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    =BTC= Quick Revive

    Hi everybody!
    I read several times in the forum that a lot of users are looking for a revive that supports the AI.
    I had some free time during this week and I created this new script!
    I called it Quick Revive because i needed a name to differentiate from the other one and because it has been written in less than a hour.
    I can't release it to the public yet because it needs to be tested and since I don't have any time I'm here to look for testers.

    If you're willing to help PM me!

    - SP/MP supported
    - AI supported
    - Multiple spawn
    - A3 items to revive
    - Very lightweight

    DownLoad link: soon

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    Is there a way to disable the sound for bandaging yourself,and for ai also.

    Im having an issue,a really annoying bug where whenever i heal(not always but frequent enough) the sound for bandaging yourself loops,and never stops.

    Im at a loss,iv attempted to remove mods one by one etc for a week now.Nothing seems to fix it,so im asking if there is a cheaper way to do it,just disable sound for healing/bandaging.

    Thanks guys

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    okey so im using a list box for the inventory and when the player is trying to drop an item that he select from the inventory it needs to call the item array and get the right object that will drop on the ground. i tryed alot of thinks but i just dont know how to do it.

    PHP Code:

    _itemAmount = [_x select 0] call RPP_Inventory_Count;
    _item = lbAdd [1500, format ["%1 (x%2)",_x select 0, _x select 1]];
    lbSetData [1500, _item, _x select 1];
    } foreach

    Selecton part:
    PHP Code:

    if (lbCurSel 1500 == -1) exitWith {
    systemChat "Please Select an item to drop.";
    _item = RPP_Inventory select (lbCurSel 1500);
    _name = _item select 0;
    _amount = round(parseNumber(ctrlText 1400));

    Item Array:

    PHP Code:

    RPP_Items =
    "Cash","Cash",1,1,false,0,"Land_money_F"], //The last part here with the land_money_f is the object that i want to drop on the ground
    ["RepairKit","Repair Kit",75,60,true,10,"item_toolkit"]

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hello everyone,

    For me, the manned missions are one of the best parts of the game, and one of the biggest reasons why I decided to buy it. I've been thinking of a couple of ideas that could improve them that I'd like to share. I don't know how many of these ideas are already planned for the game, and I know that there are plenty of other things that need to be addressed before most of these are considered, but here they are anyway:

    The ability to choose your spacesuit
    My personal favorite of the three spacesuits is the 'heavy' NASA-type suit. But the only way for me to get one if I don't start with one is to continually kill myself until I spawn with one. How about an option in the options menu that I can change to select which spacesuit I'll get when I enter a scenario/multiplayer game?

    More stuff to put inside our bases
    I see bunk beds, chairs, shelves, even a small kitchen in the large pressurized rover/mobile lab in the manned mission scenarios. It would be great to see these as buildable items for our Moon/Mars base. At the moment there isn't really much to do inside, besides stockpile vitamin bottles and TVs. More items would increase the roleplaying aspect of the game and give an insight into how astronauts actually live today.

    Less fiddly construction
    Building a base on Mars should rightly be challenging, but at the moment it feels like I have to be far, far too accurate before the base pieces 'snap' together. Decreasing the amount of accuracy that we need to attach things together would make construction a lot faster, and would encourage larger and more complicated construction projects.

    Role-playing multiplayer
    Anyone who plays Arma 2 knows that RP (role-playing) servers are pretty popular. Depending on what job you select when you start it up, you can play as a policeman or a civilian. You can get jobs, earn money, commit crimes and be sent to prison for them, all kinds of stuff. How about doing the same kind of thing in this game?

    Think about it; you start with only a spacesuit and a packet of food, but that won't last long. You get a job, either mining the surface of Mars (or the Moon) or exploring far-flung waypoints on the map. Now you can pay for a rented room where you can sleep to stave off exhaustion, and food so that you don't starve to death.
    Unfortunately, you carelessly run over another player on your way back one day, killing him. A militiaman (an admin?) sees it all and arrests you, and you're given a choice; pay the fine or spend time in jail. You don't have much money, so you're spawned into a cell in the colony's jail. Fortunately your crime was obviously an accident, so the militiaman only gave you a short sentence.
    When you get out, its chaos! A sandstorm is coming; the vehicles need to be safely stowed away, and everyone needs to be sent inside the buildings. The last airlock door closes just as the sandstorm hits; the players who were out exploring the surface just have to try and shelter the best they can. Then a tragedy strikes; an unsecured vehicle is caught by the wind and smashes into a building full of sheltering players...

    Don't get me wrong, I usually don't like RP servers. But if there's one location that can interest me enough to get into them, its a colony on the surface of the Moon/Mars.

    The ability to change appearance
    This is pretty low on the list because as I said; there are plenty of other things to address before this stage. But it would be useful to have a selection of heads; maybe 3 male heads and a female head; to choose from in our options screen, so that not everyone looks like a clone of each other outside our spacesuits.

    Let me know what you think. I'm sure there are loads of ideas for a simulation involving astronauts!

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    I have a3 pachted with ironfront , ive ported it to Linux server ./tolower all files .. added all @folders to servers start file mod=
    I start the game join my server login, click mission, and it go back to mission select..

    Can someone please explain to me how do I got this working for Linux? Do I need to patch the Linux server ? if so how?

    thanks ...

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    I'd like to leave it up to the server admins as to which sides are used in this mission I'm using. If they disable a side, I have the scripts that pertain to that side stop. However, I'd like players that chose that side be forced into a spectator mode, seeing as how that side is inactive. Its worth mentioning I'm using wave and base respawn with the BIS respawn dialog box. Players respawn upon entering the server.

    Anyone have any experience with this?

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    I have a dialog box in which i am showing an .html page like this:

    class hlp_html: RscHTML_Help

    idc = 1100;
    filename = "custom\rules\help.html";
    text = "";
    x = 0.164376 * safezoneW + safezoneX;
    y = 0.348684 * safezoneH + safezoneY;
    w = 0.677395 * safezoneW;
    h = 0.478422 * safezoneH;

    While i am showing the text i also want to show an image like a normal html file could do. For example, is this possible ?:


    General Rules:

    -NO voice in sidechat!

    of course the above doesnt work... Is there a way i can add a picture inside as well?


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    As one of the most exciting years for our studio comes to a close, we’ve deployed a special dev blog in which various members of the Arma 3, Take On Mars, and DayZ development teams recap the past year, take a brief look at the near future, and thank everyone for their incredible support!

    Happy holidays!

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