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    So let me explain. > Im dutch im tired im can not think and type/speak clearly anymore and ect ect.

    Okay there we go.

    I have a dedi server Linux dist *UBUNTU*

    A3server installed perfectly fine mods everything works greate.
    Performance: well never knew i would tell you guys this but its better then windows almost 84% better.
    Stability: well read the upper message you will know it should be good.


    Since you already know im on linux and almost 78% of all the 3rd party tools are MS Based and have little to non support for linux,
    and yeah that 78% of those programs are really usefull better then the other %% thats available.

    Most of you guys know that many people uses BEC.
    well i got it somehow working but i get alot of these things :


    22:47:04 : Admin file contains a error. guid tag can not be empty, Location id=0
    22:47:04 : Please wait... Connecting to the Server when the Timeout has expired!
    22:47:23 : Connecting to Battleye server
    22:47:25 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.!
    22:47:29 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.!
    22:47:33 : No Valid response. Trying to reconnect.!
    22:47:37 : Lost Connection!
    22:47:37 : Closing socket & exiting!

    I simply have tried many things nothing worked out.

    So i was thinking hmm no valid response means he knows it exists but doesnt get a straight forward acceptance *legit message back*,
    then i was searching around found nothing only thing is change your startup param's -*Tried every single thing*- but non of them worked.

    Then i was thinking for a bit longer maybe for about 3 hours of thinking and thinking messing around and then my brain cracked the wife comes by complains about the kid i created,
    so i took a little break of about 4 hours.

    4 hours later:

    Hmm lets try Rcon's and there i go download multiple of em :


    Found out even thos cant connect to it. *SHIZZZZZ WHYYY*

    Okay lets monitor :

    BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.196) *CHECK*
    BattlEye/BEServer.cfg *CHECK*
    Config/Config.cfg - BePath = z:\home\arma3server\serverfiles\BattlEye *CHECK*

    What the.. wait i dont know anymore and now im here asking for help and assistance.

    ( more info im using wine yes with vnc access aswell )

    Help me?

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    If any of you have tried making the AI use the Huron (and possibly the Taru I haven't tried it) and command him to use the "move and drop cargo command" he'll just get to the destination and then fly in a big circle around it because he can't stabilize himself. I would like to make a script that tells him where to go, and when his speed gets down to at least 10, he'll drop the cargo right where he is. However, I can't find the command to make him drop cargo, if its even been released yet. Has anyone figured it out?

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    Special Boat Service template.
    This template is identical to my other template ( In that template i used a Hangar from where you can start your missions. In this one it's a LHD (amphibious assault ship): USS Khe Sanh from Chortles. I also changed the US SEALS for the British SBS, those addons from Massi are great to play with.
    I prefer to make my missions with a maximum of 3 requirements/addons...couldn't manage it this time because i wanted crewmembers on the deck for the ambience.
    You can place the LHD where ever you want on the map. You also can setup or load your gear on it, it has VAS 2.6 (Credits Tonic) and ASOR Gear Selector (Credits Lecks).

    You need 4 Addons:
    UK Special Forces by Massi -->
    NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons by Massi (above addon requires this one) -->
    LHD (amphibious assault ship): USS Khe Sanh by Chortles -->
    Flight Deck Crew Personnel byHazel & BGirlTray -->

    Watch your Step:
    Don't walk to close to the walls on the can get stuck. Sometimes that also happend with the stairs. That behaviour comes with the LHD addon and not the template.
    I placed some planes/heli's/speedboats for the ambience, if you want to place the LHD somewhere else just remove them or check their locations on the map. Speedboats don't do great on land ;-)

    Download ZIP:
    Download PBO: SBS-template.Altis.pbo

    Ah..a last note:
    I know it's not perfect ...but hey it's free of use..change whatever you want.

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    Battle Command is a tactical wargame or even a professional war field simulator with full realism. It is made with help from US Army officers.

    In game footage: (1446 kB)

    Players can create their own scenarios and play with collegues (multiplayer only). There are built-in scenarios too. Playtime can be very long (from pause to 1:1 real time to speeded up time).
    This simulation is demanding and needs some knowledge about military tactics (troops, motorized etc). After some time very powerful GUI is really intuitive and simple.

    I have played a few scenarios with my collegue and it was real fun.

    If you like tactical simulations this is really worth trying out.

    More info and details You can find on their page:
    and in this document:

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Lifeman's Storage Function

    What can this Storage Function do?

    * Store Vehicles by the players thats owning the vehicle.
    * Store Your own items.
    * You can make it save over restarts aswell if you just make L_Veh_Storage and L_Item_Storage save.

    How would i make a player own a vehicle?

    Well this is how it works, you would need to make it so when the car spawn or what ever then make it call for a function called: L_Storage_setowner witch is this:

    PHP Code:

    L_Storage_setowner = {
    _veh = cursorTarget;

    _veh isKindOf "LandVehicle")) exitWith {
    hint "You can only do this on Land Vehicles";

    _veh setVariable [format ["Owner_%1", getPlayerUID player], true];
    systemChat format ["Owner set Successfull on: %1", typeof _veh];

    Exemple when the car spawn:

    PHP Code:

    _Car = "Class name" createVehicle (position player);

    _car addAction ["Store vehicle",{[] call L_Storage_input},[false],1,false,true,"","(_this distance _target) < 5"];
    _car setVariable [format ["Owner_%1", getPlayerUID player], true];

    Download Link:

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    Hostile Takeover RP Support Team Application

    Hostile Takeover, the community that brought you King of the Hill, and now hosts over 20 ArmA servers is looking to develop a support team for an up-and-coming game mode it is creating. The mission will be heavily RP based and roles available span from in-game Moderators to Senior Admins.

    Applicants must meet the following requirements before applying:

    • Meet the age requirement of 18+ years.

    • Be comfortable using TeamSpeak, forum systems and have a good working microphone.

    • Have sound written and verbal communication skills.

    • Ability to work in small teams and meet deadlines when required.

    • Desire to learn new skills.

    In addition, being highly self-motivated and passionate about the ArmA community & Role-Play are welcomed attributes to a candidate. Applicants wishing to achieve a more senior role must display skills in team-leading, micromanagement and organisation.

    Successful applicants will enjoy:

    • Being part of a highly enthusiastic and motivated team.

    • Take on a highly rewarding role in a thriving community.

    • Develop skills relevant to server hosting and administrative support.

    • Be provided with the opportunity to have input in an exciting new RP mission.

    If you would like to apply, private message myself on these forums to receive an application. Applications will close on 05/12/14; your application may be reviewed prior to this date, however, any applications submitted after that date will not be considered.

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    Colleville Assault - Iron Front Arma 3 - SP/Coop 45

    More images here:,UNKt44p,07s...qbhYYJ,A26CoSE

    Platoon level combined arms mission, your duty is to take the strategical town of Colleville.

    Playable units:

    4 infantry squads
    1 Sherman
    1 P-47
    1 mortar

    High command module RTS style available too to control the AI

    I really recommend you to play this mission at a difficulty level of not below veteran, otherwise all the orienting part and realistic features will be missing, making the mission too easy and ruining the atmosphere of costant peril that real soldiers faced back in WWII.


    !MOD REQUIRED! last version of Iron Front on A3


    E N J O Y

    Good Luck & Have Fun


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    I started work on a big 13x13km map with a lot of detail.
    I worked on some cliff side with a lot of carefully placed rocks and plants to make it look realistic. Every new object i place i can see just fine but the stuff I added some time ago i can't see properly....

    Bulldozer screenshot

    same shot in game

    I thought it might be some optimization thing. Also roads work in game just fine... they display in Terrain builder... but i cant see them in bulldozer...
    This is critical problem for me, i don't plan to just add few buildings and trees... going for real world based, high detail terrain and I have to be able see what i am doing

    P.S. Some objects appear black... some without textures... some displayed as white box... and some with a white table model.

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    Hello everyone I am happy to tell you that we are few days away from the first release of Community Upgrade Project,
    a project that got me thrilled from the start and I couldn't believe that is actually happening due the amount of work involved.

    Fortunately with a highly motivated team and a lot of help from contributors CUP is about to see the light of the day.
    Check out the video and the details and let us know what you think, if you want to join CUP team or contribute.

    Community Upgrade Project - The weapons we all missed :)
    Content of the CUP weapon pack release:
    * 3 Shotguns
    * 3 Grenade launchers
    * 7 SMG's
    * 22 Pistols
    * 11 Accessories
    * 14 Launchers
    * 19 Machine guns
    * 42 Optics
    * 39 Sniper rifles
    * 142 Assault rifles
    powered by JSRS1.5 sounds by LordJarhead.

    People involved in this release (alphabetical order):
    CUP team
    • ALIAS
    • Alwarren
    • Aoi
    • Kllrt
    • kju
    • Varanon

    • LordJarhead - JSRS 1.5 sounds
    • Taurus [ACR A3 team] - ACR weapon textures

    Let us know if you are excited to see all that great content back in ARMA cuz I know I am :)

    Support this project:
    Subscribe to CUP's Youtube channel
    Want to join? - Contact kju in the BIS forum via PM or send an e-mail to
    • Use CUP when comes out and let us know how you feel about it and make suggestions.

    Thank YOU!

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