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    Welcome to SMD Sahrani A3!!

    Sahrani, the original terrain from Bohemia Interactive's "Armed Assault" is being lovingly brought up to current standards and beyond. M1lkm8n and myself have spent countless hours documenting and fixing placement issues, bugs, and shortcomings of the terrain. Further, M1lkm8n has opened, improved, or port forwarded 100's of BI buildings and objects. Special attention has been paid to every minor detail and that same faithful attention to detail will be continued as I take the project forward.

    Sahrani is a fictional mid atlantic island that features varied terrain, dramatic views, and amazing city design. SMD Sahrani has improved ground textures, building and object placement corrections, and a VAST library of custom buildings which have many features, and are a constant work in progress. Both M1lkm8n and myself will continue to improve and add functionality to BI's vast library of buildings and objects.

    The current release is dependant on AiA_TP.

    The current release WILL CONFLICT with SMD_Sahrani_A2

    Future plans for SMD Sahrani include but are not limited to:

    - Alteration to bathymetric data
    - A3 underwater coral and sea plant clutter
    - Possible increase of Terrain Resolution (currently 2048x2048 10m cells, might upgrade to 4096x4096 5m cells)
    - Physx Lods, A3 Materials, and corrected configs for ALL buildings and objects
    - Modern RACS, SLA, RSPD, and UN factions and vehicles


    v0.1 22 Nov 2014

    - ADDED - Arma 3 Lighting
    - ADDED - Arma 3 Weather/Fog
    - ADDED - Arma 3 Oceans
    - ADDED - Arma 3 Ambient Life
    - ADDED - Arma 3 Surfaces (vehicles are slowed offroad, footsteps make the correct noises on ground surfaces)
    - ADDED - SMD Units - RACS, Black Ops, Tiger Camo, and Atacs Sniper
    - ADDED - SMD Vehicle - MH9 in "Magnum PI" colors
    - FIXED - "Satmap tiling issue" (no more checkerboard in the map preview, or in the air)
    - FIXED - Refueling Option removed from Gas Stations


    - Dark Interior in one of the smd_dum_istan_olez_open buildings
    - Script Error when smd_benzina_schnell is destroyed
    - Roads make no noise under foot
    - Dust does not appear to be working

    NonovUrbizniz - Terrain Editing, Modelling, Configs, Promo/Release
    M1lkm8n - Previous Terrain Edits, Modelling, Configs
    Pliskin - Textures for Units and Vehicles

    APL-SA - Author reserves the right to issue takedown notice in the event of actual or perceived violation of the license.

    Download Links:

    SMD Sahrani A3 v0.1 - Google Drive
    SMD Sahrani A3 v0.1 - Mediafire

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    I'd like to know just what types of things are possible with the Arma engine; now I've seen some amazing things on the Arma 3 Make Arma contest but how they accomplished them is wayy beyond me. I just don't see many possibilities beyond simply changing models, textures, and some functionality. I think I'm wrong when I say that; but like I said; looking at the tutorials it doesn't seem like there's many possibilities beyond basic stuff. Lastly I'd like to know just how efficient is the Arma 3 scripting language? I'm worried that if I tried to do something awesome; it would be grossly inefficient, and make it impossible for a large percentage of the users. I'm new to this whole Arma modding thing so bear with me!

    I'd also like to know if its possible to modify the health of a standard player. Like give them more health, or less (though players are very vulnerable already), or boost it for a short time.

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    After taking a break from Arma 3, I have returned and and happy to present and host a rebuild of my earlier mission. To Join in just search for "graves yard in the server list or if your on steam copy and paste "steam://connect/" into your web browser to auto launch and join the server. NO Addons required! Full mission explanation below.

    This is a updated and highly enhanced version of my Original Counter Insurgency mission, and Code34s upgrade of that mission. I have taken the those two missions and continued with performance improvements, improved the speed that players can get back into the action and tried to generally improve the overall game play/balance.

    Based on the very popular domination and insurgency game mods, this mission takes it a step further.

    Blueforce/Nato must conquer the island by clearing all the red squares of Opfor forces.
    Independents are allied with Opfor and must stop or slow the the Bluefor advance by any means possible. Utilizing guerrilla tactics (hit and run/IED's, ambush tactics) Or full blown standard military tactics.

    Mission can be played COOP/or PVP or as intended a mix of both styles.


    26 Man Bluefor team as the invaders

    Fully equipped and protected main base with VAS, Light/Medium/heavy armor and Air support vehicles focused on transport and CAS. Base also includes options to Halo directly into the action or Teleport to 3 FOBS (Fireball, Grizzly or Camp Canada). Each FOB is strategically placed to give Bluefor support across a wide area of the map and is equipped with its own VAS, a Pawnee, one transport Helo, a small selection of Armour and a HELO repair/Rearm Pad.

    6 Man Independent team as the Insurgent force

    Smaller version of the Bluefor base utilizing the best equipment the Insurgents forgeign supporters can smuggle in country. Assets Include VAS, Light/Medium/Heavy armor and air support vehicles focused on AA and armed Hellcat Helos. Insurgents have the option to spawn or teleport to any one of their hidden bases (Main, Throns Bay, Mine, Ampitheatre, Dump) Each base has its own VAS and stock of Military vehicles available for use against the invading forces. Or the Insurgent forces can teleport directly into most main cities. Giving them the ability to quickly react to any Bluefor advance.


    Special Credits: EOS by Bangabob, INS revive by Naong, VAS by Tonic and Code34 for his hard work(Hardcore Insurgency)

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    I was wondering if there were a way to force the game to not use the "wreked" black skin when it explodes...but i want it just explode burn but use the coulored normal there a way to do this?i know its possible for a bug with a mod ive enabled but i dont know how to script it in a mission..can someone help me please?

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hey guys,

    WSSDecode.exe's own documentary says, that there is a way to let it decode multiple WSS files at once.

    But how? I am a noob at cmd commands but I guess I will have to learn in order to use these tools properly. I tried:

    dewss "path\to\wss\files" "path\where\to\put\wav\files" but it does nothing. I thought it would decode all wss files in that folder.

    Please help me out here guys.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Lockheed Martin's F35B Lightning II

    This mod will feature the F35B STOVL. It is currently unstable and buggy, but these issues will get resolved soon. It is about time for the ArmA 3 community to get the new F35B instead of the BI's X35.

    Planned features
    -DAS System
    -John's GBU Targeting System
    -Air Refueling
    -John's Service Menu
    -Ejection System
    and more...

    I still don't have a release date for this aircraft so please DO NOT bug me when it will be released.[COLOR="Silver"]

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    First things first i would like to say hello everyone i am new to the forum and i have been playing arma for a few years now and i have played the flash point games in the past. so i was wondering if anyone knew if there is any mods for the mi 26 helicopter or arma 3 if so it would be great if you could send a link my way to armaholic or where ever it is thanks :rolleyes: also sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place

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    Some of you may know my shop system from M.E.R.C.S. I'm currently porting it to an MP environment for a new project. Having some small troubles with addWeaponCargo / addMagazineCargo / addItemCargo. Just for the record: The shop system runs client-side and adds / removes bought / sold stuff to / from an ordinary, editor-placed weapon box. I've planned to use the limited local effect addWeaponCargo offers (on the contrary to addWeaponCargoGlobal) so each player will have his own box with contents only he can see / manipulate. However, I've encountered two problems:

    1. addWeaponCargo doesn't seem to work on a client when the box is not local to him (even if stated otherwise in the biki). The buying process works as planned, money gets removed and the script runs the addWeaponCargo. But the box stays empty. It's working just fine when the buyer is also the server.

    2. If the server-side buyer takes something from his personal instance of the box and then puts it back it is synched across the network, means other players can take it or sell it. Any known way to disable synchronisation across the network?

    Any help or ideas for a workaround are appreciated! :)

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