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    I am trying to get the following to work in VBS3.4 I realise that while similar the scripting my differ sli
    As an exercise in scripting as well as a practical training application I have developed a single player/training mission working version of LF6 (a live fire range practice) complete with moving targets. I have also included a camera that watches each target and shows the user the feed as a HUD. The intent of this is to be able to show the user their fall of shot and where on the target they hit. I am using an event handler "HitPart" to count hits to calculate a score. Part of the array that is passed is a position of impact. I have been able to show the hits using a 'reference mark' that moves with each hit however this is visible only to the player and not to the RTT camera I am using to monitor it.

    The camera side is unknown and I have tried setting the marks to appear to unknown and linked to the camera with no success. Has anyone done something similar or have a way of approaching this? I have tried creating an object but this just falls to the ground as soon as each hit is counted and my attempts at understanding and creating a glowing particle have been unsuccessful.

    I have also looked at reconfiguring the bullet holes but due to the type of target (general popup target) they immediately are deleted.


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    I'm learning the editor in Arma 3 as it is a little different from Arma 2. I'm no noob to the editor, however when it comes to scripting and all that good stuff, I'm hopeless. I've just played around a bit and created a small mission on the Minihatten map where you can repel a Russian invasion, or break American defences. This is all working fine however with that many units on the map, the lag is quite real. So I've done some googling on how to get the game to respawn the AI units at a certain time in the mission or when a certain number of AI die new ones will spawn to replace the dead. However all I've been able to find is a respawn for the player on multiplayer servers.

    My main goal is this: To have an onslaught of AI units, tanks, cars etc until the player is killed or the enemy is wiped out - like a survival game thing. Is this possible?


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    Greetings fellow Armaholics, I am proud to present Zenophon's Mini Co-op Missions (ZMCM). This mission pack is an ongoing project, with new missions to be released in an episodic fashion about every two weeks. The missions are not a campaign or connected as a series in any way; there is no overall story. Each one is a short (10 to 30 minutes) and fairly simple mission with a specific style; they are intended to be very replayable. They each support either 2,3 or 4 players max, and are meant to be played by small groups of friends. They are intended to be difficult and require caution and tactics.


    Every mission is different, but the common features generally are:
    • Lots of randomization, such as:
      • Insertion, extraction, and objective locations
      • Enemy skill, numbers, patrol routes, and weapons
      • Weather, fog, date, and time
    • No magically spawned enemies; all patrols are there from the start
    • Fix for ridiculous AI accuracy on dedicated servers; their skill will be the same as in SP or local MP
    • AI skill and number scales with the number of players
    • Increased weapon lethality; 1-2 shot kills are now the norm
    • Easy repacking of magazines with an action, taking a realistic amount of time
    • Easily share magazines with teammates for their current weapon
    • No saving, respawn, or revive in SP or MP, to promote teamwork and realism
    • Good performance, whether you play in SP with AI teammates or in MP with friends
    • No mods or addons required in any mission

    All this is done using my Mission Framework and Scripting Library (shameless advertisement, I know).


    Currently, there are 4 missions in the pack. Each mission tries to provide a different style of gameplay in terms of difficulty, pacing, atmosphere, and the players' role. Each included mission is listed below with a short description.

    A very open-ended, randomized mission in which players must defeat or evade numerous patrols. The mission area could be anywhere across about a 25 square km area. The goal is to capture an enemy officer and get him to extraction.

    A simple mission in which players can choose from various means to stop and destroy a convoy of vehicles. The position of the ambush is chosen randomly from five preset locations. Players must contend with armed vehicles and enemy infantry before making their escape.

    An asymmetric warfare special forces CQB style mission; players must assault and clear a large building in search of intel. The exact objective location and enemy patrols are different every time. Once they secure the building, players must cross an open area to reach their extraction vehicle.

    An atmospheric sniper mission that makes players choose between trusting their sniping accuracy or risking a closer shot. A tense opening sequence is followed by an open-ended objective in which players must eliminate a target while working under a time limit.


    Each mission is a separate .pbo, and all of them are packaged in an archive you can download below.
    Google Drive:

    Coming Soon

    Here I will outline the next mission planned for release. Feel free to make suggestions. Remember that the next mission is a work-in-progress, and may not end up exactly like this description.

    The next mission will be a stealth mission that rewards players for avoiding open combat. If detected players, will have to resort to a contingency plan that is more difficult. The main objective will be to secure chemical weapons that are hidden somewhere in a storage yard. It will include a HALO insertion and opportunities for sniping and CQB.


    Copy the .pbo files from the .7z archive to the Missions or MPMissions folder in your ArmA 3 install directory. This is by default at (Windows 7) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3. All the missions can be installed and played separately; they are not connected in any way.


    Any feedback about the missions is welcome, particularly about their difficulty and replayability. Obviously, if you find any bugs or issues, I would like to know. Either this thread, PM, or email is fine.

    Contact the author:


    These missions are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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    I've been using Evolve but I hate being at its mercy and I'd much rather my friends could find my "server" on the steam browser on the steam server list and favourite it but it just won't show up (and I can't get it to work at all any other way including join game, direct ip or in game server browser).

    I've set my ARMA 3 pc up with a static router ip.
    I've opened every port ever mentioned on the internet for ARMA3 and Steam and checked they are open.
    I've run my ARMA 3 pc in the DMZ.
    I've tried UPnP on and off.
    I've turned the router firewall off.
    I've turned Windows 8.1 firewall off.
    I've set Steam to run as admin.

    Have I missed something? Should I try a different router?

    Thanks a lot.

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    So I'm trying to make a script where a single switch switches a unit from Civ to East and vice versa. I want to use this as part of a script that dynamically checks certain parameters to determine on what side the unit should be on depending on its actions (for example murdering a civilian).

    What I did was make two triggers on repeatedly with the following code PLAYER_RED and PLAYER_BLUE as conditions, respectively.


    First trigger:
    Condition: PLAYER_RED
    On. Act.: hostile1 = createGroup east; [bob] joinSilent hostile1; PLAYER_BLUE=false;

    Second trigger:
    Condition: PLAYER_BLUE
    On. Act.: neutral1 = createGroup civ; [bob] joinSilent neutral1; PLAYER_RED=false;

    In the init.sqf

    PLAYER_BLUE = false;
    And I added an addaction to the player calling a .sqf with the following code:


    if (side player == civ) then {PLAYER_RED = true;} else {PLAYER_BLUE = true;};
    But alas, no big. I am really a scripting novice and I have trouble keeping information apart in my head. I don't see why this doesn't work. Could anyone please give me some advice?

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    Hello, I have been trying to get a script to allow people to park Quadbikes on the back up an Offroad like so. (590 kB)

    I know it is possible with the attachTo script but i'm not sure how to make it all work. Can anyone help me with this or point my some where that can help me? Thanks :)

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    I'm trying to get a script working, but can't get it trough the way I want.


    if ("ItemCompass" in assignedItems Player) then {arm = player addAction ["Arm Bomb","SUICIDE_VESTS\armbomb.sqf"] } else [removeAction det, removeAction deac, removeAction arm];
    I've made a custom vest, which is an uniform. And I cant get the script to work because it doesn't count as an assigned item.


    if ("VSS" in assignedItems Player) then {arm = player addAction ["Arm Bomb","SUICIDE_VESTS\armbomb.sqf"] } else [removeAction det, removeAction deac, removeAction arm];

    In other words, is there a function similar to assignedItems, like assignedUniforms? Or is there any way to do it the hard way for the script to trigger if a uniform is found?

    Becuase this script works if i have it look for the compass, but not for the uniform. (VSS is my classname for Vest Suicide Small)

    If there is no similar function, can someone help with how to do the same as assignedItems do?

    all i can think of would be something like


    bomberVests = ["SVS", "SVL"];
    if ("SVS" in bomberVests Player) then {arm = player addAction ["Arm Bomb","SUICIDE_VESTS\armbomb.sqf"] } else [removeAction det, removeAction deac, removeAction arm];

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    Cobra Mall Security

    Hardcore TVT gameplay with no respawns

    To join in, hop on TS during european evenings.

    The gameplay is hardcore ingame, but casual outside of it. This means we have structured teamplay
    with squads, squad leaders, recon teams, mission commanders, dedicated pilots, friendly atmosphere.
    What we do not have is hardcore clan structures outside of the game. No memberships,
    required playtimes, ranks.

    Space Hamsters agree: The most intense TVT/COOP you can find in Arma 3.*

    * You cant argue with the space hamsters.

    We play:

    Saturdays 20:30 (central european time | GMT +1)
    Sundays 20:30 (central european time | GMT +1)
    (comms check is at 20:10)

    How to join:
    No membership required, simply show up on our TS before a game to get in.


    Teamspeak Server:

    Server features:

    Detailed AAR logs, tracking interesting data from each battle.

    Extensive video archive of matches recorded from ZEUS perspective.
    Featuring radio communications and ballistics tracing.

    Video Archive

    For demonstration have a look at the following video.
    The finest teamplay and coordination ever taped in an Arma3 match.

    * You cant argue with the space hamsters.


    Teamspeak Server:

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