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    This is not a successor to Pitchblack on Stratis, it's rather an alternative version of the original Pitchblack.
    While in PB1 the focus was on infantry doing MOUT with just some support assets like mortars and the Blackfoot, Pitchblack II is focusing on the Air Force and tanks, With infantry units "organizing" the whole fireworks :)
    Due to the distance between base an AO logistics plays a big role this time - but you have the freedom of choice on deciding how you play this mission: casual or tactical? Infantry only or with air support? Or tanks supported by Artillery? Or infantry acting as forward observers for Air Force, Artillery and UAVs or maybe a combination of any of these options?

    This mission is all about organization, creativity and randomness to provide a maximum of replayability.

    misson type: search&destroy / MOUT
    area of operation: Kavala (Altis)
    version: v1.2
    mission time: April 9th, 00:25 - Full Moon

    Kavala has been overrun by enemy CSAT forces. According to intel and CIA sources CSAT Guard Troops are leading the attack.
    We have to assume that CSAT troops are already digging in and fortifying Kavala - so we need to be quick! And watch out for IEDs and mines!

    Enemy Forces:
    One infantry company, incl. light vehicles, tanks and helicopter support.
    Watch out for possible enemy reinforcements, especially SU-35 Flankers coming in!

    Friendly Forces:
    Two infantry squads with scout/sniper support.
    Air Support through two Super Hornet squadrons and two helicopter crews - tank support includes a M2A1 Slammer and a M4 Scorcher platoon.

    Your mission is
    1. secure air superirority
    2. secure all strongpoints within Kavala city limits
    3. move to RV MIAMI and wait for further instructions

    ad 1: Get the Hornets flying and provide CAP to ground troops. Eliminate every enemy airborne threat!
    ad 2: You can secure the strongpoints at their flagpoles.

    Don't try to clean up Kavala at all - were gonna do this once the sun has risen.

    Movement Plan:
    Let the Hornets do the first strike against enemy AA tanks and ACVs, but start moving in with tanks and artillery asap after mission start.
    Bring the infantry as close as possible to the AO and let them laserguide air- and artillerystrikes.
    Once the tanks arrive at the scene, let them move in together with infantry units to capture the strongpoints.

    Fire Support Plan:
    Coordination does the trick.

    Let the infantry guide the Air Force and artillery units to maximize accuracy.
    (But the Hornets main purpose is flying CAP.)
    Move the Scorchers closer to the AO to minimize spread.
    Combine tanks and infantry to reduce the weaknesses of each weapons branch.

    You can build two FOBs (with VAS support) using the mFOB HEMTT trucks at base. These trucks can not be airlifted!
    You can pick up any support truck (or Ammo Box) and create a FOB somewhere needed (possibly best near AO, but not too close).

    ACV and Helicopters available:
    - 4x F/A-18E Super Hornet
    - 2x F/A-18F Super Hornet
    - 2x CH-47 Huron
    - 2x AW-159 Hellcat (armed)

    Vehicles available:
    - some Hunter HMG
    - some Hunter GMG
    - 1x IFV-6A Cheetah
    - 1x IFV-6C Panther
    - 4x M2A4 Slammer UP
    - 3x M4 Scorcher

    - 2x mobile FOB HEMTT
    - some Support Trucks

    Stuff available:
    - choose different respawn times and counters via mission parameter for Cars, Tanks and Airborne stuff
    - 1x (2x) Mk6 mortar (reloadable)
    - 2x UAV, 3x UGV
    - lots of VAS ammoboxes
    - revive (everyone with a Medpack can revive), timer is set to 10mins
    - Foxys "Save Gear" function at the flagpole
    - Helicopter slingrope transport
    - enemy air vehicles only spawn when a at least one Hornet is active
    - for more info see the Pitchblack 2 manual (link posted below)

    • Virtual Ammobox System (VAS)
    • Dynamic Viewdistance Settings
    • Dynamic AI Spawning System
    • Mortar Reload System
    • Maintenance Pads
    • Mobile FOB (fast tracking to AO)
    • Sling loading
    • Vehicle Respawn System
    • Crew/Gunner Check System
    • Helmet IRStrobe
    • Save Gear at Flagpole
    • Farooq's Revive Scripts
    • Teleport System

    Virtual Ammobox System (VAS): Enables custom weapon layouts and loading of presets.
    Dynamic Viewdistance Settings: Adapt your view distance settings on the fly via your action menu.
    Dynamic AI Spawning System: Most of the AI in this mission is spawned dynamically to ensure high replayability. The number of infantry men in an enemy squad is adjusted according to the number of players.
    Mortar Reload System: Easy to use custom mortar reload system (see Pt. 4). Guarantees high firerate support for infantry.
    Maintenance Pads: Repair/Refuel/Rearm your vehicle or helicopter there. See markers on map.
    Mobile FOB: Drive the mobile FOB trucks to their designated positions and deploy the FOB (fast-track destination) via actionhandle (first use 'deploy', then choose the type of FOB to deploy). Be sure that the terrain is even enough to support a FOB!
    Vehicle Respawn System: Respawn counter and time can be set via mission parameter
    Crew/Gunner Check: With the 'crew check' option enabled only the Pilot team is able to enter a plane or a helicopter. The 'gunner check' option ensures that the gunner slot is occupied by a human player on the Hornets. Otherwise the pilot won't be able to start the engines.
    Helmet IRStrobe: Easily turned on/off via action menu, helps the pilots (and basically everyone else) to avoid friendly fire.
    Save Gear at Flagpole: You can save your current gear layout at one of the flagpoles at base. If you do, you will respawn with the gear you saved. If you don't, then you will respawn with the stuff you had on you, when you died.
    Farooq's Revive Script: Everyone with a Medpack (not to be confused with the First Aid Kits!) in his inventory can revive, bleedout time is set to 10mins and teamkiller display is also enabled.
    Teleport System: Pilots can teleport from Spawn to the Hornets and tank crewmen can teleport down to Iremi Bay (tank infil location). Both teleport systems only work one-way.

    Mods required:
    - CBA for A3
    - F-18 Super Hornet by John Spartan & Saul
    - SU-35 Flanker by John Spartan & Saul
    - NATO Hellcats by Diesel5187 & sykoCrazy

    Thank you:
    - Foxy
    - Hawk_Silk
    - Tonic
    - Farooq
    - John Spartan & Saul
    - Diesel5187 & sykoCrazy
    - FHW clan

    For detailed credits, have a look at the manual.

    Original mission thread
    Download the manual here.
    Download an archive including latest version of mission pbo and manual here.
    Server hosting this mission can be found here.

    Got any feedback or questions?
    Please let me know!

    have phun,

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    Hi guys still editing here on a mission but I still gonna need some more info !

    I wanted to place a object in the water in this case the

    I created a invisible helipad and in the init I had placed this code

    piersmall= "Land_Pier_small_F" createVehicle position this; deleteVehicle this;
    All good and all fine (not sure if this also works in MP )

    The problem that I ran into was that the object didn't aline to the beach and straight into the water.
    I did set the hight of the object with alt position and such but the pier did stand in a angle diapering into the water. :j:

    I also tried these:

    None seemed to help !

    I might have overlooked something or missed someting.
    Does someone know how to fix this problem ?

    With regards,

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    On a Island called "Bohemia Island", the Peoples, Players & Modders (in short: The Community) who lives there, went to the streets and protesting against the Bohemian Interactive Government demanding 64 bit Support and Multithreading for all of its Games the Government releases. After days of protest, the BI Government started to send out the Bohemian Interactive Army and shooting at the protesters which killed 2 peoples. After that, more peoples went on the streets + protesters demand more things, especially for ArmA 3. They demand shotguns, fast rope, cut content, missing features and much more. Yet the BI Government answered with Police Brutality which lead to riots. Protesters wearing T-Shirts with the words "GIVE US 64 BIT","STOP KILLING YOUR COMMUNITY","WHERE IS THE MULTITHREADING SUPPORT?". Billboards are full of letters and pictures which says "BI GOVERNMENT ARE MURDERS", "BI GOVERNMENT WONT GIVE US 64 BIT", "TIME TO OVERTHROW THIS GOVERNMENT". Several BI Government Buildings are on fire, the BI Government sends more Troops including armored vehicles. Several Community Members were killed. This is the day where the Community starting its armed uprising, the fight against its Government.

    - 6 Factions
    - Realistic Weapons & Vehicles (BMP1, AK47, AK74 etc)
    - a 20km x 20km Island, called the Bohemian Island, based on the Falkland Islands but with some changes and ofcourse smaller
    - Alot of new Textures for Units, Vehicles and Props
    - Food & Drink feature (you must, because its part of survival)

    Faction List:

    1. Bohemian Armed Forces (Main Armed Force of the Bohemian Island)
    2. Bohemian Rebels (People who lives on the Bohemian Islands, but fighting for the BI Government)
    3. Foreign Bohemian Supporters (BI Supporter who came all over the world to the Bohemian Island to help and fight for the BI Government, many reasons why they came, some of them are brought mercenaries who got paid from BI Government, other came just to support the BI Government from other companies, for example BI Simulations send some mercenaries).

    4. Community Rebels (Peoples, Modders, Players who want to overthrow the BI Government for not following theyr demands and for killing its own community)
    5. Foreign Community Supporters (People, Modders and Players from all over the world came to Bohemian Island to help the Community living there and to stop the Killing by the BI Government)

    6. Criminals (Peoples, Players and Modders who are using the civil war and make criminal things, for example you can play as ArmA 3:Life member which is part of the criminal group called "ArmA 3:Life" that stole others mod and models from other games and made money of it. many more type of criminals like murders, robbers etc you will also be able to kill other criminal member, the criminal faction is mainly pure deathmatch).

    NOTE: OPFOR factions wont have jets, helicopters etc. The BI Armed Forces will have the heavy things.
    Cars (Armed/Unarmed)
    Transport vehicles
    Cargo Planes
    Armed Boats / Some Naval Assets

    Mainly Civilian cars in Armored/Unarmored variants

    Same as Opfor

    The Island will be a 20kmx20km (including water) sized island. it will include like altis a mediterranean environment. desert will be included too.

    Pictures are coming soon !

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    Hi, so I have just got ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead, looks way better than regular ArmA 2 by the way. Anyways I noticed that my ArmA 2 mods have been carried over to operation arrowhead. I don't want these mods in Operation Arrowhead, but I would like to keep them in regular ArmA 2, can someone help?
    P.S I had to put the mods in the AddOns folder otherwise they wouldn't work.
    Thanks - LigerFangz

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    New to Arma 3 did play the light version awhile back but stopped, not sure why, but shame on me..after using Arma 3 my BF3 is gonna be gone very soon..Thanks..

    Okay I am trying to setup a mission and I have 4 Blackhawks on the ground waiting for troops to board, what I need is a script to have each chopper lift off in sequence once all choppers have troopers on board.

    In other words all choppers have fire squad teams loaded, now need chopper 1 takes off then a few second delay then chopper 2 takes off following exact flight path as chopper 1 and Chopper 3 & 4 do the identical squences..


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I've been searching for 30 minutes now and nothing seems to work in ArmA 3: I want a bar gate trigger to activate only when a player in a vehicle is present. So no AI and of course it should be multiplayer compatible. I know how to do this by using all names of the playable units, but that's very inconvenient!

    Thanks in advance!

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