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    Will there ever be variants of current vehicles? I remember seeing artwork of different types of Ghosthawks before Helo DLC. And could't help myself thinking will we ever see any of this in game.

    Currently vehicles feel lacking at times. For example armed Ghosthawk. AMV, Marid, Panther and MRAP:s could use TOW missiles variants, Offroads could have GMG, and TOW versions, Pawnee variant could have AGM missiles, even 30mm autocannon for Hellcat. A holy minigun on a Hunter MRAP, anyone? The lack of assets in the best combined arms game is disturbing.
    And I couldn't give hoot if all assets are copypasted from existing vehicles. A cannon's a cannon and it doens't really matter what it looks like.

    What are your thoughts and what kind assets would you like to see? No new vehicles, just using existing weapons on existing vehicles.

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    If someone created an addon and used a space in its name instead of an underscore what problem(s) will this cause? For example: will this mean the addon will need to be enclosed with quotation marks in the start up parameters? There's obviously a good reason or reasons why people use the underscore in the naming process and I'm wondering what issues it will cause in Arma by using spaces oppose to underscores.

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    Pilot & Crew Pack US/NATO von Firewill (Preview Alpha)

    Firewill veröffentlichte sein Pilot & Crew Pack US/NAT Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Pack enthält USAF / USN und NATO Piloten und Crew.


    This Pack is provide of USAF/USN and NATO Countries Pilot, Crew.
    More Contents is will be updated.

    - USAF/USN Pilot & Crew
    - 8 types of HGU-55/P Helmet & MBU-20/P Oxygen mask
    - 8 types of Nomex Flight suit for USAF/USN
    - Pilot Equipmet vest
    - USAF Ground Crew Uniform and Safty Vest(Yellow) and ear-protector

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    FIR AWS US Standalone von Firewill (v0.1 Alpha)

    Firewill veröffentlichte sein FIR AWS US Standalone Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Pack enthält US/NATO Waffen für Kampfflugzeuge.


    This pack is provide of Air weapon for US/NATO.(Standalone of Original AirWeaponSystem in F-16 Addon)
    F-16C is must need this pack.
    AWS is open to use for Other Aircraft,so other maker can use and adapt this pack without my permission

    Reference Data(Init Script,Switch for aircraft model) for Aircraft maker :

    - Air Weapon system for US/NATO Countries
    - SEAD,ECM,Targeting Function is move from F-16 to AWS
    - Insignia Function
    - Include the Reference Data for Aircraft Addon maker.

    Known Issue
    - AIM-7 is can't see visually lock on box, but can lock on and fire.

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    F-16C Fighting Falcon Standalone von Firewill (v0.16 Alpha)

    ***** Update *****

    Firewill veröffentlichte sein F-16C Fighting Falcon Standalone Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält verschiedene F-16C Fighting Falcon.


    The General Dynamics (now Lockheed Martin) F-16 Fighting Falcon is a single-engine multirole fighter aircraft originally developed by General Dynamics for the United States Air Force (USAF). Designed as an air superiority day fighter, it evolved into a successful all-weather multirole aircraft. Over 4,500 aircraft have been built since production was approved in 1976. Although no longer being purchased by the U.S. Air Force, improved versions are still being built for export customers. In 1993, General Dynamics sold its aircraft manufacturing business to the Lockheed Corporation, which in turn became part of Lockheed Martin after a 1995 merger with Martin Marietta.

    The Fighting Falcon has key features including a frameless bubble canopy for better visibility, side-mounted control stick to ease control while maneuvering, a seat reclined 30 degrees to reduce the effect of g-forces on the pilot, and the first use of a relaxed static stability/fly-by-wire flight control system helps to make it a nimble aircraft. The F-16 has an internal M61 Vulcan cannon and 11 locations for mounting weapons and other mission equipment. The F-16's official name is "Fighting Falcon", but "Viper" is commonly used by its pilots, due to a perceived resemblance to a viper snake as well as the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper starfighter.

    In addition to active duty U.S. Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command, and Air National Guard units, the aircraft is also used by the USAF aerial demonstration team, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, and as an adversary/aggressor aircraft by the United States Navy. The F-16 has also been procured to serve in the air forces of 25 other nations.
    From Wikipedia

    - F-16C Fighting Falcon for USAF,ROKAF and other Country
    - Various Weapon Equipment
    - SEAD System(Currently working with Tigris for now.)
    - ECM JAMMER for Self-Protection in SEAD Operation.
    - Change the Loadout, Skin in Loadout Menu
    - Custom Insignia Supported.
    - Targeting system for Precision Strike.

    include with my AirWeaponSystem and Texture & Config Template.

    v0.16 alpha
    - adjust steering wheel sensitivity
    - Add F-16C CFT Test Version-its just Test, not working!
    - Prepare For AWS Release

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    Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM) von SAM Studios (v0.1.0)

    Mr. Bravo veröffentlichte sein Swedish Army Mod 3 (SAM) Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon soll moderne schwedische Streitkräfte darstellen, Soldaten, Ausrüstung, Waffen, Fahrzeuge etc.


    The main goals of our projects is to bring Swedish military content of high quality and realistic functionality. The Arma-series offers great freedom of configuration and gameplay, as well as modern graphics and massive environments. This along with a huge modding-community and active developers makes it the ultimate base for our creativity to take shape and be shared with other fellow modders and/or gamers.

    Swedish Army Mod is a project by SAM Studios and is all about adding modern equipment, units, vehicles and other resources used by the Swedish Armed Forces into the Arma-series. The ultimate goal is to deliver new quality stuff to the community, while avoiding outdated content, reskins, chaotic mashups, half finished and bugged content as much as possible.

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    Project Nova Uniform Pack von ma77h3hac83r (v1.0)

    ma77h3hac83r veröffentlichte sein Project Nova Uniform Pack in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält 6 verschiedene Multicam Tarnuniformen.


    This pack is a WIP of a retexturing of a bunch of uniform items from Arma. My focus is currently on the NATO side but I might expand to OPFOR and maybe IND at some point if there is interest.

    Now I know you're thinking "Not another uniform pack. There is already so many. What makes this one different from all the rest?" Well I'll tell you. This pack is going to be completely modular meaning that uniform combinations will be packaged together instead of being lumped into one large .pbo. My goal with this project is to not only teach myself the aspects of modding and texture creation but also to give the units out there a better way of adding uniforms to their mod packs without having to download a massive 5GBs of files if they don't want to. So with that all being said here it is.

    Pack 1: Multicam
    The Multicam pack contains 6 variations of the camo listed below. Right now it just contains the uniform and nothing else. I have plans to add the different armor types, backpacks, and helmets.

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