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    PG Services (PMC) von BadHabitz (22JUN15)

    ***** Update *****

    BadHabitz veröffentlichte sein PG Services (PMC) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Pack enthält eine überarbeitete Version des PMC Addons von Pomigit. Das ursprüngliche Addon von Pomigit enthält Soldaten in 48 Uniform-Varianten, 8 verschiedene Westen, 10 verschiedene Kopfbedeckungen, Metallic Black Edition MX Gewehre in Standard und GL Variante, PMC Version des MH-9 Hubschrauber etc.


    Pomigit has granted me permission to take over development of the PG Services PMC mod from this point forward. I've made some minor changes, and have other additions and changes planned for the future. Before handing this mod over, Pomigit added new Tactical Goggles (a custom model, with three textures) and also made the necessary changes for Zeus compatibility.

    PG Services is a global provider of security and resource protection services. We offer professional services to support government agencies and multinational corporations in high risk and complex environments across the globe. Our personnel bring a dynamic combination of management, expertise and execution to each challenge–delivering long-term, cost-effective programs that are specifically tailored to meet customer needs.

    Built on a foundation of legal, moral and ethical values, our company is committed to the highest standards of accountability, compliance and quality. Since our inception, we aim to set the standard throughout the industry with our stringent training and exacting code of ethics. We are fully compliant with government regulations, industry protocols and international law and firmly believe that combining integrity and quality into all we do best serves our clients and the communities in which we serve

    Pomigit's Credits
    - Ziggy76 for providing me with useful reference material
    - GvsE for helping me test multiplayer compatibility of random uniforms, vests and headgear
    - Surpher for providing me with replacement normal and specular maps for the blufor uniform
    - PurePassion for answering my queries and supporting my work
    - DnA from BIS for being incredibly supportive by taking time out to consider my request and providing permission
    - Everyone who has provided respectful and encouraging feedback, particular those who have reported bugs

    BadHabitz's Credits
    - I'm honored to be taking over a truly awesome mod, and what I believe to be a cornerstone of the Arma3 modding community. Thanks to pomigit for letting me continue this awesome mod

    - Removed randomization script from a base class that was having an unintended effect.
    - Changed two class names inside of CfgGroups to comply with ALiVE rules.
    - Added new Marksman soldier (PMC_Marksman_M14) to better help with MX/M4 group distinction.
    - Including replacement pbo's in the main download for the first time.
    - Corrected replacement pbo's to overwrite MX units in groups.

    Quelle: BIS-Forum

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    TGP - Targeting Pod for Air Vehicles von Lala14 (v0.8.97262)

    ***** Update *****

    Lala14 veröffentlichte sein TGP - Targeting Pod for Air Vehicles Skript in den Bi-Foren.


    Hey guys so you may have noticed GeraldBolso1899's post on the fourm in the Addons & Mods Discussion about Making a targeting pod
    well I made a script which was very basic then but since that week I've created a much better version
    GeralBolso, 161st V-SOAR & some guys from the 39th Battalion tested it out and reported some feedback for me and ideas which I have implemented

    - On and Off ability
    - Designed for multi team use
    - Ability to use the Targeting Pod without the need of a UAV Terminal if are part of the crew of the vehicle
    - Ability to allow for someone else to use the Targeting Pod assuming TGP_Veh_Only is equal to 0
    - Optimized
    - Different positions for each vehicle
    - Mod supported vehicles Currently are HAFM Helis, Pearl A-10C, STI A-10A, SU-35, F/A 18E/F/X, CHO F-35, IVORY F-15C, IVORY MIG-29K, IVORY GR-4, HAFM Planes, RHS, FireWill F16C

    - Added in version checking of the script (and if the script contains an old version it will be overridden)
    - Added in clean up of TGP_config to remove duplicates (will use the latest ones added to TGP_config) (only gets executed at the beginning of the script) (TGP_fnc_checkTGPConfig)
    - Added in more parameters to TGP_config (Hide TGP, PiP selectionTexture, weapon/magazine conditions)
    - Changed the attachTo part of the script to also allow strings (mempoints) (via new function TGP_fnc_getAttachToStuff)
    - Redone a lot of the PiP functions to allow for 3D pip
    - All commands that used the lockCameraTo in the script now follow a function (TGP_fnc_setCameraDirection)
    - Added in new keybindings to allow movement of camera through these keys (TGP_fnc_cameraMoveDirection) (relative to the plane)
    - Added in a new addAction (set TGP grid lock) (TGP_fnc_lockCameraGridPos)
    - Added in a global kill TGP function (Lala_fnc_TGPKill)
    - Removed camera shake when controlling the TGP to allow for smoother controls (a lot smoother!) (will only work via keybinding or addAction)
    - Added in temporary CBA keybinding fix that should eliminate the problem about the keybinds for now until CBA fix this
    - And as you would expect these all will report via TGP_RPT_Debug

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Hindu Kush von CPL.Variable.A (v2.7)

    ***** Update *****

    CPL.Variable.A veröffentlichte seine Hindu Kush Landschaft. Das Addon enthält ein 20x20 km großes Gebirgsgelände mit mehreren Standorten und Möglichkeit für Kampfszenarien.


    Large 20x20km mountain terrain with multiple locations and possibility for combat scenarios.

    Locations to date :
    - Abandoned Airfield
    - Destroyed Airfield
    - 2 x Army Camp
    - 8 x FOB
    - 17 x Villages
    - 2 x Towns
    - Lumbermill
    - Stone Quarry
    - Beverage Factory
    - Tora Bora Cave Complex (3km of underground corridors and spaces)
    - 2 x other cave complex
    - 6 x Heroine Plantations
    -Multiple enemy camps, small local farms, and other unique locations

    More in the works...
    Map is playable but still in development thus please report all problems or suggestions.

    Hindu Kush

    JBAD Buildings

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    Atlantis Map von CPL.Variable.A (v1.7)

    CPL.Variable.A veröffentlichte seien Atlantis Map. Das Addon enthält ein 20x20km großes Terrain für große Luftangriff und Marineoperationen sowie Spec Ops-Szenarien.
    Features u.a.:
    • 1 Flugplatz
    • 2 Seehäfen
    • 2 Radaranlagen
    • 3 Armee-Lager
    • 4 Größere Städte
    • 3 Dörfer
    • 2 großen Brücken
    • und viel mehr

    A 20x20km Terrain offering potential for large air assault and naval operations as well Spec Ops scenarios.
    20 Large and smaller islands with unique locations:
    - 1 Airfield
    - 2 Sea Port
    - 2 x Radar installation
    - 3 x Army Camp
    - Large Open Mine
    - 4 Larger Towns
    - 3 Villages
    - 2 Large Bridges
    - Other smaller locations..

    - New land mass connecting 2 largest islands.

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    ADAM von Pwner Actual (v1.

    Pwner Actual veröffentlichte sein ADAM Tool. Das Addon enthält ein Tool für die Entwicklung von ArmA3 Mehrspieler-Missionen.


    Application for Developing ArmA 3 multiplayer Missions.

    - Side by side with the ArmA 3 editor, create your own missions.
    - You do not need to tinker with any files. Everything is done through this application.
    - Build a complete mission in record time.
    - Get assistance from ADAM's efficient and user-friendly controls.
    - Write up a custom briefing and generate tasks like never before.
    - Make use of Pwner's PUGS patrol script and realistically populate your sandbox.


    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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