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    Hi all,

    Yesterday we've released a new MP Game Mode "Support" to the development branch of Arma 3.

    "Support" is a new, helicopter-oriented MP mode based on Sector Control gameplay with a non-combat focus. Players are tasked with transporting their team's forces in and around the Area of Operation, whist providing logistical support by delivering supplies, executing medevac missions and responding to Close Air Support requests.
    Based on a community-friendly, modular framework, 5 official TvT and co-op scenarios introduce a variety of locations and gameplay conditions, in which competing factions use different types of helicopter to fight for control of the battlefield.

    Documentation on how to create missions with Support functionality will be posted soon, meanwhile, we have released the following scenarios:

    • [PvP] Support Katalaki
    • [PvP] Support Sofia
    • [PvP] Support Pyrgos
    • [COOP] Support Rodopoli
    • [COOP] Support Stratis

    Feel free to discuss it here.
    For more information about how to switch to Development Branch, see

    Thank you and have fun flying!

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    I have a friend who's a bit of an Arma addict. He'll play for hours on end. He's like myself older and has been playing games since the very early release of computer games. But what strikes me is his ability to exploit Arma's AI. The AI in Arma has come on leaps and bounds, but being able to board a Blackfoot and single handedly wipe out the AI whilst evading all the AI's AA (low altitude flying) kind of exposes a huge weakness in the game. Isn't it about time aircraft in Arma are made more realistic - making the weapons systems more challenging to operate?

    The fact scripts have been written to restrict players from hopping into aircraft and single handedly completing half the mission underlines the need to make aircraft more challenging to fly IMHO. Having the 'inability' to flare whilst flying the Blackfoot lone wolf doesn't stop this lame gaming tactic.

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    this little tut is something I got from Bushlurker on the skype mapmaking channel.

    assigning colours to the polygons/polylines can be done in one of two ways....

    For any polygon or polyline, when you select it there's colour controls in the "properties" panel - you can set any colour you like

    - thats purely for your own visual benefit
    - plays no part in anything...

    For the "export shapes to imagery" purposes, you can "assign a mask colour to a shapes layer" - thats slightly different -
    it DOESN'T affect the visuals you see at all - the only visual difference is that that layers "icon" in the shape layers list will have a coloured border -
    and the colour will be one of the colours already associated with a surface...

    - to achieve that, you right click on the layer in the list, and you should see the names of all the surfaces you have defined listed in the right click context menu - grass, beach, rock, etc
    - by picking one of those, you basically assign that surfaces colour to all the shapes on that layer... you get a coloured border - and thats it...
    - the lines don't change colour or anything (thats what the other colour control is for)
    - all that "surface colour selection" does is to make sure that - if/when you "export shapes to imagery" then in the export file
    - those shapes will be coloured with that surfaces "associated colour"
    - so if you want all your roads to be coloured "blue" in TB's 2D view
    - select all road lines, then in the properties panel, choose a shade of blue
    - if you want to export a raster image of your road lines with them all coloured blue, then
    - right click the road line shape layer(s ) - select the ground surface associated with "blue" - "gravel" maybe... nothing changes - ... but then...

    Export > shapefiles to imagery... choose a neutral "background" colour like Yellow and export
    - you'll get blue lines on a yellow background

    - same deal with any polyline or polygon
    - assuming you have a mask colour assigned to "general urban", or "gravel" or "concrete" which you want to use
    - lets say (again) that the colour associated with that surface is "blue" then you'd

    Assign that "gravel/blue" surface type to all the shape layers which have road lines, concreted areas outlined by polygon shapes, etc - then as above - export that raster image

    Now you have all your "concrete" areas in blue, on a yellow background

    Load your mask into photoshop
    - load the new blue 'n yellow image
    - drag the image on top of the mask
    - it'll become a new layer... (if you hold shift while dragging it in it'll snap to position properly)

    now use Select > Colour range and select the yellow

    hit "delete"

    Yellow background disappears

    - now you have your original mask with all the blue lines and areas neatly overlaid

    "Flatten image" or "merge layers" - and "save"

    Now you have a mask with all those areas in blue

    Reimport mask to TB or "refresh from source" if you cleverly edited the old mask "in-situ"

    Recrunch the Layers folder

    Now - the mask has been reprocessed - "concrete" or "general purpose gravel" or whatever surface was associated with "blue" is now in use in those areas - open Buldozer and you'll see it

    Now there are many ways of making roads but this one seems very easy to do if you already have defined your layers and what not. This also works for all your other surfaces such as beach area, pine forest and all kinds of different textured surfaces you'd like on your map.

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    Hey guys,

    I would quickly like to ask 2 things for my Satellite Image. Possibly, rivaling the default ArmA 3 Texture map (You can see each individual field, and even tree if looking hard enough)

    - What is the best program to get it from (Minimal Obstructing Clouds, HD Quality. I'm using Google Earth at 4KM up, but there are a few clouds in the way of the island.)
    - What is the best size for this image? (2048x2048px, I'm using a 6826x6826px Sat img right now)

    Also, I have my height map data from here (If it counts to anything for the quality and size of my map)

    Thanks guys!

    Michael :)

    Note: The Island I'm using is Diego Garcia

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    I haven't found an active discussion about the MP performance vs SP performance so here it is. The Low CPU utilization & Low FPS topic is too general for this issue. It has to be discussed separately.

    Definitely there is something wrong with the MP. I think the issue is serious and affect lot of players. Even those who have very good peace of rig. Try to stick to the topic and not OFF it with CPU/GPU utilization in SP mission. Keep your SP performance as a reference of your MAXIMUM.

    We just wan't the same or almost the same FPS as we have in SP.

    My rig: Lenovo y510p with i7 4700MQ, 16GB@1600 DDR3, NVIDIA GT 755M and Intel SSD 520 Series 240GB,
    Internet connection: 15Mbit down, 1Mbit up

    I have 40-60 FPS in SP games and 16-25 in MP games. Sometimes even low!!
    Why do i have such a huge difference? How about you? What is your rig+internet connection?

    Mostly i play KotH on high populated servers, but if there are ~10 players my FPS isn't better.
    Does the server FPS affect the client FPS? Why?

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    OK having a major issue with TB - it just keeps crashing - it seems to work until i connect to Bulldozer - then after say 2-3 min it just crashes to Desktop this is happening all the time.

    If i do not connect to Bulldozer it works fine - strange thing is Bulldozer does not crash it keeps working its TB that crashes.

    Any suggestions ?


    Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 01090B12
    Version 0.00.124233
    Fault time: 2014/10/31 07:30:27
    Fault address: 01090B12 01:0042FB12 D:\STEAM\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\TerrainBuilder\TerrainBuilder.exe
    Prev. code bytes: 74 1D 8B 4E 2C 50 8B 11 8D 47 1C 50 8B 47 10 53
    Fault code bytes: FF 30 8D 85 E8 FE FF FF FF 76 28 50 FF 52 30 8D

    EAX:00000000 EBX:00000000
    ECX:002A9FA0 EDX:0122779C
    ESI:002B9188 EDI:05D15240
    SS:ESP:002B:0055F3F8 EBP:0055F52C
    DS:002B ES:002B FS:0053 GS:002B

    Call stack:

    Stack 0055F3F8 0055FB8C
    Debugger info - Applying offset c63b70 to mapfile

    mapfile: D:\STEAM\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\TerrainBuilder\ (empty 1)

    Debugger info - Generating minidump please wait.

    note: Minidump has been generated into the file Logs\TerrainBuilder_2014-10-31_07-07-36.mdmp

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    OK my group is having issues with our sound not working on mulitplayer, only vanilla sounding guns are audible for us, we use to use all our weapon mods and everything worked just fine now as of Wednesday night is the first time we played in a week or so and none of our weapon mods work that includes, HLC,RH Pistols,FHQ, and the newest RHS, none of those weapon mod give us any sounds. in multiplayer, the person shooting can hear their own gun but not the other players this is happening to 5 different people and we cannot figure out why, we gone down to just using CBA,MCC and RHS no sounds. this is our current mod list that is here and on the server.


    @SMA V1.7
    Any help i could get on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi...Searched, but couldn't quite find anything that exactly fit my need.

    As everyone knows, when a helicopter is flying at normal speed, and it comes to a waypoint that sets the speed to "limited", the chopper flares way up in the air when it slams on the brakes.

    I want to avoid the flaring, by slowing it down gradually, with triggers BEFORE the waypoint, using a setvelocity loop of some sort.
    Problem is...I am a remedial scripter.

    I seem to remember a similar script in the old OFP days, but I can not find it.

    Basically...I want to gradually slow the chopper down with setvelocity loop, between the first two waypoints...The second waypoint will be set to "limited" speed, but I want the chopper to already be going slow enough that it will not flare when it gets to this waypoint.
    It will then continue at "limited" speed, to a third waypoint, where it will fastrope some troops and then fly off.
    It needs to return to normal AI controlled speed, after it drops the troops.

    (I am good with the fastrope part...I just need help with the slowing script)

    Thanks in advance.

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    I know that title is rather cryptic, but bear with me. If this works like I think it will, it will be awesome. First go into the editor, pick any map, put a player down, and save it with any name.

    Now download this script (Dropbox) and place it in your mission folder. Rename it all you want and then execVM it from your player's init line. (or even just rename it to init and let the game run it for you)

    Enjoy! For fun screenshot the hint and post it! (you can blot out your name of course, oops spoilers!)

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