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    Hi all,

    The mission is done and it is working. To add more replayability to the mission I want the starting position to be randomised at the start. This is a MP mission.

    I have been using this script off the forums for A2:

    I have tweaked it a little bit as shown below:


    if(isServer) then {
    _initialLeaderPos = getPos Player;
    _Number = floor(random 4);
    _marker = Switch (_Number) do {
    case 0: {"Start0"};
    case 1: {"Start1"};
    case 2: {"Start2"};
    case 3: {"Start3"};
    _pos = getmarkerpos _marker;
    Player setpos _pos;
    _StartMarker = createMarker ["flag_NATO",_pos];
    _StartMarker setMarkerType "flag_NATO";
    _StartMarker setMarkerText "FOB Anchorman";
    //_StartMarker setMarkerColor "ColorBlue";

    pvStartPosition = [_StartMarker, _marker];
    publicVariable "pvStartPosition";
    _scenery = nearestObjects[_initialLeaderPos, ["ALL"], 200]; // alternative: array, which holds all scenery objects
    _diffx = ((getpos _x) select 0) - (_initialLeaderPos select 0);
    _diffy = ((getpos _x) select 1) - (_initialLeaderPos select 1);
    _diffz = ((getpos _x) select 2) - (_initialLeaderPos select 2);
    _x setPos [(_pos select 0) + _diffx, (_pos select 1) + _diffy, (_pos select 2) + _diffz];
    } forEach _scenery;

    } else {
    waitUntil { !isNil "pvStartPosition" };
    (pvStartPosition select 0) setMarkerType "Start";
    (pvStartPosition select 0) setMarkerColor "ColorBlue";

    // Debug
    player sidechat format["%1",(pvStartPosition select 1)];

    Once I put it onto a dedicated server this error pops up:

    I am also thinking that using "Player" to get the _intialLeaderPos is also incorrect?

    Thanks for the help guys.

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    ive read through the wiki for days and i cant get a simple map setup in terrain builder, and 50% of the time when i hit the wrong button it just causes terrain builder to crash completely.. like why the hell is is so hard to setup a simple map with these tools... like the map config editor throws tons of errors and (occasionally) crashes terrain builder. also, theres a huge lack of documentation when it comes to setting up terrains in terrain builder (visitor 3 tutorials dont work, maybe for some people they do but ive been following these tutorials step by step and dont for me.)

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Is there a possible way to make a multiplayer compatible money script? I know i can set stuff like money=1000 in init.sqf and then run scripts that add or take away from that amount. The thing I never understood was whether that applied to only me or to everybody. I have a MSO mission I made that's very realistic where you are a Takistani civilian. If you pick up a gun the BLUFOR AI will go hostile, but not before then. I want to be able to do an action on some object to get "oil" and then take it to the docks and sell it to get "money" and then take that money to a gun store to buy a gun or a car shop to buy a vehicle. Can someone please help me in doing this? I would really appreciate it.

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    For people who likes playing WW2 mod, i'll release some pacific war addon with all old pacific war addon i can find.

    expect some japanese addons to fight the west side forces :

    A6M2, 5 zero fighter, T97 and 95 tank, artillery, ships, australian forces, new GUI and music menu ...

    a small movie to see some of them (zero, P40 us airforce, japanese landing craft, B25 and some addons of the old Pacific Mod and Gavin Japanese soldiers.)


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    Ok new to this config business but could really use a hand getting my path straight to the file I need read.


    class CfgPatches
    class G_DeathCam
    units[] = {};
    weapons[] = {};
    requiredVersion = 0.1;
    requiredAddons[] = {"CBA_Extended_EventHandlers"};
    author[] = {"froggyluv"};

    class Extended_EventHandlers;
    class Extended_PostInit_EventHandlers
    class Deathcam
    clientInit = "call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@Deathcam\addons\Deathcam\init.sqf';";

    So I know that is a really long path, but thats the way it rolls out after pbo'ing my folder. At first I thought it was just clientInit = "call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\Deathcam\init.sqf';"; -but it wasn't finding the init.sqf so after looking at the files Properties I saw this really long path.

    Long story short, the long path still doesn't find the file :(

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hi all,

    I've been trying to get the following situation to work

    Heli Mohawk helicopter
    Solider Squad made up of 6 riflemen; [S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6] (player is S1 in this squad)
    Transport Squad made up of 3 Hunter HMG [ T1, T2, T3]


    1. Solider Squad Starts in Heli as Cargo
    2. Heli Flys Solider Squad into FOB and Unloads them
    3. Solider Squad Moves to Transport Squad
    4. Solider Squad Gets In Vehicles in Transport Squad
    5. Transport Squad Moves to Location
    6. Solider Squad Gets Out
    7. Soliders continue to mount and dismount from the transport during the patrol

    I trying to get this to work I came across a number of threads discussing this however nothing I have tired works constantly.

    Heres what Ive got

    Part 1:
    Heli Transport to base created using move waypoints then a transport unload waypoint synced the Soilders squads getOut waypoint:
    PHP Code:

    Heli Init = S1 MoveInCargo [Heli, 15]; S2 MoveInCargo Heli; S3 MoveInCargo Heli; S4 MoveInCargo Heli; S5 MoveInCargo Heli; S6 MoveInCargo Heli;

    Solider Squad getout waypoint has the following in the OnAct
    PHP Code:

    unassignVehicle S1; unassignVehicle S2; unassignVehicle S3; unassignVehicle S4; unassignVehicle S5; unassignVehicle S6;

    Part 2:
    Solider Squad 2 move waypoints towards the Transport Squad, closest Move Waypoint Synced to Transport Squad Load Waypoint.
    In the Soilder Squads On Act area of the synced Move waypoint is the following:
    PHP Code:

    S1 assignAsCargo T1; S2 assignAsCargo T1; S3 assignAsCargo T2; S4 assignAsCargo T2; S5 assignAsCargo T3; S6 assignAsCargo T3; [S1,S2,S3,S4,S5,S6] orderGetIn true;

    Transport Squad has a number of move waypoints and then a transport Unload waypoint synced to the Soilder Squad GetOut Waypoint

    Part 3:
    Repeats of Part 2

    Part 2 works if it is not preceded by part 1. So im guessing for some reason the soldiers do not reslise they are allowed to embark again.
    I have tried putting the code in a in.sqf and out.sqf and using
    PHP Code:

    _handel = execVm "in.sqf";

    But that didn't work either

    I hope I've explained my issue clearly and someone can help.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I'm not complaining. Or flaming. Just looking for information.

    A couple of days ago I connected to a server, and played for about 20 seconds. I than got promptly disconnected and when I tried to reconnect it said global ban. Right so I'm like wtf, and check using ********************* key checker to see if my key has been banned. It says it's valid.

    So I try to connect to a different server, again says I'm banned.

    Oh, also I connected to the dayz server with an old battleye instance I think.

    So what's the issue here?

    Oh and I've contacted battleye support for logs, but obviously they didn't respond.

    Anyway, considering the high quality of bohemia games I'm really glad right now I buyed arma 3 on a seperate account. Dodged a huge poorly programmed bullet there. :)

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