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    I've modified the original DynO scripts from ArmA2 for use in ArmA3. Credit goes to their original creator Joris-Jan van 't Land. Original A2/OA compositions not included.

    I'm not sure if this exists already somewhere, I'm aware scripts like MCC Sandbox can export compositions, but I wanted something simple and only for this purpose.

    Download example mission and script set:

    Setup: Copy the dyno_a3 folder into your mission directory.

    Create the composition script: Go to \dyno_a3\doc\ directory and copy the _emptyTemplate.sqf and rename the copy to the desired name of your composition, for example myComposition.sqf. The template looks like this:

    private ["_objs"];
    _objs =
    paste your copied array from Grabber over this line


    Create a composition: Place the desired objects in editor. Once you want to copy them into a composition, use the following command:
    0 = [position,radius] execvm "dyno_a3\otl7_Grabber.sqf" where position is the center of the composition and radius is the radius in which objects are included in the composition.

    The composition will be copied to your clipboard. Paste it into your composition script over the "paste over this line" line. Remove the comma at the end of the array. Example:

    private ["_objs"];
    _objs =


    Spawn your composition: Use
    _newComp = [position, direction, "filepath\yourCompositionScript.sqf", boolean] call (compile (preprocessFileLineNumbers "dyno_a3\otl7_Mapper.sqf")); in init.sqf or init field to spawn a composition at start or use
    _newComp = [position, direction, "filepath\yourCompositionScript.sqf", boolean] execVM "dyno_a3\otl7_Mapper.sqf"; to spawn the composition after mission start.

    Position is the position where the composition will be spawned with the composition centered there.
    Direction is the direction that composition will face.
    "filepath\yourCompositionScript.sqf" is the file path and name of your composition script (recommended filepath is dyno_a3\doc\).
    boolean can be true or false. If true, each object's up vector will be set to 0-0-1, levelling the object. Can be useful on sloped terrain.

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    How to join Rebelde server: CWA + valid serial
    4.Configure "autogreen" in OFPMonitor (152 kB)

    Example mod folders with OFPMonitor: (144 kB)
    Directory structure: maingamefolder\@xrofp\addons (145 kB)

    Later you can download xrofp + more islands. Slow download:

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    You are a member of a partisans group, you have to find and destroy CSAT special artillery equipment. More details in Briefing.

    • no respawn
    • Psycho's aid system
    • JIP compatible

    Known issues:
    Do not disable AI, could cause trouble with JIP and some other scripts

    This is the second episode, first episode here >>FOOTHOLD release

    Direct download


    Required Mods:
    Community Upgrade Project - Weapon Pack
    ASDG Joint Rails

    If you like my work support me subscribing to my Youtube channel:
    YT - aliascartoons
    Steam Workshop:
    - Subscribe

    Thank you!

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    The walking speed is a little too high. feels like driving small motobicycles.

    When I play with others and we are not looking at each other we constantly keepo losing us. its so fast!

    and the weapons way aswell. I can understand that when I have to run at 50 km/h i couldnt aim aswell.. but please let us jog at 11 km/h or so.. and let us aim please.

    back in 2000 when operation flashpoint was made the higher speed was okay.. we only had to look at plane surfaces. but now we have so many things bushes trees etc etc - the walking speed is much too high.

    maybe reducing it to 1/3 would help.

    is there a mod or trick to try this?

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    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently working on an Recon Scout XT, which is an recon robot: (320 kB)


    The model is still WIP, because at the moment I'm busy with the models from my "Open Life" project.
    Planned features for the robot are:
    • throwable(also through windows)
    • custom uav terminal for it
    • able to climb stairs

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    Hello all. Can someone tell me how to check if a unit is dead or alive?

    Just a joke... The real question is: I have multiple missions that are connected to one campaign. This setup works, no problems, etc. Now I have a few text strings that are being used in every mission of that campaign, but I don't want to edit every single mission file every time I am changing something in that text string. The best solution for this issue would be to have one "global" stringtable file that covers these strings... I have no idea how to do this, though, or if this is possible at all.

    BIS is using the stringtable.xml which can be found inside all the languages_*.pbo files. So yeah... can I do something similar with my campaign missions? It's really annoying having to edit every file, not to forget that this is a source of typing errors / slightly different texts at different times.

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    So someome asked me how to detect if a position is in a rectangle area without having to use a marker, i searched to give him a link but could not find a small working function, so i wrote and tested one. I thought i share it for anyone in the future searching for the same function:

    The functions needs (Parameters):
    1) A position, either getPos or getPosATL ect. IMPORTANT - Use the same method (getPos, getPosATL ect.) to get positions of the area and to get postion of player ect
    _myPos = getPos player;
    2) An array containing 4 positions that makes the box
    I used 4 flag objects to test the box:
    _myBox = [getPos flag1,getPos flag2,getPos flag3,getPos flag4];

    The function returns boolean (true/false) if the position is in the box

    _isPlayerInArea = [getPos player,_myBox] call isPosIn2DArea;

    isPosIn2DArea = {
    //Author: Henrik Hansen
    private ["_maxx","_maxy","_minx","_miny","_pos","_box"];
    _pos = _this select 0;_box = _this select 1;
    _maxx = (_box select 0) select 0;_minx = _maxx;
    _maxy = (_box select 0) select 1;_miny = _maxy;
    if ((_x select 0) < _minx) then {_minx=(_x select 0)};
    if ((_x select 0) > _maxx) then {_maxx=(_x select 0)};
    if ((_x select 1) < _miny) then {_miny=(_x select 1)};
    if ((_x select 1) > _maxy) then {_maxy=(_x select 1)};
    } forEach _box;
    ( ((_pos select 0) <= _maxx) && ((_pos select 0) >= _minx) && ((_pos select 1) <= _maxy) && ((_pos select 1) >= _miny) )

    Here is the test code i used, it will make a hint every second saying on screen if you are in or outside the box:

    [] spawn {
    private ["_myBox"];
    _myBox = [getPos flag1,getPos flag2,getPos flag3,getPos flag4];
    while {true} do {
    if ([getPos player,_myBox] call isPosIn2DArea) then {hint "In Box"} else {hint "Outside Box"};
    sleep 1;


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    =VQI= SpookWarCom von Goblin (v0.0.2 Apha)

    Goblin veröffentlichte sein =VQI= SpookWarCom Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält ein ArmA III Modulsystem und fügt dem Spiel zahlreiche Spec-Ops Elemente und Gameplay-Optionen hinzu, z.b. Taucher-Addon (siehe =VQI= Diver System )


    SpookWarCom is an ArmA III Module System that is designed to add numerous elements of Spec-Ops, Black-Ops, You-Were-Never-Here-Ops, and other darker immersion and gameplay options for the player who wants that ominous 'deep behind enemy lines' feel conducting secret operations in the most dangerous countries in the world.

    Just place any of the Modules you want to use on the Map, and set your options. Works great with ALiVE, AGM, RHS, MEC, TPW, CSE, AB, and any other Mods you want to run with SpookWarCom. Use as many or as few modules as you prefer. Very user friendly. Designed mostly for Spec-Ops, but standard infantry and all other gameplay styles, are of course, possible.

    Under the command of JSOC and overseen by the CIA and MI6, you will be conducting clandestine operations around the globe in both an official and unofficial capacity. The most secretive Special Forces consisting of the best operatives throughout the entire combined Spec-Ops community.

    - Classified: Eyes-Only
    - You Do Not Exist
    - Feet First into Hell
    - One Shot, One Kill
    - Pretty Pink Mist
    - Brave Men, Dark Waters

    v0.0.2 alpha
    - Fixed: Several Missions
    - Fixed: SATCOM (daylight optics)

    - Fixed: Config Sound Error
    - Fixed: Config Animation Error

    - Fixed: Config Sound Error
    - Fixed: Config Animation Error

    - Fixed: Config System Text

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons von massi (v1.5)

    massi veröffentlichte sein NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene Waffen und Ausrüstung für Special-Forces Soldaten (NATO SF Waffen, Spetsnaz GRU Waffen)


    This addon is meant to equip my US, UK and Italian NATO SF and GRU Spetsnaz units with realistic modern weapons in use today.
    Most of the weapons are Vilas MLODS released to the pubblic modified and ported to A3 by me with his permission, the other models are A1/A2/OA released MLODs modified and adapted to A3 by me, with the precious help of Alwarren in model config and config.

    The weapons that equip my SF units will be found in the editor in 3 ammo boxes divided by sides as follow:
    • NATO SF Weapons:
    - M4A1, M4A1 M203, M4A1 AG36 black, desert, woodland and CQB versions
    - HK416, HK416 M203, HK416 AG36 black, desert, woodland and CQB versions
    - M16, M16 M203 black versions
    - G3, G3 M203 fixed and folding stock versions
    - FN FAL, FN FAL M203
    - HK417, SR25 black, desert and woodland versions
    - M24 black, desert and woodland versions
    - M107 black, desert and woodland versions
    - M249 black, desert and woodland versions
    - MK48(placeholder) black, desert and woodland versions
    - M240 black
    - MP5A5, MP5SD6 black, desert, woodland and underwater versions
    - Beretta M9, Glock 17, USP, ACP.
    - Benelli M1014 shotgun.
    - Anti-Tank launchers: M136 AT-4, M3 MAAWS.
    - Anti-Air launcher: FIM-92 Stinger.

    • Spetsnaz GRU Weapons:
    - AK74M, AK74M GL black and camo versions
    - AK74M, AK74M GL SF Rails versions black and camo
    - AKS74, AKS74 GL versions
    - AKMS, AKMS GL black and camo versions
    - AKM, AKM GL versions
    - SVD
    - KSVK black and camo versions
    - RPK
    - PKM
    - Zastava M70s , M72 and M91
    - AK74U black and camo versions
    - Bizon
    - Makarov.
    - Saiga 12 shotgun.
    - Anti-Tank launchers: RPG 7, RPG 18.
    - Anti-Air launcher: SA-7 Strela.

    • Optics and gear:
    - Pisto suppressor
    - Rifle Suppressor
    - Acog, Aimpoint, Sniper optics (NV capable), ANPEQ15 laser pointer
    - PSO, PSO Sniper (NV capable)
    Backpacks: for my unit's addons

    - Those weapons are meant to equip my US, UK, Italian SF and GRU Spetsnaz units
    - Weapons have custom ammo and magazines
    - Weapons have custom UI pics
    - Weapons have A3 features : optics, torch, suppressors and IR capable, rotating muzzleflashes, custom handanims and anims.
    - Weapons have dedicated ammocrates
    - The pack includes few dedicated optics (PSO, Acog, Aimpoint, Sniper optic) and suppressors
    - The pack includes unit's dedicated backpacks for my addons
    - Dedicated launchers (M136, MAAWS, RPG7, RPG18, Stinger, Strela)
    - Classlist and PDF GUIDE included in folder
    - Optional ASDG Joint Rails config included in folder.

    - Added LRR AWM Sniper rifle
    - Added G36C rifle
    - Added M60E4 Machinegun
    - Added M14 and Lee Einfield
    - Added AS VAL rifle with underwater version
    - Added VSS Vintorez rifle
    - Added METIS, M72 LAW (retex RPG18), SMAW, custom Titan short with different warheads
    - Added different warheads for the other launchers plus small fixies
    - Added : Rifles have animated fire selectors and improved GL sights
    - Added : Balaclavas, masks, wraps, NVG to equip my units packs
    - Added : Flag poles and flag markers for my unit's addons
    - Improved some of the weapons models.
    - Fixed reported issues.
    - Updated: optional ASDG Joint Rails config.

    NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons

    FHQ Accessories Pack
    (Nur bei Verwendung der optionalen FHQ accessories config)

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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