• Armaholic wrote:

    ESPI has submitted a new version of this two missions, one for singleplayer and one for multiplayer, featuring his ESPI Car Tuning addon.

      fixed bug fixed - delete mission.sqf. fixed- delete radio.create music fixed fix action up in suv. Fixed RESPAW vehicle and player. clear dateold delete ,no found change time.

    Race Crazy SP&PvP-x (@) vBeta 1.01

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  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Gruppe Adler was founded in April 2014. That makes it a fairly new squad but the founding members have been active in the ArmAverse since Operation Flashpoint was released in 2001.

    We play ArmA 3 only. Our perferred gamemode is TvT but we also play COOP. The social structure of our squad ranges from students in their mid-twenties to family-men in their mid-fifties.
    Our focus is on tactical game-play in a relaxed and friendly style. We cherish our virtual lives, we act cautiously rather than recklessly and use as few respawns as possible. We probably take ArmA 3 more seriously than casual gamers would but we don't try to imitate the military. Besides playing we build our own missions, we are involved in addon-making and many other aspects of ArmA 3.

    We are looking for dedicated ArmA-3-players to reinforce our squad. Our members must be fluent in German and speak German in the squad.

    Further information is available in German at or feel free to send me a PM here on the forum.

    Thank you for reading and best regards

    Squad Leader

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:


    I'm trying to use the following code on a 'Game Logic' (Objects) to make things/building/fences/lamps in a specific radius invencible:


    if (isServer) then {{_x allowDammage false} forEach nearestObjects [this, ["Building","Structures_Fences","Lamps","Structures_Walls"], 780];};
    Unfortunately, they don't seem to be working. Could someone give a hand?


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Wolf Heart Gaming has just launched a brand new DayZ Overpoch server!

    Are you looking for a private server to hang out with your friends with activate admins, and a lot of great features?

    Please consider joining us for custom weapons and content. The server has a host of features including, but not limited to, tons of weapons, 500+ vehicles, custom skins, adjustable view distance, 4 hr restarts, self-bloodbag, building supply drops, deployable bicycle, lockable vehicles, detailed UI and coin based currency.

    Please consider coming to fight co-operatively or Player-Versus-Player with active AI missions in our high-speed server.

    Server Information: (Direct Connect through Arma 2 OA)

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:


    I have a slight issue... I am trying to set up reinforcements after a bridge has been taken, with the players group holding the bridge, etc.

    I am spawning a group(s) for this, after a condition has been meet- just opfor not present at the bridge and then I have a condition for the reinforcement group so that when they die, it will trigger another group to spawn and so on- this is the condition:

    PHP Code:

    (({alive _x} count units rus4) == 0);

    The error I'm getting is: type array expect object,group

    In itself it works i.e. when this group is dead the condition is met fine, but it's an annoying error and one of those that doesn't disappear on the server.

    I think the issue is that the group doesn't exist yet (i.e. hasn't spawned yet), but the trigger condition is running...? Or is the problem with defining the group name itself? I'm not sure and have been messing around for a while now.

    I'm just using a simple cfggroup spawn:

    PHP Code:

    = [];

    //if (isServer) then {
    if ((HCPresent && !hasInterface && !isServer) || (!HCPresent && isServer)) then {

    rus4 = [getmarkerpos "Op4", EAST,(configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "OPF_Mas_rus_sof_F" >> "infantry_mas_rus_v" >> "BUS_mas_rus_InfSquad_v")]call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


    So I'm using group name "rus4" for the condition above, not alive count units, etc. if that makes sense?

    Any help/suggestions, would be appreciated.


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Not sure if it's already been mentioned. Basically, in Editor you can type in a script, such as "ropename = ropecreate [heli1,[0,0,0], cargo1,[0,0,0],20]", or a bunch of other things. If you use it a lot, you know what I mean. But basically, add a module, like under the tab where all the effects, aounds, flares, Zeus and all that is located, add a module that you can place on a soldier, or a vehicle, or an object, in which allows you to edit that objects Init (Initialization script) on the fly. So if I wanted to connect a rope to two objects, live session, I'm able to select the first object, name that object "heli1" for example, select the next object, name it, and create a rope on those two objects without having to be mission host to use the Initialization.

  • News-Feed wrote:

    XMedSys von X39 (v0.3.9 Beta)

    ***** Update *****

    sancron veröffentlichte das XMedSys Addon von X39 in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält ein verbessertes medizinisches System für ArmA3, ähnlich wie die Funktionen im ACE-Mod. für ArmA2.


    The XMedSys was designed to fill the giant blank ACE left after ArmA 3 came out but ACE did not. Controling everything works in the same way like in ACE to make a move over as simple as possible (may change in the future) so that everyone who knows ACE should be able to use XMedSys!

    The XMedSys are developed and maintained by X39, he has the lead about this Project in the vBundeswehr Team.

    • Units are bleeding
    - Bandage bleeding units to prevent death
    - If bleeding too long you will die

    • Knockout
    - Unit can get knocked out if too much damage received
    - Unit can get perma knock out or temporary knock out (temp knock out is calculated everytime!)
    - Epinephrine can be used to get knocked out units back

    • Custom death
    - Unit can be revived with a dephibrilator (After Bleeding is stoped)

    • Broken legs
    - When you receive too many hits in your legs you wont be able to move anymore until a medic heals you with a MedKit

    • Drag KnockedOut / Death units
    • A Module for simple implementation
    - Just add the module to your mission and every player will get initilized after join
    • Pain and with this also usable morphine
    • Reusable Medkits
    • Real value output of checkunit
    • autoapply to all missions (optional via userconfig)
    • some settings are editable via the module

    v0.3.9 beta
    - Fixed no putInVehicle/removeFromVehicle action available
    - Fixed "RevivalMeasures" option is showed everywhere


    Quelle: Bi-Foren

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I am currently test playing some of my misisons/edits that I worked on in the SPeditor now in the MPeditor. If I used the teleport function from MCC or a halo jump my current AI units under my direct control would teleport with me or halo jump when I was in the SPeditor but now in the MPeditor no AI units will follow at all. What is the reason why and can I get them to follow like in the SPeditor. Avibird.

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Im trying to start a dedicated server im using the mod TADST and its says everything is fine when starting my ports are
    Im very new to this (just learend how to port forward today) so would be good f you could explain what my problem might be as if i was a five year old.
    Thank you!

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