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    Hey guys,

    I have am issue that I encountered, just built myself a PC and have some fps problems while playing Arma 2, wasteland...

    My PC:

    i5-4590 3.3Ghz
    Sapphire R9 270x 2Gb GDDR5 256bit
    2x4GB DDR3 1600Mhz HyperX Savage
    MSI B85-G41 PC Mate

    In wasteland I get like 40-50 in the wilderness, 25 fps in Cherno.

    As a comparation, even though their different games. While playing Dayz SA, I have 90-120 outside of cities and 60-70 in Cherno.

    I tried to tweak as much as I can, can't seem to make it work.

    -nosplash -noPause -skipIntro -exThreads=7 -maxMem=8192 -maxVRAM=2047 -cpuCount=4 -world=empty

    I used 2047-8192 I know it is capped I tried it anyway
    I used custom malloc like libhoard

    have also

    even modified terrainGrid=50

    I used low and high and default settings... I can't imagine what it could be.

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    We need some

    Why a really odd title? Well its an odd scenario. See, ARMA 3 is in a really odd place. Its young and fresh but still has traits of its predecessor. Its new and vibrant but has modders with experience tending to it. Its like a new born with an experienced father. Bad analogies aside I have begun to notice something in the ARMA 3 modding community. Something that is detrimental to the broader modded gaming community. Something that could effect 2 man team all the way to the company sized play groups. Its magazine compatibility.

    Magazine compatibility? Really is this C. Young guy for real? What about dinosaur mods or super cool commando tactical spec ops black ops delta ranger snipers? Thats so much cooler. This C. Young guy is full of it........ or is he?
    The reason I want to address this and bring it to the common eye is because at the moment we are "ammo-segregated" with weapon mods.

    For example, Your super cool M16 pack, or your super fly snipers, or your shiny new M4 and carbines pack all work great but do all the magazine work together? Do they "compat" with each other? Well, if your most people you will say no. Its a sad but true fact at the moment. RH weapons mags wont compat with MK18's M4 pack mags and U100 weapons pack wont Compat again. Now, this might seem irrelevant to some of you small solo or small team players but to the larger communities, 30 and up players, this is a serious issue. The default ARMA 3 weapons are as help full as a dead horse at the Melbourne cup races so most communities use modded weapons pack.

    Now under the pretense of larger communities using mod packs they usually need, an automatic rifle platform in 5.56, a rifleman's standard rifle in 5.56, a rifleman's rifle with a UGL on it for grenadiers and then some form 5.56 PDW or short barrel firearm. This structure allows fire teams to be formed and then in greater sizes squads and eventually a company.

    What does this have to do with compatibility? Well right now in the ARMA 3 community it is hard to find a single weapons pack the checks all the need AND looks good, isnt buggy and plays well.
    So what do you do if there isn't a pack with all your needs? You use another pack encompassing your needs as well as the prior pack covering other needs. Now you have 2 mods running just for basic load-outs and guess what.....the mags aren't compatible. Well now what? Your bogged down in a firefight and your Grenadier has spare mags but his don't work with anyone elses so they have become combat ineffective and your down to one gun for the fight. Well.....that's no good.

    I hope I have addressed the issue of cross compatibility well enough. If your still unsure just ask me personally, I'll explain in more depth. 5.56 Mk318's, 5.56 262's and all the other variants in reality are compatible with any weapon bored for the round. So WHY are we restricted via mods?

    So that's the introduction and issue, but whats a thorough well thought out post without a suggested solution and conclusion (essay 101 baby!)
    Let's address the problem then. We need compatible magazines across mods. Something where modders can begin modding and use a predefined magazine set up that isn't horrible or I dare say it....the default BI 5.56 mags.
    Something like joint rails or joint muzzles but for Magazines. Imagine the possibilities. Modders could worry less about the magazines and compatibility issues and focus more on the models and handling. 1 third of the work load would be removed for weapon modders.

    Multiplayer Units in ARMA 3 would be able to use any weapon mod they felt fit the theme of their unit. Not just the ones that work with the mags then need them to. German units could rock G36's and Marine units could rock M4's, British units could rock the L85, French units could rock the FAMAS and Australian units could rock F88's and all the mags would be cross compatible. International units could use all of the above and mission makers could use different nations and not worry about ammo for each type. Just one ammo crate full of 5.56 cross compatible mags.

    Finally modders could worry about putting out packs of weapons in larger sizes. Less work on the magazines could equal more work on the pack itself.

    All in all I want to raise awareness of magazine compatibility and the possibility of a ASDG joint rails styled magazine mod for weapon modders. The Idea has been spun gentlemen, is there a modder able to set up to the plate?

    Signed; C. Young

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    So i decided to release my Zues object editor script to save creations made in zues, the script also lets you easily create the objects in mission without Zeus being enabled.
    The objects mappings are precise as the script uses VectorDir and VectorUp ect.

    Zues ObjectEditor V.1.0
    Author: Henrik Hansen
    - If you are using my functions in a realease please leave a thank you note in the credits
    Script Created To Have Easy Save Functions For Obects In Zues - And Being Able To Easily Create Those Saved Objects In Missions Without Zues
    Install (example mission included):
    - Extract rar file to your mission folder eg: missions\zues-objecteditor.Altis\
    Usage (example mission included):
    - Start the example mission and Press Zues key (default Y)
    - Create/Edit your objects in Zues
    - Save your objects to clipBoard by pressing radio alpha (0-0-1)
    - Open notepad and paste content
    - Save notepad file to missionfolder eg. "missions\zues-objecteditor.Altis\zeus_objecteditor\grabbedobject s\myobjects.sqf"
    - in init.sqf insert lines in EXACT this order (ZOE_ObjectSaves must come before include line):
    ZOE_ObjectSaves = ["myobjects.sqf"];
    #include "zeus_objecteditor\ZOE_Functions.sqf"
    - copy your objects file (saved in notepad) to your mission folder, so you have:
    missions\myMission.Altis\zeus_objecteditor\grabbed objects\myobjects.sqf
    DONE! You objects will be loaded on mission start
    - in init.sqf put in the filenames eg. ZOE_ObjectSaves = ["myobjects.sqf","myobjects2.sqf"];
    - all objects from both files will be created
    - If you know a little bit of scripting you can dynamicly load/delete objects during missions and not on mission start:
    - in init.sqf insert lines in EXACT this order (ZOE_Variables must come before include line):
    ZOE_ObjectSaves = ["myobjects.sqf","myobjects2.sqf"];
    ZOE_DisableInit = true;
    #include "zeus_objecteditor\ZOE_Functions.sqf"
    - To create objects on the fly do: "myobjects.sqf" call ZOE_Mission_CreateObjects;
    - To delete objects on the fly do: "myobjects.sqf" call ZOE_Mission_DeleteObjects;
    - All objects are preloaded on mission init so no extra load overhead is involved by calling these functions

    Download DropBox:

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I found half of this code on a topic explaining Event handlers and started playing with it while adding a bit more.
    What I want is essentially a script that will zoom in and show enemy after the fatal shot hits as they fall down. I do not want this for every bullet or non fatal hits(So not using HitPart EH).

    The code currently includes the bullet camera because without it, it will complain about "No owner" in the RPT and "Generating ST on the fly is very slow" errors.
    I left that in at this point so you guys can at least test this and see the effect I was going for. Just Run it with a trigger. Any help is appreciated.

    See code:


    setDate [1943, 6, 25, 12, 30]; //
    [] spawn
    while {true} do
    if (_x distance player >50 ) then
    _x addeventhandler ["killed",{
    hint format ["Kill Shot! \n%1 is K.I.A \nKill Distance: %2 meters \nTime of kill: %3/%4/%5 %6:%7",name (_this select 0),player distance (_this select 0),(date select 1),(date select 2),(date select 0),(date select 3),(date select 4)];
    //hintSilent ["Hit!"];
    _shooter = _this select 1;
    _victim = _this select 0;
    if (_shooter == _missile) then {
    //player removeEventHandler ["Fired",0];
    //_TimeOfDeath = time;
    //_CameraTime = time+3;
    //hint format ["His name was %1", name (_this select 0)];

    _null = _this spawn {

    _cam = "camera" camCreate (position _victim);
    _cam cameraEffect ["External", "Back"];

    waitUntil {
    if (isNull _victim) exitWith {true};
    _cam camSetTarget _victim;
    _cam camSetRelPos [0,-3,0];
    _cam camCommit 0;

    sleep 1;
    //_cam cameraEffect ["Terminate", "Back"];
    camDestroy _cam;
    //setAccTime 1;

    } foreach allunits;
    sleep 1;
    //setAccTime 1;

    player addEventHandler ["Fired", {
    //setAccTime 1;
    _null = _this spawn {
    _missile = _this select 6;
    _cam = "camera" camCreate (position player);
    _cam cameraEffect ["External", "Back"];
    waitUntil {
    if (isNull _missile) exitWith {true};
    _cam camSetTarget _missile;
    _cam camSetRelPos [2,-3,2];
    _cam camCommit 0;

    sleep 2;
    _cam cameraEffect ["Terminate", "Back"];
    camDestroy _cam;
    //setAccTime 1;

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    Hello everyone!

    Today we released another update to the Main branch. This fixes many bugs, freezes, and general unpleasantries. Aside from fixes it also features the newly implemented Materials Refinery, which you can use to break apart MarsRock, Water, Carbon Dioxide, and so on. It also allows recombining of materials.
    In addition to the Refinery, 3D GUIs have been implemented with multiplayer support, so the Huge Monitor that can be placed on walls is now properly synchronized. Not to mention oxygen zones within the Manned Mobile Laboratory, so now inside you can take your suit off. The MML also features several new monitors, which allow viewing of CCTV cameras around the vehicle, and also allow use of the newly added crane system, which utilizes an electromagnet to grab objects.

    So here are the highlights in a nutshell:
    - 3D GUI system for controlling monitors and such, fully synchronized over multiplayer
    - New crane system on the Manned Mobile Laboratory used for lifting heavy objects
    - Oxygen zones within the Manned Mobile Laboratory, which depressurize when doors are opened
    - Many fixes to various crashes and freezes
    - Many more minor improvements

    I'd also like to use this opportunity to thank you all for your support, it has been a great year for Take On Mars, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. To that end I would also like to let you know that the development team will be away on holidays from tomorrow until the 5th of January, 2015.

    From the dev team, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

    Martin Melicharek (Dram)
    Project Lead

    Change Log:

    19th December 2014:
    - Added level of details without GUI to each monitor for better performance
    - Updated all scenarios with the new Manned Mobile Lab (with crane)
    - Finished Materials Refinery GUI
    - Implemented a chemical reaction system in the Materials Refinery

    17th December 2014:
    - Added 3D GUI screen to the Materials Refinery
    - Fixed issue with NULL pointers to widget when client was connecting

    16th December 2014:
    - Added 3D GUI controls to the Mobile Lab crane

    15th December 2014:
    - Fixed stack overflow crash when assembling/disassembling huge buildings
    - Fixed crash that occured when starting a multiplayer game, returning to menu, and starting one again
    - Fixed incorrect info display of scenarios in the multiplayer Create Game menu

    12th December 2014:
    - Added particle effects such as kicked up dust/rocks to footsteps
    - Added 30sec delay before playing 'active' idle animations on the player

    11th December 2014:
    - Added atmospheric zones to the Manned Mobile Lab
    - Added dynamic atmospheric zones
    - Disabled experimental 'zoom-in' to 3D GUIs

    10th December 2014:
    - Added experimental 'zoom-in' to 3D GUIs if holding focus/rotate object
    - Added 4 CCTV cameras viewable from the driver's seat of the Manned Mobile Lab
    - Added proper animations to seats in Manned Mobile Lab
    - Added Picture-in-Picture views for rear, undercarriage, interior, and airlock in the Manned Mobile Lab

    5th December 2014:
    - Added 3D GUI monitors to the Manned Mobile Laboratory, which control the airlock and rear door
    - Fixed broken packet issue in vehicles, possibly causing crashes in MP

    3rd December 2014:
    - Fixed issue where exiting Gravon from fullscreen had hidden menus
    - Fixed animations not playing on Atmospheric Processor and Drilling Rig
    - Added MP synchronization of the Huge Monitor
    - Added saving/loading of values of the Huge Monitor

    1st December 2014:
    - Fixed crash/freeze caused by a texture handling issue

    30th November 2014:
    - Added synchronization of the cursor for 3D GUIs over the net

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    I've been trying to find a way to implement Splendid Camera as a player slot. Since I don't want people to have the config menu available for all players during a mission, I'm trying to find a method to limit these options to a 'camera man' type unit that just spawns and then uses this(these) camera(s).
    I would like to implement it as an action similar to this:

    player addAction ["Camera", "camera.sqs"];
    I know that BIS_fnc_camera is what i need to access but I'm not really sure how. Do I need to make an SQF file of my own and reference the BIS_fnc_camera?
    I tried this and it just makes the game time freeze:

    player addAction ["Camera", [] execVM "a3\functions_f\Debug\fn_camera.sqf"]

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:

    This is a re-texture of the independent uniforms in arma3, bring a 82nd Airborne Division OCP uniform ranging from the ranks of PFC to MAJ and all everything in-between (regarding a standard US Army Company, meaning no specialty ranks such as warrant officers or master sergeants). I have created these OCP re-textures to be as close as possible with the RHS OCP so that they go neatly together.

    This addon does require RHS: Escalation addon in-order to use the place-able personnel in the editor.



    Bohemia for making this fine piece of ass.
    RHS lads for making some wicked sexiness with this mod.
    and YOU for downloading and playing with this mod :cool:

    I probably forgot to do something but shit happens, enjoy.

  • Bohemia Interactive Forums wrote:


    I'm very new to modding, scripting and pretty much everything when it comes to editing in ArmA III.

    Today I downloaded a weapon mod (the L85A2 by Kiory) and found that it had no weapon sounds. A bit of Googling turned up this version with fixed sound. It generally works well, but it does not have a sound for the suppressor, and one of the two versions included can't be modified to have a suppressor. Besides, I found the updated sound to be exaggerated so I'd like to change it.

    I unpacked the 'kio_l85a2.pbo' with PBO Manager and the 'config.bin' with unRap, which gave me a 'config.cpp' . I added a line of code to one of the variants inside the config.cpp, and after packing it into a .bin with binPBO - what do you know, a suppressor can now be attached! There is still no sound for the suppressor, however, so I went into other weapon .pbos and tried to figure out how they had set up the suppressor sounds. With a bit of copy pasting and modifying file paths, I thought I had managed to add both new sounds and suppressor sounds.

    This is where it gets confusing for me. I go to pack the modified config.cpp into a config.bin file to add it to the folder with the custom sounds, so I can make that folder into a .pbo and have my custom version. However, when I try to pack the config.cpp file, binPBO gives me this error. Ignoring this error, I packed the folder into a PBO as I had done before, and when I select the gun in-game I get this error, not surprisingly. It also has no weapon sounds at all, even without the supressor.

    My question is, can any of you experts take a look at my faulty code and see where it all went wrong?

    This is the config.cpp.

    This is the kio_l85a2.pbo.

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