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    A script I'm writing is using a very large multidimensional array.
    I have not experienced any problems yet, but I am worried that the size of the array can get so big it will break the mission.
    I read in this thread that the memory allocation in OFP was limited to 256 MB.
    Is this still the same in Arma 3?

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    So I'm currently making a house and I've got to the stage of making LODs to make it so the house is physical and can't be walked through. However I can't find any tutorials on how to set it up. Could anyone give me any advice / links because I've searched for hours on end with no luck (probably because I'm searching for the wrong thing)

    On another note, I've made the floors on the second level using lines then converting them into editable polys while also mirroring them so the floor is view-able from both sides (bottom and top) in 3ds max it shows fine however when I load it up into object builder some of the floors are out of place.
    The left picture is what it looks like in OB as you can see the floor overlaps the building on the right it shows what it looks like in 3ds max and doesn't overlap (the bit that shows in 3ds is the above part of the house)

    A picture of the house :)

    Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Hello. As the title says, I'm building a rig specifically to play Arma 3. I would like to ask your advice on exact components, especially if you have experience with playing the game in highest possible settings. I will include all info below. Thanks, in advance, for your input.

    So my main goals are:

    1) To play Arma 3 online in ultra settings (which are the highest possible settings) and I would like to get 60+ fps. The rig itself should be capable of higher fps but online severs often just won't allow for more.

    2) I would like to stream to while playing Arma 3 on ultra settings and sometimes record gameplay to my computer at 1080p.

    My budget is $1,200-$1,500, before shipping. If I can achieve my goals with this build for $1,200 that would be great but if I need to add that extra $300 then I will do what it takes! I do NOT need a monitor, mouse or keyboard.

    Approximate Purchase Date: As soon as possible, ideally this week

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Arma 3! I don't play many other titles.

    Parts to Upgrade: I am starting from scratch so I need ALL the necessary parts from A-Z.

    OS: Yes, I'm thinking Windows 8 but open to suggestions if some of you think Windows 7 is a better choice.

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: - I live in Canada so I would like to buy from a Canadian website. If you know a better/cheaper website in Canada, I would buy from it as long as they are reliable.

    Location: I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    Overclocking: Maybe.

    SLI or Crossfire: Maybe.

    Monitor Resolution: My resolution will be 1080p unless I can find a decent 27" monitor that displays 2560x1440 with a high refresh rate.

    Additional Comments: I would like a build that can be upgraded, since 4k resolution is around the corner it would be nice if this rig can get me there through upgrading certain parts. I'm also thinking of buying 3 1080p monitors down the line so if it's possible with this rig and some upgrades that would be great too.

    I'm upgrading because my current rig just doesn't perform to the level I would like. I sure do love my Arma 3 and I would like to enjoy it to it's full potential.

    Okay, thanks for reading through and I hope you guys have some good builds in mind for me to look into!


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    Hey there,

    I searched around a lot in the forums for the question why the heck my hightfileds are not shown up or even are beeing used in Terrain Builder.
    If I import an Hightfield it is not shown in the scene view Window, it is but existing in the layers window. Even if I set the respective
    coordinates and zoom all the way out I can see only an edge that does not corrospond to an actualy square map (See screenshot in the spoiler below).
    If I am going further and import the Sat Map and load up all this in Buldozer, so I got my world..yes, with Textures, SatMap, everythings...but its flat...there is no hightfield beeing used
    and it rests under a few feet of water.

    Now I wonder whether it has somethings to do with a messed up Terrain Builder or is there an other issue that is causing this?
    I would follow any Tutorial...but I cant find any good Terrain Builder specified Tutorials anymore in the Forums...the ressources I knew so far are either outdated (Visitor 3) or
    have been deleted or are not available anymore for any other reasons. (I do know about the Visitor 4 Tutorial that still does exist...but it also doesnt answer my question)

    So if anyone could help me in both matters (may be knowing what went wrong with my Hightfield issue and may be point me to good tutorials I havent found yet...if they exist)
    So, I´d be very thankfull.




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    The AI always out shoot me unless I am lying prone because firing when crouched or standing gives the player a massive sway penalty and of course, the AI standing up at 500 meters does not have this sway. He also has almost no bullet spread in their groupings, meaning their shots are like laser precision. They also don't react to suppressive fire, so there is no point trying that tactic. The Showcase missions don't equip you with any zoom optics, it's usually just the ACO. The only way for me to win firefights against them is to find some kind of zoom optic off a dead body and pick them off at long ranges, but even then it's a challenge.

    On showcase missions where the player does not have friendly AI to draw fire like the Night Showcase, I find firefights to be extremely frustrating, sometimes the AI just magically are alerted to my presence, turn around and instant headshot me even after I put two rounds into their back! This is all on regular difficulty as well. Am I playing it wrong or something?

    I haven't played the Campaign yet, but if the Showcase Missions are this difficult. I can't imagine what the campaign is going to be like. I want some advice on how to win against vanilla AI. I've seen a lot of AI mods, but want to play Vanilla Arma once before playing it with mods. I only play in First Person View.

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    Hey guys,

    I have the following problem:
    I am using the Terrain Builder to create a map for Arma 3.
    I got it working to the point that I can create missions for the map in the arma3 map editor.
    Now I wanted to place some trees, houses, etc. and did so by adding every single object onto the terrain.
    When I wanted to test it, it worked fine and I could play the map normally.
    Suddenly - when I had placed a lot of objects (around 2000 maybe?) the bulldozer said "Too many objects in grid rectangle 13,8" when I tried to start it.
    I tried to pack the map anyways and when I tried to launch arma, the same error appeared.

    So I assume I have too many objects in the grid rectangle 13,8 -> My Question is:
    How can I locate that spot? And what is the maximum of objects that can be there?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Here is a picture of it

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