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    Ok, so i've bought Arma: Cold War Assault 2 times (legitimately, no pirating!!!).
    First time i noticed this in the mission "Rolling Thunder". My tank crew ignored any orders. Next - in the mission when you pilot attack helicopter it was impossible to hit any target - accuracy was so bad. Next - in the mission when you need to destroy 3 Shilkas - when i order my crew drive Shilka or shoot - they ignored all orders - just like in the "Rolling Thunder" mission. All this wizardry happened with my legitimately purchased version. I was thinking that this was caused by using cheat "endmission" or by using game saves i found on the internet. I uninstalled version, deleted game saves, cleaned system with Cleaner program and bought ANOTHER license version of this game on Steam. I even installed Steam version on different HDD partition, but EXACTLY same problems appeared when i played missions since "Rolling Thunder".

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    Lowlands Tactical is proud to present @NLD_Units, a mod that adds Dutch units to ArmA 3 in several delicious flavours! With over 30 units with 8 different camouflages accompanied by the necessary items and backpacks this mod adds over a massive 300 new classes to the game!

    To summarize what this mod adds:
    • 21 infantry units coming with 6 different camo's: Woodland, Winter, Jungle, NFP-Tan, NFP-Green and Desert
    • 8 Special Forces members coming in Black and MTP
    • 3 Fenneks coming in Woodland, Winter and Desert
    • 2 Leopard2A8 in Woodland and Desert (we love our tanks)
    • 3 Helicopters: NH-90 (white), MH65 both regular and armed
    • 3 types of crew members for the above 2 vehicles

    The units for now are (with a lack of 3D artists) reskins of AAF Units based on what we could find about our armed forces. At the time of writing this mod is by no means finished or mirrors our armed forces very well. So please be patient and expect these changes in the future. We are open to suggestions and contributions in any way! :)

    This said, we are searching for a 3D modeler to create content for this mod. If you have any experience with modding weapons and vehicles for ArmA or would like to contribute, please contact me via PM.

    EyeCandy (549 kB) (575 kB) (558 kB) (525 kB)

    You can download the mod here. ( Be gentle with our little server :( )

    Credits & Thanks
    Textures: Smootch & Outlaw28
    config.cpp: Sacha Ligthert & Smootch
    Models: Bohemia Interactive
    NH-90 skin: JW (@MARSOF)
    MH-65 skin: JW (@MARSOF)
    Uniforms: Craig (@SP_Pack/NED_Pack)

    Many thanks to our girlfriends for their infinite patience.
    Many thanks to JW, Craig and Bohemia Interactive.

    Please see classes.txt in the mod-folder.

    Known issues
    - MH65 pilots sometimes stand in their seats. This is a rare occurance, but this is with BIS (I think).
    - The Operators revert back to the default NATO pistol instead of the one assigned when this mod is used in conjunction with AGM.
    - Doesn't work with Zeus (yet)

    Unless specified otherwise, this content uses the following license:

    Content based on @MARSOF by JW/Lewis:

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    In short

    The Community Upgrade Project is the initiative to bring all the content of Arma 2
    [+ OA and DLCs] from BI into Arma 3, upgraded to the Arma 3 feature set.

    Its goal is to provide those assets to the community as a mod ready to use in the game,
    and as an open-source repository for modders to build upon and learn from.

    1. Cooperative and coordinated effort to get a coherent port of Arma 2 content
      [+ OA and DLCs] from BI to ARMA 3 standards
    2. Full availability of all source material under share-alike license (APL-SA).
      In essence everyone can make use of the work to build mods on his own as long
      as he provides credits, shares also his sources and keeps the same license
    3. Release of the content in a coherent way

    Content to come soon: vehicles, infantry, uniforms, terrains, objects, buildings, vegetation, wild life.
    For more details on the project read the introduction thread.


    More images..


    • 3 Shotguns
    • 3 Grenade launchers
    • 7 SMGs
    • 11 Accessories
    • 14 Launchers
    • 19 Machine guns
    • 22 Pistols
    • 39 Sniper rifles
    • 42 Optics
    • 142 Assault rifles

    Powered by JSRS1.5 sounds by LordJarhead.

    Additional assets:

    • 2 Mines
    • 3 Flags
    • 4 Explosives
    • 7 Misc items
    • 12 Extra vehicle classes
    • 49 Backpack variants
    • 51 Ammobox variants
    • 97 Pre-configured infantry groups
    • 378 Pre-configured infantry units



    However the task at hand is huge and this baby needs YOUR help.
    The CUP project is looking for additional manpower - especially modelers, texture artists and config writers.

    Want to join? Contact kju via PM or send an e-mail to .


    CUP_WeaponPack_v1__2014_11_28.7z (750.8 MB)


    Server key:


    Download at:



    • [GLT] Legislator (infantry, objects)
    • Apilon (vehicles)
    • Argument (buildings)
    • deltagamer (vehicles)
    • EvroMalarkey (weapons, infantry)
    • geraldbolso1899 (vehicles)
    • Giallustio (weapons)
    • Lennard (infantry)
    • LordJarhead (sounds)
    • Pansyfaust (buildings, vehicles)
    • Redstone (ponds)
    • Reyhard (vehicles, infantry, buildings, terrains)
    • RichardsD (vehicles, infantry)
    • soju (lighting, configs)
    • Taurus (weapons)
    • Tierprot (materials, vegetation)
    • toadie2k (animations)


    • Jones
    • ShackTactical (zx64, Bricks, Rspctd, Renzol)


    • Ace (terrains, buildings)
    • alias (PR/promo, website)
    • Alwarren (weapons and attachments, backpacks, infantry)
    • Aoi (configs, data mgmt)
    • Benargee (vehicles)
    • Bismarck (buildings)
    • Blip (promo)
    • Bobman (weapons)
    • BusterBlader (vehicles)
    • chortles (promo)
    • CypeRevenge (buildings)
    • CypeRevenge (buildings, vegetation)
    • eggbeast (configs, vehicles)
    • fabiochavez (lighting, promo)
    • Fluit (scripting)
    • gagagu (buildings)
    • hcpookie (vehicles)
    • J_g0re (promo)
    • James (buildings)
    • Keeway (vehicles)
    • kju (PM, configs, data mgmt)
    • Kllrt (weapons)
    • Ligthert (configs)
    • M1lkm8n (buildings)
    • meat (backend)
    • Meaty (buildings, vegetation)
    • Mitsu (PR/promo)
    • NonovUrbizniz (buildings, promo)
    • Olds (RAM)
    • Raid (vehicles)
    • RedPhoenix (physx)
    • SGTGunner (vehicles, buildings, vegetation)
    • smokedog (buildings, terrains)
    • TheRob (buildings)
    • Tupolov (vehicles)
    • Varanon (vehicles)
    • WinteR5 (weapons)
    • zGuba (vehicles)

    Enjoy :bounce3:

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I want to query if a player has JIP-ed. I have tried the following:

    According to Executed locally when player joins mission (includes both mission start and JIP). [player:Object, didJIP:Boolean]
    PHP Code:

    ADF_didJIP = _this select 1;

    In my init.sqf I query if ADF_didJIP = true and if so wait till the player has initialized:
    PHP Code:

    if (!isDedicated && isMultiplayer) then {
    if (
    ADF_didJIP) then {
    waitUntil {player == player}

    The init order according to is as follows:

    1. Functions with recompile param set to 1 are recompiled
    2. Functions with preInit param set to 1 are called (client + server)
    3. Object Init Event Handlers are called
    4. Object initialization fields are called
    5. init.sqs is executed in singleplayer
    6. init.sqf is executed in singleplayer
    7. Persistent multiplayer functions are called (client only)
    8. Modules are initialized
    9. initServer.sqf is executed (server only)
    10. initPlayerLocal.sqf is executed
    11. initPlayerServer.sqf is executed (server only)
    12. Functions with postInit param set to 1 are called (client + server)
    13. "BIS_fnc_init" variable is set to true
    14. init.sqs is executed in multiplayer
    15. init.sqf is executed in multiplayer

    When joining the server (not JIP) a script error is thrown: error undefined variable in expression: adf_didjip in init.sqf.

    When I query ADF_didjip in game (hint str ADF_didjip) it returns 'FALSE'

    Anyone got an idea?

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I'm not sure if this is a Zeus bug or if it's just happening to me as I can't find any other reports of this happening.

    May be searching for wrong keywords.

    Within the last two or three weeks, around the time the Helicopter DLC was released, I've been having an issue with Zeus where I can not move groups of things properly.

    Like, if I build a base in Zeus and I try to move it over a few feet, every piece of the base piles onto one spot. Same happens with units, and is especially annoying moving groups of vehicles as they explode when they pile onto one another.

    It intermittently happens when rotating a group of things as well and it's getting frustrating.


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hi all,

    I currently use MCC, and zeus, and some content mods (RHS Escalation etc...)

    What I'd like to do is write custom loadouts for all units and vehicles - but it would not be good practice for me to manually edit the mods - as that will require the same effort when the mod updates. Rather: I need to write a wrapper class around the spawning of units both in the init line of any manually placed unit in the mission file (this process I understand) but have the ability to call the same functions when the units are spawned via zeus, or mcc.

    I'm hoping there is an event handler for when ANY unit or vehicle or object is spawned in the game that I can attach a script call to via my mission.

    pseudo code:
    PHP Code:

    addEventHandler ["onObjectSpawn", [_theObject], "pathTo/myScript.sqf"]

    I'm pretty new to arma scripting - but I can kinda tell what needs to get done - but I don't know the syntax or where to find out what to do.


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hi BI

    I dont understand why you wanna use Money, time and energy on a DLC like the Gokart DLC, its not what Flashpoint/arma have ever been.
    Arma is a military simulator/game, not a freaking racing game, i was a bit sad when i saw you using your time on this DLC, when ALOT of people in the community are keep asking for more civiliens and military hardware, I think you should listen to the community a bid more, in the end, its the community WHO pay for the game.

    Dont get me wrong here, i love the game, and think its the best so far you made. But we need more in the game, its too simpel, the great community are makig fantastic mods and gamemodes, like Medical systems, more weapons, better and more realistic sounds and graphicals and i could go on.
    Why dont you make some of all these great ideas, should be ease for guys like you. One guy making a mod where he is "releasing" some hidden futures the game are born with, but not open for the community ?? Why ?? Why can we get what we pay for ??

    I remember some of the first screenshots i saw back then of arma 3, i saw a female and some more stuff i dont remember, what happen with that, why didnt we get that ??

    The DLC thing is a good idea, but only 3 DLC's ?? really.. the first i already wrote about.. bad idea Guys.. second the Heli DLC is nice, maybe there should be more in it compared for the Price, the third, well we are not there yet.

    I do want DLC's... really, but i will make some requests for you BI.. something that could make arma 3 even more badass, specialy for us Milsim Guys...

    1. A Civilian DLC, with FEMALES, more clothes and other for males and females, more CIV cars, trucks, a ambulance (with crew) Policecar (with officers) and a Firetruck (same...) and more ship (containership, fishing boat, sailship, and civilian airplanes, passenger plane and cessna'ish planes.

    2. A Logistics DLC, Now the choppers can lift containers and other objects, what i think i so nice, what about making a DLC where the trucks can pick up a container ?? and you can pack a truck og any other cargo car or airplane og boat with ammo boxes and so on, THAT WOULD BE FREAKING GREAT, i would love to see something like that in game, i know that someone WHO i dont remember is making a mod with that, but you already make it possible with the Heli's.. so why stop there ?? :)

    3. Navy DLC. YES I WANT A NAVY DLC, with patrol ships, gunboats, BIG naval fregates and real submarine..

    i could easly come with more ideas, but take a look at the great mods ideas, and get working ;)

    Thank you for a great game, keep it up.

    Best regards


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hoping someone can help. I am in the closing stages of adding slingloading to a chinook pack. Everything is done (memory point, slingload code in the .cpp etc..) however for some reason the key command to lower the hook (2 x R) does not work. I have checked my controls are set correctly to 2xR and have tried switching it to something else, which does not work either. You CAN access the option from the scroll-wheel menu and ropes lower and hook up fine to the cargo. I'd really like to have the keys work though. Do I have to add something into the .cpp to ensure this? If so, what?


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    log files
    local rpt file:
    server rpt file:
    extdb log file:
    [2014-Nov-28 14:02:05.148752]: ThreadID 0x000020bc: extDB: Version: 20
    [2014-Nov-28 14:02:05.149752]: ThreadID 0x000020bc: extDB: Found extdb-conf.ini
    [2014-Nov-28 14:02:05.150752]: ThreadID 0x000020bc: extDB: Creating Worker Thread +1
    [2014-Nov-28 14:02:05.150752]: ThreadID 0x000020bc: extDB: Creating Worker Thread +1
    [2014-Nov-28 14:02:05.150752]: ThreadID 0x000020bc: extDB: Creating Worker Thread +1
    [2014-Nov-28 14:02:05.150752]: ThreadID 0x000020bc: extDB: Creating Worker Thread +1
    [2014-Nov-28 14:02:05.150752]: ThreadID 0x000020bc: extDB: Database Type: MySQL
    [2014-Nov-28 14:02:05.154753]: ThreadID 0x000020bc: extDB: Database Session Pool Started

    altis lifev3.1.8

    extdb v20 with logging and debug
    using xampp to host mysql server locally

    my extdb-conf
    ;Threads = 0
    ; Default Value is number of CPU Cores Detected

    Randomize Config File = false
    ;This is a legacy option to randomize config file for Arma2 Servers.

    Error Database Kill Server = true
    ;Kill ArmaServer if Database Connection Fails.

    ; If u are going to disable Logging for performance reasons, grab the No-Logging Version of extdb
    Filter = 2
    ; 2 = Default Setting, this doesn't take effect till after Config File has been loaded.
    ; 0 = more cpu intensive, 5 = barely anything except exception handling
    ; 0 trace
    ; 1 debug
    ; 2 info
    ; 3 warning
    ; 4 error
    ; 5 fatal

    Type = SQLite
    Name = sqlite.db

    minSessions = 1
    ; minSession Default Value = 1

    ;maxSessions = 4
    ; maxSession Default Value = number of Main->Threads
    ; u really should leave this value alone
    idleTime = 60
    ; idleTime no Default Value yet, needs to be defined.
    ; idleTime is the time before a database session is stopped if not used.
    ; If Database Sessions are greater than minSessions

    ;; AtlisLifeRPG uses Database2 by default
    Type = MySQL
    Name = arma3life

    Username = arma3
    Password =
    IP =
    Port = 3406

    minSessions = 1
    ;maxSessions = 4
    idleTime = 60

    compress = false
    ; Should only use this if MySQL server is external. Also only for MySQL

    screenshot of my user privilages setup to allow extdb to access mysql database

    using tadst to launch arma 3 server

    my tadst parameters
    PHP Code:

    -port=2302 "-config=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\TADST\default\TADST_config.cfg" "-cfg=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\TADST\default\TADST_basic.cfg" "-profiles=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\TADST\default" -name=default "-mod=@extDB;@life_server"

    4 imgur screenshots of my tadst setup,l2GVph0

    I ran the 3 sql files on the database to create arma3life database

    screenshot of my database

    link to download from mediafire https://www.mediafir...y9vkyhbm/shared
    incase you wanted to run this exact setup on your own computer. this includes altislife.altis.pbo, life server.pbo, extdb-conf, extdb. dll, tbmalloc, tadst and the sql files.

    I have tried different versions of altis life, different versions of extdb, different extdb-conf settup ip user and passwords, different tbbmalloc.dll and those other similar dlls

    I would very much appreciate it if you helped me fix this issue im having i dont mind adding you on steam or skype if you need more information

    my steam account name: nametoremember
    skype: yacobm8

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