwei völlig eigenständige Mods: Streitkräfte der Russischen Föderation und Streitkräfte der Vereinigten Staaten. RHS: AFRF and RHS: USAF
    Changelog siehe jeweiligen Download-Link.


    The Red Hammer Studios team is very proud to announce our first major release for Arma 3 - RHS: Escalation!

    Under this name we present two totally standalone mods: Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and United States Armed Forces (if you download them separately and play with both enabled, you are effectively playing Escalation).

    This is all just a tiny preview of what is to come from our side, with many nice things and improvements planned for the future.

    - Countless new vehicles: tanks, cars, IFVs and APCs for both sides to use, as well as atmospheric objects like radars.
    - Completely new soldier models and dozens of gear objects make for over 700 possible unit customization possibilities. Use the supplied virtual ammo crates to quickly make your own custom setups.
    - New weapons and attachments. Have everything at your disposal to take on your enemy.
    - Realism enhancements: full PhysX support and realistic configurations, complex Fire Control Systems for applicable vehicles. New user interface items representing control and awareness systems of vehicles to increase atmosphere and gameplay dynamics. Also our constantly expanding and improved decal system has even migrated to the US side.
    - Fully ZEUS compatible.
    - Fully ALiVE compatible. Many thanks goes towards ALiVE team making sure RHS Evolution can be enjoyed using ALiVE Framework!
    - Fully Task Force Radio compatible. Many thanks to the developers of TFA and their effort making sure everything was in place for you to enjoy it right out of the box! TFA will even contain new radios made in the style of our units!
    - Future-proof: sling-loading will work once they make their way to the stable branch. If you are playing on development branch you should have these features enabled already! FFV will come later as releasing it now would cause problems for those of you playing on the stable branch.
    Many many more...

    UPDATE 5: 19.04.2015

    Version 0.3.7 Released!
    With a little delay we are proud to present to you 0.3.7! This released from the beginning was planned as a bug fixing version so we focused mainly to stabilize the platform and add some realism features, including getting the mods up to scratch with all the things added to Arma 3 1.42 version. But don't be afraid! There are still plenty of new toys to play with! Read the full changelogs here: and

    IMPORTANT! From version 0.3.7 we have moved to version and mod based server keys. This should stop people with incorrect versions joining servers. To get the keys head to the mod's respective download pages.

    Feedback Tracker:

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

  • News-Feed wrote:

    WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Force von Roh_Z the Lord_Booka (v0.1.3)

    ***** Update *****

    lordbooka veröffentlichte sein WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Force Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Thai Armed Force Einheiten (Soldaten, Waffen, Fahrzeuge, Westen etc.) für ArmA 3


    WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Forces (WFT EX TAF) is aimed at adding the Thai Armed Forces to Arma 3.
    It includes Thai Armed Forces (Modern), Thai Armed Forces (CSAT-2035), Free Thai Movement (2035), Takistan Kingdom Army, Takistani Insurgents, Chernarus Defense Force, Chernarus Insurgents, Terrorists (Middle East), and some minor factions.
    It also includes new weapons, new various map objects, and consumable items: food (heal) and drinks (restore stamina).
    Although the name implied as Thai Armed Force(s), in fact, this mod attend to focus more on weaponry, opfor units, and factions.

    - Thai Armed Forces (Modern) - possibly current TAF.
    - Thai Armed Forces (2035) - future TAF which has joined CSAT side.
    - Free Thai Movement - freedom fighters who want to liberate Thailand from CSAT.
    - Takistan Kingdom Army - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
    - Takistani Insurgents - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
    - Chernarus Defense Force - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
    - Chernarus Insurgents - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
    - Terrorists (Middle East) - for A3MP, ALiVE, and Zeus.
    - New Uniforms.
    - New Vests.
    - New Headgears.
    - New Weapons.
    - New Vehicles for TKA and CDF.
    - Consumable Items.

    - Changed bikey signature from coreva3c to coreva3d.
    - Added new weapon: HK33A3.
    - Fixed: missing HK33's texture.
    - Changed: Rename Takistan faction to Middle-East, and CDF to Eastern European.
    - Changed: Temporary disable magazineGroups[] compatibility.
    - Changed: Suicide bomb now has its own button in Inventory Screen.
    - Changed: Tactical Deerstand can no longer disassemble to backpack.
    - Optional to compatible with RHS:Escalation.
    - Some weapons now can possibly support ACE3 (overheat & backblast).
    - Consumable items can possibly support ACE3 (Food items increase Blood: Drink items reduce Pain).
    - Fixed some minor issues.

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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