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    Resource War von A3 Resource War Team (v0.2.8)

    ***** Update *****

    blckeagls veröffentlichte sein Resource War Addon in den Bi-Foren. Das Addon enthält Open Sandbox "Sammeln von Ressourcen" Mod.


    Today I released my public pre-alpha version of Arma 3 Resource War. This mod has many features such as crafting and base building. It is a persistent world where user data is saved to the database and is an open world sandbox.

    The idea is to take over "select" resource locations on the map to control. You can then build your base around these resource locations and gather resources. Then you can use these resources to craft just about all items there are in the game. We have a real-world supply/demand economy where players set the price of their items for sale at the traders. The seller gets paid once a buy purchases their items.

    We are in a pre-alpha to get some people to on to play and help improve this mod. We are a small team of 2 people building this and need the support of people who love out idea to help the improvement and bug fixing.

    - Fix small issue with new players placing claim markers.

    - Allowed Group Member to delete your building pieces
    - Added: Sandbag Walls, H-Barrier Walls, and Razorwire
    - Fixed Saving of ammo on players and vehicles. Now saves ammo count

    Resource War

    Quelle: Bi-Foren

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    CH Mobile Headquarters v0.9
    Download from Dropbox

    This script modifies certain vehicles for use as a mobile headquarters. In other words it allows to teleport from the object at the base to one of the HQ vehicles deployed on the map. For now it supports these vehicles:
    - HEMTT Transport
    - Tempest Transport
    - Zamak Transport (CSAT)
    - Zamak Transport (AAF)
    - Truck (FIA)
    But you can configure any vehicle for use with this script. (see section "for advanced users")

    - HQ composition for every faction
    - customizable HQ and cargo objects
    - immersive HQ deployment
    - can work with any custom vehicles and objects
    - different map markers for mobile and deployed HQ
    - immersive teleport to HQ
    - supports multiple HQs at a time

    1. Copy "CHHQ.sqf" into your mission folder.
    2. Place any object (for example: map or flag) in editor that will be used to teleport to HQ.
    3. Add following code in that object init line:
    PHP Code:

    null = [this, SIDE] execVM "CHHQ.sqf"

    Where SIDE is the name of the side (west, east or resistance) MHQ belongs to.
    4. Place one of the supported vehicles in editor.
    5. Add following code to the init line of that vehicle:
    PHP Code:

    null = [this, SIDE (optional)] execVM "CHHQ.sqf"

    Where SIDE is the name of the side (west, east or resistance) this MHQ will belong to. If SIDE is left empty, default vehicle side is used.
    6. (Optional) Add the following code in your "init.sqf" if you wish enable or disable map markers for HQs:
    PHP Code:

    CHHQ_showMarkers = false; // Set 'true' if you want real time map markers for all HQs on your side. (Default: true)

    For advanced users:
    You can add your own presets and edit existing ones for any HQ vehicle. Go to the bottom of the "CHHQ.sqf" and find line:
    PHP Code:

    switch (toLower typeOf _obj) do {

    Under this line are stored blocks of code with configuration of every supported vehicle. For example:
    PHP Code:

    case ("b_truck_01_transport_f"): { // Type of HQ vehicle this configuration is used for. Make sure you use only lower case letters!
    _composition = [["Land_Cargo20_grey_F",[4.11963,-0.677246,0.0971179],271.612]]; // Array of arrays that contains object composition for deployed HQ in format [String: type of object, Array: offset from HQ, Scalar: relative direction from HQ]
    _cargoInfo = ["Land_Cargo20_grey_F",[0.045,-2.31,1.15],270]; // Array that contains information about cargo attached to HQ in format [String: type of object, Array: offset from HQ, Scalar: relative direction from HQ]
    [_obj, _side, _cargoInfo, _composition] call CHHQ_fnc_startingSetup; // Functions that starts this script

    To create your own object composition you can use my function below.
    Place in editor (preferably on an empty VR map) vehicle you would like to create composition for. Add some objects around it (you can use Zeus for that). Get in that vehicle and run this function:
    PHP Code:

    CHHQ_fnc_getOffset = {
    _veh = if (vehicle player isEqualTo player) then {nearestObject [player, "allVehicles"]} else {vehicle player};
    _objArray = [];
    _vehPos = getPos _veh;
    _vehDir = getDir _veh;
    if !(
    _x isEqualTo _veh && _x isEqualTo player) then {
    _pos = getPos _x;
    _dir = getDir _x;
    _type = typeOf _x;
    _offset = [(_pos select 0) - (_vehPos select 0),(_pos select 1) - (_vehPos select 1),(_pos select 2) - (_vehPos select 2)];
    _diroffset = (_dir + 360 - _vehDir) % 360;
    _objArray pushBack [_type,_offset,_diroffset];
    } forEach
    nearestObjects [player, [], 15];
    copyToClipboard str _objArray;

    Object composition will be copied in your clipboard.


    - beta release


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Just going to give this a shot here on the forums.

    Is anyone here familiar with TC (traffic control) and is willing to give me a hand with things? I have been reading different guides but its still scary shit and since the new downloadsystem on Armaholic is working really great (a bit to great) I now need to do some traffic shaping in order to provide a constant service.

    I am very, very newbie with all this Linux server administrating stuff and this one is actually very technical that I decided to see if some community members here are willing to give me a hand for the Armaholic servers.
    You wont need to do any server administrating at all, just help me with the correct settings for a TC to properly handle my outgoing traffic on the file server :)

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hi all -

    Does anyone know if there is a way to limit the distance one can use to fly the darter? I wanted to see if there was a way to limit the distance one can fly from controller up to 2k Meters max. For one of my missions where you are to recon areas but i want to limit this or have them use a UAV plane instead. I only want to limit the darter if possible.

    It's for this mission if anyone is interested:


  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I cant seem to figure this out. Probably because I haven't slept in 24 hours. Been trying to get this server ready for lunch on the 1st of April.

    RTF this is the only error I'm getting.

    9:11:41 "HIVE: Starting"
    9:11:41 "HIVE: trying to get objects"
    9:11:41 "HIVE: found 1834 objects"
    9:11:41 "HIVE: Commence Object Streaming..."
    9:11:41 "HIVE: got 1503 Epoch Objects and 331 Vehicles"
    9:11:41 Error in expression {
    _dir = _worldspace select 0;
    if (count (_worldspace select 1) == 3) then >
    9:11:41 Error position:
    9:11:41 Error count: Type String, expected Array,Config entry
    9:11:41 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 108

    server_monitor.sqf lines 91 to 119:

    _idKey = _x select 1;
    _type = _x select 2;
    _ownerID = _x select 3;

    _worldspace = _x select 4;
    _inventory = _x select 5;
    _hitPoints = _x select 6;
    _fuel = _x select 7;
    _damage = _x select 8;

    _dir = 0;
    _pos = [0,0,0];
    _wsDone = false;
    if (count _worldspace >= 2) then
    _dir = _worldspace select 0;
    if (count (_worldspace select 1) == 3) then {
    _pos = _worldspace select 1;
    _wsDone = true;

    if (!_wsDone) then {
    if (count _worldspace >= 1) then { _dir = _worldspace select 0; };
    _pos = [getMarkerPos "center",0,4000,10,0,2000,0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos;
    if (count _pos < 3) then { _pos = [_pos select 0,_pos select 1,0]; };
    diag_log ("MOVED OBJ: " + str(_idKey) + " of class " + _type + " to pos: " + str(_pos));

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I am a little confused as to why the arma3 root directory ban.txt is needed ?

    Somehow a player got into this list but not for any reason that I can see in any of the logs.

    Why would someone get onto ban.txt ? ie: with no intervention from me ?

    Why use this file at all as it's only their UID not their GUID ?

    Need some clarification


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